You can now easily link An Ea Account To Twitch. EA creates and provides games, content, and online services for consoles, mobile devices, and personal computers with Internet access. The EA Studios branch creates games and associated content and services across various gaming genres. Read below to learn more about how to link an EA account to Twitch.twitch

To link the EA account to Twitch, 

  1. Go to the website and enter your login information. 
  2.  Enter your security code and click Log In.
  3. Click the Yes, link them a button to link your EA and Twitch accounts.
  4. Check your Connections in your Twitch Settings.

Your EA Account can easily be linked to Twitch. You can transfer the progress across these two platforms by doing this. You may also view some of the authorized EA Sports Streams on EA’s channel. To learn how to link an EA account to Twitch, scroll down. Click Here to know If EA is worst company or not 

How to link an EA account to Twitch?

Make sure that the Gamertag or PSN ID is connected to the EA Account as the first thing you must do. You can visit the login page and log in with the platform account. It will instantly connect your accounts. To link Twitch to an Ea account, follow these steps:-

  1. Launch the Twitch app, then sign in using the official ID you utilize for the service.

twitch app

2. Go to the Join with Twitch Screen & fill out the textbox with the information for your EA Account. After that, select next.

log in

3. Once you have done this, a new screen will appear, asking you to enter a Security Code that you can find in your email.

email login password

4. You must enter the security code from the third-party authentication app if you’re using one.

ea and twitch

5. After that, select the login link.

twitch app

6. Now click the “Yes, Link Them” option. Link Ea and Twitch

twitch app ea link

7. A notification stating that your EA & Twitch accounts have already been linked will appear once you click this.


8. Visit the Connections section of the Twitch Settings to verify. You must be able to find an option for More Connections over here.


9. EA will appear in the list once you click on it.

Why don’t you receive your drops after connecting Ea to Twitch?

Verify that the Twitch account you have linked to the Ea-access account is the right one and that you have followed Twitch’s instructions for claiming Drops. Check your Connectivity in the Twitch Settings to validate which account is connected.

If you still need to receive your goodies, examine the Twitch Drop requirements. In some situations, viewing broadcasts could put you in the running for a Drop, but it doesn’t always mean you’ll get one. Then follow these steps:-

How to link Twitch to an Ea account, follow these simple steps:-

  1. Visit and join up or log in.

log in

2. Verify that you are logged in to the Twitch account you want to use to watch streams and earn rewards.


3. Click Log In after entering your security code if Login Verification is enabled.

security code

4. We’ll text your phone with your security code if you enable App Authenticator.


5. You will receive your code in your email if you still need to set it up.

email code6. You’ll receive a notification when the link is successful.

notification link

7. In your Twitch settings, look at your connections. Under Other Connections, Electronic Arts ought to be listed. This is how to connect EA to twitch.

Can I connect to more than one platform account ID?

You cannot link an EA Account to more than two PlayStationTMNetwork IDs. You must instead register a new EA Account to connect to the additional platform accounts.

A warning stating “Linked accounts identified” may appear if you attempt to link more accounts. 

You will only be able to add more platform accounts if you already have several platforms connected to your EA Account. When you link the accounts together, we advise selecting your favorite accounts. Sub-accounts cannot play online with EA Accounts if they share Xbox Live.

When you load any EA game on the Xbox or Twitch, your accounts should immediately link if you created your EA Account with the same email address you use for the platform-specific account. Check the Connections page on to see if you’ve ever linked your accounts. Your EA Account’s Xbox Gamertag and PlayStation Network Online ID will be displayed under Connections. Unlinking your Twitch account:-

  1. Visit your connections on Twitch. Tv. 


2. Next to Electronic Arts, select Disconnect.


This way, you can unlink your Twitch account.

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What is the work of Electronic Arts?

The industry pioneer in interactive digital entertainment is Electronic Arts Inc. EA creates and provides games, content, and online services for consoles, mobile devices, and personal computers with Internet access. More than 450 million players are registered with EA worldwide.

What does Electronic Arts stand by in abbreviation?

See electronic art for the genre. American video game developer Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is based in Redwood City, California. By sales and market capitalization, it ranks ahead of Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, and Activision Blizzard as the second-largest gaming firm in the Americas and Europe as of May 2020.

Is there any vision statement for Electronic Arts (EA)?

The vision statement for Electronic Arts (EA) still needs to be added. The mission, vision, and values of Electronic Arts (EA) inspire 67% of its employees. 15% of workers claim that the firm mission of Electronic Arts (EA) is the key factor keeping them there.

What advantages come with EA membership?

You get more of your favorite Electronic Arts games with membership, including more prizes, trials, and savings. Unlock member-only content and special perks. Play a few new EA games for as long as ten hours. Obtain immediate access to a selection of EA's most popular titles.

How can my EA accounts be connected?

Some games need you to check in right away, while others only ask you when you try to access their online aspects. After logging in, the accounts will be connected. Select the sign-in method that uses your platform credentials. In the pop-up, enter your platform's login information. All set. You've connected your accounts.

How do I expand my EA account to include more platforms?

To connect to the additional platform accounts, you must instead register a new EA Account. A warning stating ‘Linked accounts identified’ may appear if you attempt to link more accounts. You will only be able to add more platform accounts if you already have several platforms connected to your EA Account.

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We have made this detailed guide on how to link an EA account to Twitch. Any gamer would value the ability to gain additional loot and rewards. The procedures are also simple to follow. You can either play games on EA Play or unlock them for a one-time monthly fee without commitment. It was all about connecting the Ea account with Twitch.