Users normally face a major issue of “something went wrong” in FuboTV, which indicates that FuboTV is not working. There are a lot of buffer issues and no video in their service. FuboTV is the only live sports-focused streaming service around the globe. It features major leagues and well-liked TV series, movies, and news for the whole family.

something went wrong

Here we are addressing a major issue. Despite being an on-demand streaming platform, it has several issues. The videos lag. FuboTV keeps buffering. It does not work on every VPN; some of them are blocked. When it’s the finale and the streaming stops, it can be frustrating. And you would think, “What is wrong with FuboTV?”

So, We have brought you the best methods when FuboTV is not working

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Why Do We Face Such A Problem?

Any explanation might exist, but we have identified a few key ones. Your FuboTV is not working or may not be functioning for any of the following reasons:


  • a significant server problem on the part of FuboTV
  • Your internet access is unreliable or excessively sluggish.
  • The IP address of your VPN is that which FuboTV prohibits
  • Minor flaws or issues with the FuboTV platform
  • You’re having hardware issues with your streaming device.

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FuboTV Is Not Working: Methods To Fix It

These methods could be useful for users with access to FuboTV on either Windows, Android, Mac, iPad, or iPhone. However, certain stages and steps in the methods provided can also be used by owners of Smart TVs and set-top boxes. We have researched and found out the best and most appropriate methods when FuboTV is not working. 

Your Connection To the Internet

One of the main causes of the FuboTV’s malfunction could be a sluggish and unstable internet connection. Therefore, it makes sense that your Livestream or shows cannot properly load up if your internet connection continues dropping. Consequently, your error messages, including the FuboTV something went the wrong problem, are shown. To check your internet connection speed:

internet connection

To revive your connection, turn on the airplane mode, then put it off. When using a set-top box or a Smart TV, you may also utilize an Ethernet cable for a wired connection.

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Reload The Page

If you face a FuboTV streaming issue, try reloading the page or refreshing it. It is the simplest fix. It helps in loading the page and getting into the pace for good service and easy watching of its users.

reload hulu

After reloading, generally, there is no buffering because the internet connectivity also improves.

Restart The Application

If the above methods do not work, try restarting the app. Close the application, remove all recent applications, and refresh your device. And then try using the application. It can also be done with the sites.


Restarting helps the application load itself and gain momentum for continuous service provision. 

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Restart Your Device

Try restarting your computer if the problem continues. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to power cycle your device. Or to hard reset it.

restart device

Shut down the machine, turn it off, and plug it out if on a PC or laptop. And then, before turning it on, wait for 2-3 minutes for the issue FuboTV not working.

restart phone

Most streaming devices may be reset hard with a simple power down, followed by a cable disconnect and reconnect.

Go Through The Server Status

These error messages are occasionally displayed on FuboTV due to server-side problems. Some customers may experience problems logging onto FuboTV or loading their broadcasts incorrectly.

help center

You can visit the help center of FuboTV. However, you can also use various other detector tools for the same, like the DownDetector.

Your Wi-Fi Router Or Modem

To try this method, switch off your Wi-Fi router or modem. Take the cords out of the outlet. Give the machine a minute to idle. Then reattach the cords to turn the power source on. And reconnect to the modem to see if anything has changed.


The power plug is important; the plug is not working properly. Or if it is not receiving the amount of current required, the modem won’t work.

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Reinstall The FuboTV Application

You can also try removing and reinstalling the gadget if the problem continues. To remove apps from your smartphone, consult the user handbook to solve FuboTV not working.

fubotv app

You may reinstall the applications from the Play Store on Android and Apple Store for iOS. Hence, you may also reinstall it on any other alternatives accessible on your smartphone.

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Check Your VPN

The best VPNs for FuboTV are NordVPN and ExpressVPN. It seems logical that if you’re not in the US, you can’t access the website. The message “fuboTV is currently unavailable in your location error” will appear. Consequently, it’s possible that you’re using a VPN to disguise your location by having your IP address show that you’re in the US. FuboTV has advanced techniques to determine if you’re using a VPN.

As a result, FuboTV may ban you if you use that specific US IP address. Therefore, we strongly advise against utilizing “free” VPN services that allow the same IP address to several customers. 

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Therefore, the above eight methods are the best and most researched ones, which would help you when FuboTV is not working


Which VPNs support FuboTV?

The best option for streaming Fubo TV outside of the US is NordVPN. It can remove geo-restrictions from all streaming providers. Additionally, it provides extremely high speeds for buffer-free streaming.

Which devices can I use fuboTV with?

Currently, FuboTV is accessible on a variety of platforms to fix FuboTV not working. Like streaming devices, computer browsers, Smart TVs, mobile devices, tablets, and more.

How would you scale its price?

One of the most pricey streaming providers, FuboTV has a wide selection of channels, including numerous specialized sports networks.

FuboTV's resolution is?

According to the channel and the show, FuboTV can handle up to 1080p. The majority of the media I saw was just at 720p resolution.

Is a VPN required for FuboTV?

To view FuboTV from overseas, you will require a VPN. You may use a VPN to access FuboTV from any place outside the US, including the UK, Germany, France, and Italy.


We have provided you with the simplest, easiest, and most reliable methods when you experience FuboTV streaming issues. Hence, most issues when FuboTV is not working can be fixed by troubleshooting mentioned above. In conclusion, consumers frequently experience flaws and problems with the FuboTV platform. Thus, don’t let these streaming issues ruin your binge or the big game, though. 

Enjoy your stream and get to know every play and score! Don’t let these bugs bite your enjoyment and fun!

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