Zee 5 has become one of the most well-known streaming services in India. Zee5 has various genres, from web series and movies to reality shows in Hindi and regional languages. In this article, let us explore more about Zee5 Premium Account.

zee5 premium account

Zee 5 app contains multiple genres like comedy, action, thriller, mystery, romance, and more. It has more than 4500 + movies with 90 live streaming shows. The subscription charges sometimes hold people back from streaming into the Zee5 app. There are various tricks to get a Zee5 subscription for free. This article will guide you on getting a Zee 5 premium app absolutely free as there is a high demand for Zee5 premium membership.

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Zee5 Premium Account

Zee 5 premium provides plans for three months memberships as well as 12 months membership. The three-month membership costs up to 399 RS, whereas the 12-month membership costs around Rs 599.

Below are a few steps that guide you to access the Zee5 premium account free of charge.

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Method 1: Free Zee5 Premium Account & Passwords (Premium List)

Here are a few Zee5 accounts and usernames through which you can access Zee5 for free.

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Method 2: Paytm

With 14 RS Paytm memberships, you can get the zee 5 premium app.

Below steps will guide you further to get the Zee5 app for free:

  1. Download the Paytm app and update it. After updating, click on the logo of Paytm’s first membership.paytm
  2. The next step is to buy the Paytm membership by clicking on the logo.paytm membership
  3. You will find a promo code which is -PAYTMFIRST40K.
  4. Next, make the payment, and you will directly get cashback of 4000 coins which is worth Rs 400.payment
  5. There you get free membership of Rs 499, the real cost of the membership is Rs 899. whereas with the 4000 points cashback which is worth 400 Rs it sums up to 899-400 which is Rs 499.
  6. By loading 500 Rs in the Paytm wallet every month, you get a cashback every six months, which is Rs 30, equal to 180 Rs, so the membership is Rs 319.paytm cashback
  7. You can also pay for bills and other services for Rs 100 or more, and you will get cashback for Rs 5000 cashback points exclusively for six months is Rs 300 in total, which is Rs 50*6=Rs 300.

Download: Paytm

Method 3: Frenzi App

Frenzi app can help you get the Zee5 app for free by suggesting the app to your friends and family. You can get a Zee5 app subscription for free by referring it to 2-5 people. It gives 1000 points per referral; therefore, 19000 points are necessary to grab the Zee5 app for free, but you need to remember that the 19000 points play the most crucial role.

The instructions below will guide you to access the Zee5 app for free.

  1. Download the Frenzi app from the play store and click the signup button.frenzi
  2. After signing up, enter your credentials like Name, Number, and Email Id and follow the OTP verification with your mobile number.signup
  3. As soon as you log in, go to your dashboard, and you will instantly receive 100 points in your wallet for free.
  4. The next step comes, which involves sharing, wherein you have to share the referral link you can get from the friend’s option.
  5. Per-share, you will receive 1000 Frenzi points.
  6. pointsYou have to redeem now your frenzy points which are the gift vouchers for ZEE5 and other OTT apps you get from the deals page.

Download: Frenzi

Method 4: Times Prime Membership

The Time prime yearly costs around Rs 999 a year, and its monthly membership costs around 99 Rs. It validates vouchers and coupons for discounts at times. The subscription also includes many benefits, adding six monthly subscriptions for OTT platforms like Sony LIV and Pharmeasy Plus.

The steps below are the guidelines to get Times prime membership for free.

  1. Go to the prime time website and click on JOIN PRIME TIMES.times prime
  2. Log in with your phone numbers and select the optional subscription for purchasing the Zee5 app.times prime
  3. The Zee5 gets its subscription; you can log in with the registered phone number in the Zee5 app.

Join: Times Prime

Method 5: Flipkart Super Coins

CLAIM NOW. With Flipkart super coins, you can access zee5 and other OTT platforms. Follow the steps to avail of the zee5 app.

  1. Check the website of Flipkart; go to the Flipkart super coin zone on your Flipkart website by logging in to your account.flipkart
  2. Login with your registered phone number.
  3. In the all offers section, click on the Zee5 1-year subscription and choose the option CLAIM NOW.flipkart
  4. A coupon code will be sent to your phone number; go to your zee5 app and apply the coupon on the zee5 yearly plan option.

You can now access the zee5 app for free for a year.

Visit: Flipkart

Method 6: Airtel Prepaid Plan

The Airtel prepaid plan offers membership for the Zee5 app, which is a prepaid plan and runs for a month. The prepaid plan costs around 289 Rs; however, you can avail of it for free, and the below steps will instruct you further.

  1. Browse the airtel website and choose the option DISCOVER AIRTEL THANKS POSTE.airtel
  2. Choose the option ACTIVATE NOW poster to get the offer below the Zee5 premium subscription tab.
  3. You must create an account with your registered Airtel number and log in with the same number.

Visit: Airtel


There are various other options through which you can access the Zee5 premium account for free. All of these tricks require patience to bring into action. These are a few of the simplest tricks initiated by following the steps as guided and with a little research. This idea gives you the best results to enjoy the Zee5 app for free, which consists of amazing content.

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