Minecraft is a video gaming platform owned by Microsoft. Markus Persson created it. It is in the year 2011 that Mojang released the game, and later in 2014, it was purchased by its current owner. Minecraft has been popular ever since its release. In 2023, it became the best selling game of all time amid the variety of new games being released almost every month. Till now, more than 180 million copies of this game have been sold. In this article we are going to make a saddle in Minecraft.


The need for saddle arises in the game to ride the animals. The game, too, uses the animals used in the real world for riding like a horse. To move ahead in the game, the player has to be quick. This gets obstructed when the player does not possess a saddle. To ride, the saddle is necessary. Do not stress. We are here to resolve the problem. We are going to follow a step by step process to obtain the saddle in the game. 

But here is the real problem; Minecraft does not facilitate the option for players to make saddles by themselves. What we can follow instead is the possible ways to find a saddle to keep reaching new heights in the game. We can discover saddles in four places in the game to make a saddle in minecraft.

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Find A Saddle In These Places

Let us learn what those places are and how can we can find and make a saddle in minecraft at those places. Let’s get started.


Ever played subway surfers? The crate the player picks while running gives different things. It is also of many varieties. The same goes for Minecraft. We will discuss the two most important of them – the dungeon chest and the Nether Fortress chest.


Chests not only have saddles inside them but other useful goods too. The maximum chances of finding a saddle are in the chests stated before as to make a saddle in minecraft.

02. Finding The Chest In The Dungeon

Since we are looking for cells, we will have to move underground. There are two ways to move underground. The player can either dig the ground or change the mode of the game to the ‘Spectator.’ The spectator mode allows the player to move underground by flying.

Finding the chest in the dungeon
Finding the chest in the dungeon
dungeon in minecraft
dungeon in minecraft

Navigate through the dungeons. There are slim chances of not finding a chest. Open the chest to see if there is a saddle or not. When done, change the mode of the back to the ‘Survival.’

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03. Finding The Chest In The Nether Fortress

Considering that we cannot make a saddle in Minecraft, finding them is not very difficult. To find a chest in Nether Fortress, the player should start by going to Nether. If the player has not been there before, a portal needs to be created. After that, we need to look for fortresses that may have chests.

Finding the chest in the Nether Fortress
Finding the chest in the Nether Fortress

We will find the Nether Fortress we are looking for in Nether Biome. Look around inside the fort. Suppose the player did not find the saddle in the first chest, keep looking. More than one chest is hidden in the fort. At least one of them has a saddle in most cases.

Although it offers no guarantee that it will have a saddle. The only way to find out is to look, and if not found, then look on the other places mentioned to make a saddle in minecraft .  

04. Sea

Many players love fishing in the game. Fishing can also help get a saddle. A saddle can be found in the sea. It is not as simple as it sounds. A player hardly ever sees a saddle by just fishing.


The player has to do certain things, so the possibilities of finding a saddle can increase. To do so, the rod being used for fishing needs magic in Minecraft. Enchanting the rod with the sea enchantment may help fasten the process. The player will still have to fish a lot to find a saddle.

If the player finds the saddle, the player is not required to do anything else. It automatically gets added to the inventory.

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05. Village

For trading, the players need Emeralds. It is just like the real world. The player pays and bargains for the item from the villagers. The player has to start by finding a villager who has a saddle and is wishing to sell it for the emeralds offered. Emeralds require mining.


The player will have to mine to earn jewels. If the villager’s occupation is related to leather, the chance of acquiring a saddle gets increased. Usually, they charge about ten treasures. If in no hurry, look for the master leatherworker, they only charge 5-6 emerald.

06. Kill Ravager

This one is not a place to make a saddle in minecraft . Ravagers may also be mentioned as Pillagers. Slaying them is the final way to get a saddle if the steps above did not work out. Ravagers are dangerous; to make a saddle in Minecraft would have been a more leisurely affair.

Kill Ravager
Kill Ravager

This is the reason that this one is on the last number of the given options. Minecraft added this feature in the game quite recently. However, the player cannot just go and fight the ravager without raiding a trigger. Follow the method given below to attack a trigger.

a. The player needs to have lousy omen effect status to raid.

b. Now, to get this effect, the player needs to kill the Illager Captain.

c. When the captain has been killed, the player needs to move towards the boundary of the village.

d. When the player reaches the limit, it will automatically become a raid.

e. The player cannot spawn the ravager or pillager unless the player makes it to the third wave or the level of the assault.

f. Defeating the ravager is difficult. However, if the player can do so, it is inevitable that the player will get the saddle. Hence you can make a saddle in minecraft by your own.

Note – The steps given above work under the Survival mode of the play unless mentioned otherwise to make a saddle on Minecraft.

Conclusion To Make A Saddle In Minecraft

To make a saddle on Minecraft or to find one, both sort of ask for equal work. It balances everything for the players to keep them engaged. Players enjoy the time spent playing Minecraft games. No wonder, Minecraft has over 112 million active users per month.

I hope that you make a saddle in Minecraft. Moreover, you can ride the way back on your animal. Keep re-visiting us for similar content

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