Want to protect your sensitive information from third-party access? Or access the content unavailable in your country? A solo VPN for PC is an ideal option. It can disguise your IP address and safely transfer your data through an encrypted tunnel. 

SoloVPN is not a VPN that will do the best job of your security and keeping you safe online. Since it is more of a proxy than a VPN, it lacks significant features like no protocol options, encryption, a kill switch, and guaranteed leak protection.

Many online Virtual Private Networks are not as safe as they claim to be. Manually unblocking these sites is unnecessary work for you. VPNs like Solo VPN and ExpressVPN do all this automatically, saving you time, and you can also explore their features by obtaining a free ExpressVPN account for a seamless and secure online experience without any additional costs. If you are looking for a reliable VPN, consider trying out a ProtonVPN free trial or a free VyprVPN account to ensure the utmost security and privacy during your online activities. It doesn’t make you go through long registering/signing up procedures. The compatibility and speediness of Solo VPN will convince you to download it. 

3 Ways To Download Solo VPN For PC:

Solo VPN has a rating of 4.2 stars on the Play Store with downloads of over 240,000. It comes with a one-tap proxy feature that enables you to unblock sites quickly and other robust controls.

To download Solo VPN for your PC, you can use these methods:

  • Install/download Solo VPN through Bluestacks
  • Install/download Solo VPN through Nox App Player
  • Activate the Solo VPN apk file you already installed through these emulators

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Solo VPN For PC Through Bluestacks

Bluestacks emulator is a PC’s most commonly used and downloaded emulator. It can transform your PC into an Android device. Hence, you can easily download/access the features of Android applications. Follow the next steps to have Solo VPN for your PC:

  1. Download the emulator on your PC. Go to the official Bluestacks website from your chosen web browser. We advise downloading Bluestacks from their official site, not anywhere else. Since they may contain malware. Run Bluestacks after installing, and agree to the terms they mention on the menu. Only after agreeing will they allow you to complete the installation.official bluestacks website
  2. It may take longer than usual to open the Bluestacks emulator on your PC, especially if you are opening it for the first time. Once the setup and running are done, it leads you to the Home page of Bluestacks.home page of bluestacks
  3. The play store app is already installed on Bluestacks. That means you can skip the extra step of downloading it before downloading Solo VPN. Click on the play store icon to open it. sign in to google play store for Bluestacks
  4. Search for Solo VPN on the Play Store. The next window will show you the app and its details. Select the install option to install the VPN on your PC. The downloading will start immediately. You can even track how much is downloaded before the installation begins.solo vpn apk
  5. When the download is done, you will find the Solo VPN apk application under the installed apps section of Bluestacks. Double-click on the icon to open it. They might ask you to sign up briefly before using their service. Otherwise, you are good to enjoy the content of other regions.


If you already have the Solo VPN premium apk on your PC, activate it through Bluestacks. That way, you do not have to download the emulator from scratch. We will tell you how further in this article.bluestacks

Download: Bluestacks  

Solo VPN For PC Through Nox App Player 

The Nox App Player is another popular emulator that you can use to download the Solo VPN application on your PC. Regarding performance and technology, the Nox app is emerging as a challenging competitive emulator in the market. 

You can download countless Android apps through this and use them without any hindrance. 

nox app player

  1. Download the Nox App Player emulator from their official website. Follow the steps they tell you to activate it properly on your PC. download the nox app player emulator
  2. The play store app is already there on Nox Player for you to use directly. You may have to log into your registered play store account to download any Android app. Double-click to open the app, and search for Solo VPN from there. play store on bluestacks
  3. Install the VPN application. Open it from the emulator and carry out any steps they ask you to. The VPN shows up on your PC screen, ready to operate seamlessly. Agree to the list of terms they display before they allow you to access their service.

Like Bluestacks, you can activate any Solo VPN apk download for PC through the Nox Player emulator.

Download: NOX PLAYER

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Solo VPN For PC Apk Files Through Emulators

Apk files for Solo VPN are also available from numerous websites. Make sure the site from where you get the apk file is legitimate and not suspicious. Any such files may contain malware, harming your PC. 

  1. When you search for the right website, download the apk file of Solo VPN. The apk file will usually be in a .zip format, downloaded in your default PC folder. solo vpn apk download
  2. Browse your PC folders and select the Solo VPN apk file. Go to any of the emulators like Bluestacks or Nox Player. They will offer you an option to activate the zip/apk file.zipapk file
  3. The file gets extracted and uploaded through the emulators. Agree to the terms they display on your PC screen.tos 
  4. Finally, you can access the Solo VPN application on your PC. You may also want to see some great streaming sites.

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Can VPN trace my emails?

Since the VPN uses a tunnel that encrypts your personal information/data, the sender’s identity cannot be fully known. VPNs ensure that your data transferred through email is secured from external access/intrusion. Furthermore, they hide the real IP address with one of another region, so your physical safety is safe too.

Can anyone hack my VPN?

Though it is extremely troublesome for someone to hack your VPN, it is not impossible. Hackers find it back-breaking to intrude through the safety measures, like encryption combinations/specific protocols a VPN usually puts up for its users.

Can anyone track me despite using VPN?

In order to be a user online who is hard-to-trace, you have to use a premium VPN service. Yes, there are many free ones that you can avail of, but they cannot offer you the complete data/information security that you expect. Even with a premium VPN, you are not utterly untraceable. So be mindful of your activities online.

When should I use VPN?

We advise you to use your VPN whenever possible. In fact, having an active VPN all the time is the best thing for your device’s safety. Because in that manner, you get hard to track, and your data is always encrypted via the metaphorical tunnel a VPN uses.


We have given you three methods to download Solo VPN for PC seamlessly and hassle-free. Through emulators like Bluestacks and Nox App Player, you can disguise your PC as an Android device to enjoy Solo VPN’s services. Solo VPN is reliable and skips all the futile start-up procedures to avail of its features without any more hindrances. Have a safe journey throughout the internet, and enjoy content from other countries! Click here  How To Get Free Steam Accounts | Free Passwords (Updated 2024)

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