Are you having difficulty unlocking your Xiaomi phone? Forgot the password of your Mi account? Please do not fret about it because there are ways to restore your account. It is when the Mi account unlock tool comes into the picture, especially after you log in to your account or do a factory reset. 

If you need to remember the credentials of your Mi account, download the Mi account tool on your computer instead, which comes in a.exe form. Use the downloaded tool to bypass the Mi account on your locked phone. Read further down to know in detail.

mi account unlock tool

Forgetting details that can potentially lock your beloved device forever can be troublesome, especially in this case where the Mi account details are only used after signing up. Fortunately, mi offers this tool for you to recover from this misshapen. Following the instructions will get your account details and functionality back to you. 

Reset Your MI Account’s Password

One way to get back your account details is to set up a new password and remember it. Here, we will use the traditional OTP method. You can also see ways to bypass OTP verification here. See these steps mentioned-

  1. Go to the website.
  2. A sign-in window will appear. Select the “Forgot Password” key.  forgot password
  3. Enter the registered email id or mobile number linked to your MI account. enter email
  4. A verification link or an OTP will go to the entered email or number. 
  5. Perform the steps they ask you to and confirm that the identity is legitimate. 
  6. Enter and confirm your new password to set it up again. 

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How To Unlock MI Phone Without MI Account Password – Step-By-Step Manual

You may face a situation wherein you need to activate your Mi phone with the same account used already. Maybe after booting your system, you see a message on the screen saying, “Device locked” or “Proceed to activate.” And the worst part is you forgot the details. Below are the steps that, after following, will restore your Mi account. 

The Mi account unlock tool usually comes in a zip file, about 30MB. The mi account removes tool lets you disable, bypass, unlock, activate, and detect your MI account and Mi cloud. It helps bypass the verification done by the Mi cloud when you need help remembering the first login information. There are other methods to get a free Dropbox account too. 

It is compatible with the following Operating Systems- 

Operating Systems
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

Installing the unlock tool will take a little time. What’s even better is that it is free! The password key to unlock your MI account is available for multiple Xiaomi Redmi product versions.

Step1- Disable the antivirus installed on your PC before downloading the Mi unlock tool. You are advised to have the latest Rar Tool versionlatest rar tool version

Step2- The downloaded file will be in a zip file like WinRAR. Extract the file that has a .exe extension. After extraction, click on it. It will begin the process of installation.  zip file like winrar

Step3- Then, a series of menus will show up on your screen. Read them and click “Next” each time. Complete the setup on your PC this way. Wait till the file is installed. Click here to learn how to get Free twitter accounts with passwords.

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Using The MI Account Unlock Tool After Installation

Step1- Turn your phone’s power off. Boot the device in recovery mode by pressing the power button with the volume-up key. Keep holding both until the Mi logo shows up on the phone screen.  pressing the power button with the volume-up key

Step2- When the logo appears, release the hold of the power button only. Keep pressing down the volume key. It is crucial, so please remember this. logo appears

Step3- when the phone is done with entering into recovery mode, connect it to your PC where you have downloaded and installed the unlock tool. Use a USB cable to establish the connection. use a usb cable

Step4- Click on the “Information” option. It will either show the details of your Mi device or no such thing will happen.

Step5- The next step is selecting the option “Bypass MI account.” Upon clicking, the phone starts rebooting into the system. In case you need the password for the Unlock tool, it is “XDAROM.COM.” There is no need to think about this unless asked for. 

The booting process may take up considerably more time than you expect. Stay patient and keep your Mi phone connected to your PC till the reboot is complete. Once done, the device will start on its own. You can set up your Xiaomi phone without worrying about forgotten credentials or signing in. 

Suppose you are using an older product version of the Xiaomi brand. In that case, the Mi account unlock tool will show an extra option of disabling your account, which is also available after reboot. How to screen record on Mac? Read this.


What is a Mi account?

It is an account that can help identify distinct Xiaomi users and allows them to access different services and products of Xiaomi, including the Mi Store, Mi Home, Mi Music, Xiaomi Cloud, Mi Community, Mi Pay, and many more. Xiaomi demands its users enter strong passwords that fulfill the basic safety requirements. They also claim to implement industry-level practices to keep your account safer.

Can I get data on my Mi phone back?

If you lose your files, only access your phone once, and if you bring those back, use any phone recovery tool, preferably Android. You can recover your lost files from the Xiaomi backup app, cloud, and data recovery software. If you want to get back your deleted files, toolkits like FoneDog can help you. FoneDog will greatly help if you do not regularly back up your files.

How can I retrieve texts deleted from my Xiaomi phone?

With a USB cable, connect your Xiaomi Mi 11 to your computer as the retrieval takes place through the latter. Select “messaging” before your data recovery action. Click Next at the bottom right of your screen and wait till the texts are recovered.

What is the Mi mover app?

Use this app to transfer apps and associated data from an old phone to your new Mi phone. Mi mover is compatible with various datasets ranging from photos, videos, and contacts to documents and apps. The pairing between devices can be done using a QR code scanner that will transfer data immediately. Stay assured that it conducts transfer without deleting the original data.

How can I recover my Mi notes?

Open Keep on your phone or another device. Click on the Menu Trash option on the top-left side of the screen. Select a note file. If you want to recover it, select Action, followed by Remove. You have a maximum of 7 days to recover your notes after deletion.


To sum up, connecting to your MI account again with the help of the Mi account unlock tool is a relief. Neither you lost your account information/data, nor did you have to undergo efforts to make a new one from scratch. Above all, with the steps and guide mentioned, we hope you successfully restore the MI account for yourself. Also, learn best premium link generator sites.