Are you curious who the best and most well-known Call of Duty YouTubers are? Due to the abundance of newly emerging gaming-related YouTube channels, it might be difficult to determine which YouTuber offers the greatest content and provides audience members with real-time gaming advice. However, we’ve got you covered.

NoahJ456, Dr. Disrespect, Nickmercs, Hollow, Chaos, PrestigeIsKey, iFerg, Hawknest, Bennycentral, and Bobby plays are the 10 top Call of duty YouTubers.

This piece will look at the top 10 best cod YouTubers. Keep reading if you’re a social media marketer, a gamer, or a curious user to see who is now ruling Youtube and their potential recipe for success.

Best Call of Duty YouTubers

To know, in brief, who are the 10 best Call of Duty Youtubers, given below is the list of Twitter followers:-


NoahJ456 has the most subscribers on his YouTube account, placing him at the top of the list. After finishing the Cold War Zombies live broadcast and discovering every Easter egg in Black Ops II: The New Colossus, he was successful. Since 2007, he has been streaming and posting videos.noah

He is also well known for participating in a few other online games. Since February 2010, he has posted gaming-related content on his main YouTube channel. As a result of surpassing various subscriber milestones, YouTube has given him numerous silver play buttons and even a golden play button. The most popular of Noah’s four YouTube channels has 5.18 million subscribers and showcases gameplay for titles like Call of Duty.

Additionally, Noah occasionally provides insights into the gaming community, addressing topics such as gaming hacks, strategies, and even occasional discussions on the rising interest in free renegade raider accounts.


Dr. DisRespect has been among the most important individual and one of best call of duty YouTubers in the Call of Duty community on YouTube since 2010. However, he significantly increased his popularity in mobile gaming in 2020.disrespect

That year, Dr. DisRespect came close to surpassing other best cod streamers in popularity. DisRespect created the Arena map for Rogue Company in addition to streaming. He wishes to work primarily on the Gulag map from Warzone. He began working for Sledgehammer Games in 2011 and honed his online gaming skills.

DisRespect could voice chat and communicate with other online gamers because of Xbox, so he soon advanced to the top of the gaming community.


In 2011, he started his channel and made Call of Duty videos before branching out to Outpost. He is a top-tier Twitch and YouTube celebrity and the best cod streamer who co-owns the FaZe Clan alongside other players, including FaZe Banks and FaZe Apex.nicmers

Nickmercs is also a Gears of War prodigy who won three MLG championships before transitioning to Halo competitive play. He is now a well-known Call of Duty streamer. First-person shooter specialist Nickmercs specializes in all Call of Duty content. During his impressive career, he played for three esports teams Team EnVyUs, 100 Thieves, and FaZe Clan.


A gaming YouTuber from the United States goes under the name Rey Gonzalez. Thanks to his instructional, horror, and multiplayer gaming videos, he has become well-known in the YouTube community. He uploaded call of duty YouTube videos before playing Fortnite and was one of the best Call of Duty YouTubershollow

Hollow has received a silver and golden play button from YouTube since creating his YouTube channel in 2014. He started his channel emphasizing the Call of Duty videos and has about 5,649 recordings.

His first video on his YouTube channel’s title YouTube channel was “Call of Duty: Ghosts: Best Class Setup for Beginners.” After that, he became famous on YouTube and started selling products there. 


One of the most popular and best Call of Duty YouTuber has been streaming Call of Duty matches live since 2010. He frequently posts videos of himself playing games other than Fortnite and God of War. The most recent gaming news, gameplay videos, and other interesting material are found on the Chaos YouTube channel.

If you want Call of Duty footage and want to see some content from other games, Chaos is your channel. Millions of people who follow Chaos may discover details regarding Call of Duty maps, weapons, and other tidbits. As well as covering these games, he frequently includes the most recent gaming news.


