You might be curious about how I cancel a Fubo subscription. You concluded that you either need to save some money or don’t use the live TV streaming service to its full potential. FuboTV can easily be cancelled.fubotv

The steps to stop your FuboTV membership vary depending on how you initially subscribed. Log into your account at and cancel your FuboTV Subscription there. Then select My Account > Subscription & Billing by clicking the profile symbol. After that, select Cancel Subscription after clicking Cancel Subscription.

Let’s explore the several options to cancel the FuboTV subscription right away.

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Cancellation Policy

If you signed up for FuboTV using your Roku account, you would still have access to the service until your free 30-day trial period is through. However, if you registered through the FuboTV website, you won’t be able to use the service anymore.fubotv

Until the end of your current month, you can still enjoy FuboTV if you successfully cancel your premium membership. Fubo TV does not offer receipts for prepayment or part months of service. Thus, keep that in mind. Contact your bank to prevent FuboTV from unintentionally billing you as an additional precaution.

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How to cancel FuboTV

You can access over 100+ channels and 150 live broadcasts with a FuboTV subscription. How do I cancel FuboTV? You can terminate your membership anytime, whether you signed up for the seven-day free trial to catch one live game or have been utilizing FuboTV for months. Using a web browser on a Roku TV, Apple TV, or iOS device, follow these instructions to deactivate your free trial correctly or paid FuboTV membership. FuboTV cancellation can be made using various ways.

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How to cancel FuboTV using FuboTV

Observe these steps to delete a Fubo account:

  1. Utilize any internet browser to visit
  2. Next, pick My Account by clicking on the profile account
  3. After which, tap Subscription & Billing.subs and billing
  4. After which, press Cancel Subscription. An option to unsubscribe will be visible at the top or bottom of the webpage.cancel subs
  5. Then click Yes, terminate trial after selecting Cancel my trial. You should get a confirmation page after you successfully cancel your membership.cancellation
  6. You can also decide why you want to depart when you’re finished. After canceling your membership, you ought to get a confirmation email.

How to cancel FuboTV using Roku

You can cancel your Fubo subscription directly from your Roku TV if you have one and bought it using your Roku account.

  1. Select the Home Menu button on your Roku TV remote, marked with the home logo.home roku
  2. Visit the FuboTV app, but instead of clicking it, hover over it to make it stand out.fubo on roku
  3. On your remote, locate the star button and press
  4. There will be new choices. Decide on Manage Subscription.manage subs
  5. After hitting the Star button, if this option isn’t displayed, you should try restarting your Roku TV and reconnecting to the internet.ruko cancel
  6. Simply select Cancel Subscription.
  7. When prompted to leave the screen alone, don’t click OK.
  8. Click Canceled Subscription once more after that. Once more, don’t click OK when prompted.done
  9. After then, FuboTV ought to have sent you a confirmation message.

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How to cancel FuboTV using the Roku website

You can cancel your Fubo subscription on the Roku webpage by carrying out the following:

  1. Use the required details to access your account on the FuboTV website.roku credentials
  2. To terminate your membership, click the Unsubscribe button next to the FuboTV plan.unsubscribe
  3. To cancel the subscription, use the Yes, Unsubscribe button.yes unsubscribe

You can follow these steps to unsubscribe from your membership using the Roku website.

How to cancel FuboTV using Apple TV

You can cancel straight on Apple TV if you watch FuboTV on it. Just take the following actions:

  1. Go to “Settings” on your Apple TV.
  2. Choose “Accounts.”settings
  3. From the display of subscriptions, select “Manage Subscriptions.”manage subscription
  4. Choose “FuboTV” Please choose “Cancel Subscription.”

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How to cancel FuboTV using iOS devices

How do I cancel FuboTV? As with canceling your Apple TV subscription, you can only do so if you purchased your subscription with an Apple ID. On your iOS gadget, you can also terminate your FuboTV membership.

  1. Click the Settings icon on your iOS device.settings in ios
  2. Afterward, hit your Apple ID. Your name and the picture will be there, along with the text Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases.appleid
  3. Tap Subscriptions next.subs in ios
  4. Then select FuboTV. Attempt one of the other canceling techniques if you can’t view FuboTV.
  5. Tap Cancel Subscription after that.cancel subs in ios
  6. Then select Confirm. If you successfully cancel your FuboTV membership, a confirmation prompt should appear.

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Q. What happens if I end my trial of FuboTV?

To determine if FuboTV is the appropriate service, you may try it out for seven days. Your access to FuboTV will end instantly if you take benefit of it and cancel while the trial is still active. So, unless you are certain that you don't want it, it is advisable to avoid canceling early. But remember that the experiment will last seven days, each lasting 24 hours. Before the seventh day, cancel your subscription if you change your mind.

Q. How can I modify the settings on my FUBO?

While streaming a video, press the up arrow on your Android TV remote control. To select the more option, move your cursor to the right and click the center/select button. Choose settings. Pick one of the lower-quality options from the list.

Q. How can you reset your FUBO account?

You can run down your prior membership on the Welcome Back page. If everything in your plan appears to be in order, check it out, and if you're prepared to restart, choose Reactivate Subscription. Select Change if you want to renew with a different plan.

Q. If I cancel, would I even have access to FuboTV?

You would have access to FuboTV until the conclusion of your billing cycle if you were fully enrolled and making monthly payments. Contemplate pausing your service if you may return to FuboTV in the future. By doing this, you can pause payments and access for a while without completely losing control of your account and established personas.


FuboTV is a monthly service allowing subscribers to watch over a hundred channels and live events. The best thing is that more sports programming is available now than any other provider. When you cancel FuboTV, you can still use your account through the end of the current monthly cycle even if you cancel your FuboTV Subscription or free trial if you sign up through Apple, Google, or Roku. You will no longer be able to utilize your subscription if it was bought on the official website, which is unfortunate. However, you can always re-subscribe whenever you’re ready. You now understand how to terminate your FuboTV membership. You can read this article if you want to access IPVanish Free Account.

How do I cancel FuboTV solutions have been elaborated.

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