How To Get Free Call Of Duty Mobile Accounts


Call of Duty: Mobile, an Android and iOS first-person shooter game, was developed by Timi Studios and published by Activision. It was made the biggest mobile gaming launch in history. In this article, you will learn how to get the free call of duty mobile accounts

Experience the thrill of playing the most popular shooter game in the world. The video game Call of Duty Mobile was created specifically for smartphones. COD mobile includes highly adjustable controls, voice and text chat, exciting 3D graphics, and, most importantly, it is free to play on mobile. 

The most recent Call of Duty Mobile redemption codes is included here, along with instructions on how to get the free call of duty mobile accounts.

Top 5 Ways To Get Free Call Of Duty Mobile Accounts

Here are some best ways to get free call of duty mobile accounts.

Free Operator Unlocking

  • You have the opportunity to hire one of three Operators during the Radioactive Agent Redemption event that is now taking place on free call of duty mobile accounts. The Call of Duty: Mobile Events menu might have a listing for this event.
  • To participate in this, you must link your Call of Duty: Mobile account to your main Call of Duty account. You’ll receive The Ghost – Stealth Operator once your accounts are operator unlocking
  • Next, download Warzone from the free PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, or After concluding a Warzone match, you will receive an exchange token in the Call of Duty: Mobile mailbox in approximately 72 hours.
  • After receiving the exchange currency, go to the Event menu, select Radioactive Agent Redemption, and trade it for the Operator of your choosing.

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Emails And Passwords

Gmail is a common and simple way to log into COD Mobile, so we have provided a list of Gmail addresses and passwords that you can use to access your game. All the accounts on the list were manually created and are active, so try your luck and get a better understanding with more benefits, like CP. emails and passwordsWe also regularly update the list when older accounts stop working or their passwords change. Do not attempt to change the password until you have the confirmation phone number.

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More Mobile ID And Password

Several free COD Mobile account generators are available, but obtaining an account using these methods is not permitted. As a result, we never advise using any unlawful techniques, and the list of methods provided below is entirely legal.

 iiKurk               Password: 2544700Masson
 stilepig             Password: puptato1279162
 RidgeTop         Password: 1570AZeller
 slipperyrod       Password: Damiensloan7
 Sleeq               Password: jkgh5978
 Kbarry2109     Password: owenlipcomb6

Activate COD codes

  • You must go to the Official Redemption Center to use free call of duty mobile accounts.
  • You must input your User ID (UID), the Redeem Code, and the Verification Code from the page before pressing the Submit button. activate cod codes
  • The awards will be sent to your in-game inbox once these steps are completed.
  • As you progress through the Call of Duty Mobile account generator, you’ll earn and unlock a ton of recognizable characters, weapons, outfits, scorestreaks, and other items that you can use to personalize your loadouts. 
  • Bring these loadouts into battle whenever and anywhere you want in action-packed PvP multiplayer modes such as frontline, 5v5 team deathmatch, and more multiplayer maps and kinds.

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Rewards For A Free Account On Call Of Duty Mobile

  • Receive a free High-Level cod Mobile modded account.
  • Get free CP worth up to 160.
  • Receive a free COD Mobile battle pass.
  • Furthermore, these free accounts contain some expensive skins.rewards for a free account on call of duty mobile
  • The emotes on several free cod mobile accounts are gorgeous.
  • You can obtain a female character who is somewhat appealing if you are a female player, and many male players enjoy using female characters.
  • There is no danger of being banned from these accounts unless you breach their terms and conditions because they are secure.

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How can I play Call of Duty Mobile with infinite resources?

It only takes a few clicks to specify your login, the platform from which you want to play, and the number of credits and points you wish to transfer promptly and for no extra cost. Then, assuming everything went according to plan, follow the instructions, and you may now use these call of duty Mobile accounts for free without any further issues.

How can Call of Duty Mobile accounts be sold?

It is relevant to CODM Accounts. Owners of CODM Accounts have the option of making gaming their full-time profession. Simple: the more high-level accounts you can build in the game, the more you'll be able to sell for real money.

What makes Cod mobile accounts worth buying?

When you buy cod mobile accounts, you can immediately use all of the loadouts and clothing for each character. A high rank will help you outpace the competition, get an advantage, and realize your full potential. Check out our CoD Mobile deals right now!

How do Blueprints work?

In Warzone, a weapon family is a subset of a weapon blueprint. Weapon blueprints can have names other than the family's base weapon or different weapon blueprints. Blueprints may differ in appearance and include pre-installed attachments. You receive these attachments on this blueprint without having to level the weapon first. Then you can use these attachments before leveling up and getting them. You can still acquire all weapon attachments and replacements to naturally earned weapon blueprints by leveling up.

What does the Battle Pass System entail?

As players progress in Warzone, they receive items through the Battle Pass System, a tier-based reward system. Over a fifth of the 100 Tiers of content that you must earn are available for free to all gamers. You can access Tier 0, a collection of special items for Battle Pass owners, along with all 100 Tiers by purchasing the entire Battle Pass. Typically, Tier 0 includes a Watch or other aesthetic item, a new Operator, a new skin for an existing Operator, several Operator Missions to open up new content, and a global 10% XP bonus.


If you are a devoted player of this fantastic game, you know the value of Credit, COD Points, and free call of duty mobile accounts. Players can use these COD Points, an in-game currency, to get anything in the game. 

One of the best free-to-play shooting games with stunning graphics and interesting maps is Call of Duty Mobile. Like many other games, the maker of Call of Duty Mobile provides in-game bonuses like guns, skins, and other items for free.

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