Want to download a credible and trustworthy VPN on your PC? Zero VPN is a Virtual Private Network that enables you to protect your personal information and restrict external access to sensitive information. Zero VPN allows you free access to it, but it contains ads. Get Zero VPN for pc for free to enjoy all its features.

There are 2 popular and efficient methods for downloading Zero VPN on your PC. Although there is no official download link for VPN (zero) for pc, many online emulators are there that will make your downloading process successful. Downloading or installing emulators like BlueStacks or MemuPlay, and downloading Zero VPN, become so much easier. 

zero vpn for pc

Having a good and reliable VPN service on all your devices is a great way to protect all your private/personal information. Your data traffic transfers through a virtual tunnel that is secure or hidden, keeping your real IP address disguised under some other address.

VPN networks like Zero VPN and even considering alternatives such as ProtonVPN with its free trial option can be very conducive to your safety on the World Wide Web. Additionally, exploring options like a free VyprVPN account might offer an extra layer of security.

Zero VPN For PC Using Different Methods

According to the google play store, the Zero VPN application ranks in the top list under the productivity category. The customer review and star ratings are also great, indicating its efficient functionality. Having a download count of over 5 million, Zero VPN offers you strong security. 

zero vpn application

To Install/download Zero VPN for pc or zero VPN for laptop for free, use these 3 methods:

  1. Bluestacks
  2. MemuPlay
  3. Nox App Player

Install/Download Zero VPN via Bluestacks

Bluestacks emulator is one of the most highly used emulators for pc. This emulator can convert your PC into an android device, enabling you to download any app compatible with the latter. Follow the next set of steps to download Zero VPN for your laptop and use it seamlessly:


  1. Go to your desired web browser and search for Bluestacks for PC. Download the emulator from a reliable website to not attract malware to your PC. You have to run the emulator after installing it and agree to its terms before finishing the installation. 
  2. When you open the bluestacks emulator app for the first time, it might take more time than usual (to set up and run properly). Upon opening, you will see the home page of bluestacks. 
  3. The Play store is already installed in this emulator. So you do not have to install it per se. Find the google play store on bluestacks. Click on the icon to open the application. 
  4. Search for Zero VPN on the Play Store you have opened right before. Install the VPN on your PC. Once you click the install button, the download occurs automatically on the emulator. You can see the Zero VPN app under the installed apps section of bluestacks. 
  5. Simply double-click on Zero VPN to open it. Enjoy it the same way you would on an android device. Thus, you now have Zero VPN for PC for free.

bluestacks vpn download

If you already have a downloaded apk file for Zero VPN, you can activate it through bluestacks. There is an option to import apk files from your PC emulator. Browse your folders till you select the file. The emulator will install the apk file on your pc. Remember to have a PC with a standardized configuration to use bluestacks. Otherwise, the emulator will run much slower or overload your processor. You may also want to see how to block ads on Hulu

Visit: Bluestacks

Install/download Zero VPN via Nox App Player

You can have Zero VPN for windows 10 and other versions with Nox App Player. It is one of the prime emulators in terms of performance or technology. Nox enables you to download many android applications on your pc seamlessly. Also, see how to download YouTube Vanced for pc here. Following is the guide to using this emulator:

nox app player

  1. From the official Nox App Player website, download the emulator. Activating it on your PC is also easy to follow. 
  2. The Google play store is installed in this emulator already. Search for it and click on the icon. Log in to your registered account. 
  3. When you see the Play store opened on your pc, search for Zero VPN and download it. 

zero vpn via nox player

4. Once you finish installing Zero VPN, open it from the emulator, and the VPN app will show up on your pc. If they show you some menus, keep agreeing to their terms till you finally activate and use the app hassle-free on your PC. 

Visit: Nox App Player

Download Here: Nox App Player

Install/download Zero VPN via MemuPlay

In recent times, MemuPlay has been coming up as another popular emulator for PC that can download android apps on your pc without any problems. With agility and flexibility, MemuPlay is exclusively designed to run gaming applications without taking too much time. Here is how you get Zero VPN for pc free download:


  1. Go to the official website of MemuPlay from your web browser, and download the emulator from there. We advise you not to download it from any other third-party site as that is risky. 
  2. If MemuPlay displays some windows for you to accept their terms, do so. Upon opening the emulator, from their home page, look for Play store. It is already installed. 

memuplay vpn download

3. On the search bar, type in Zero VPN. Look for the official app on the Play store (the developer of Zero VPN is TNTAPP). Download/install the application. If the installation is successful, you can freely open the Zero VPN for PC. 

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Visit: MemuPlay

Download Here: MemuPlay


Can I get tracked with a VPN?

You must use a reliable VPN service, so people don't see you online. If you have a premium subscription to a good VPN, snoopers are less likely to track your activities. But this does not make you wholly untraceable. Government agencies or big institutions can detect if you are using a VPN.

What does a VPN not hide?

A VPN cannot hide your whereabouts from the accounts you have registered online. A VPN may increase your safety, but it cannot refrain you from cyberattacks completely. So you have to be cautious of your own activities.

Can a VPN get hacked?

It is really difficult to hack a VPN, but not impossible. Many VPNs utilize encryption combinations and follow certain back-breaking protocols to decrypt by applying brute force attacks.

Can a VPN trace email?

The VPN assigns you a disguised Ip address rather than the real one, which means that the email’s sender cannot be truly known. VPN services also give incredible encryption and protection measures to ensure that the data sent via your emails are private.


This article has given 3 popular emulators and the steps to download Zero VPN for pc for free. Bluestacks, MemuPlay, and Nox App Player are some ideal emulators that can easily download android applications on your pc. Zero VPN is a reliable option if you want a free VPN. With this app installed, you can securely access the content unavailable in your country. Have a happy and safe internet surfing!

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