A popular Call of Duty channel has posted gameplay footage since the beginning of 2010. The most amazing aspect is that he uploads the most recent articles and videos from gaming news. You can also find reviews and tutorials for Call of Duty on his YouTube channel. One of the most current YouTube channels, PrestigelsKey, is well known for its regular content uploads.prestige

PrestigelsKey offers a variety of games in addition to Call of Duty, including Apex, Minecraft, and Battlefield. PrestigeIsKey posts videos featuring reviews and walkthroughs of the newest games and updates to YouTube.


Luke Ferg, better known online as iFerg is a well-known YouTuber and gamer. He has won numerous tournaments and received much attention for his mobile Call of Duty playthroughs.ferg

His videos “NEW 35 Kills World Record in Rules of Survival” and “WINNING with 59 KILLS in SOLO on Rules of Survival!” are the two that receive the most views.iFerg was a player for Cloud9 Esports when he wasn’t competing for Tribe Gaming. He plays Rules of Survival and Cyber Hunter in addition to Call of Duty.

In his videos, iFerg discusses and critiques many elements of the game he is now playing. He gives you advice that will help you become a better player.


HawksNest is currently among the most-watched and one of the best call of duty YouTubers and YouTube channels. In December 2015, Elijah Jackson created the channel. It has accumulated 555K subscribers thus far. The channel mostly focuses on COD Mobile, a mobile game.hawknest

So, if your goal is to improve as a player, you should be interested in this channel. Games like Call of Duty: Mobile (COD: Mobile/CODM) are included. Rules of Survival (RoS), Fortnite, PUBGM (PUBG Mobile), Madden NFL Mobile Madden Mobile 16 was the only game shown when the channel first started, but he soon switched to other titles. Elijah Jackson is one of the most popular Call of Duty mobile YouTubers.

Benny Central 

Benny Central is a great place to start looking for material with many kills. It features competitive squads of professional or semi-professional athletes. This channel offers tips, tricks, and useful information to improve Warzone gaming.benny

He used to give his YouTube channel all of his attention. He made his first YouTube video in 2011 and enjoyed a fruitful professional Call of Duty playing career. With more than 600k followers, the channel’s popularity expanded significantly over time.

Throughout his career, he has uploaded about 800 videos, garnering over 78 million views in total.

Bobby Plays

Bobby Plays is an American YouTuber known for his mobile-gaming content that he uploads and live streams on YouTube. He started as Bobby Buckets in 2015, and his first videos were on Taichi Panda, Deck Heroes, and Soda Dungeon.

bobby He branched off and made another which is now Bobby Plays. Bobby transitioned to Call of Duty: Mobile and, to this day, has amassed tremendous success. His COD Mobile videos and streams are full of fun content, clearly a primary reason for his immense popularity.


What types of videos are Call of Duty YouTubers making?

Call of Duty YouTube users produces game-related content, such as gameplay videos, walkthroughs, tips, and tutorials for using certain weapons and equipment. Some people also produce content for other games or subjects.

How can I sharpen my Call of Duty gaming skills by watching YouTubers

By giving you advice, strategies, and insights into the game's mechanics, watching Call of Duty YouTubers can help you become a better player. You can use lessons from there failures and triumphs to improve your games.

Are there any Call of Duty YouTubers who are women?

The outstanding female Call of Duty YouTubers iTemp Plays, TheGamingAngel, ItsSlikeR, and xAmpz are just a few examples.

Can I become a professional Call of Duty YouTuber?

Being a Call of Duty YouTuber can lead to a successful profession, but it takes a lot of effort, commitment, and originality. You must regularly create top-notch material, interact with your audience, and establish a strong brand and following. It's crucial to diversify your sources of money, including through sponsorships, goods, and other changes.

Can I work with YouTubers who are playing Call of Duty?

Working with Call of Duty YouTubers is doable, but you must have something to provide them in exchange, such as useful content or visibility to your audience. It's critical to approach them professionally and show them that you are committed to producing your content. The Call of Duty community is large and rich, with great content producers who will keep you occupied for hours.

Last Words

The Call of Duty community is large and rich, with great content producers who will keep you occupied for hours. We hope you review our article on the best Call of Duty YouTubers.

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