Rebranding streaming services are popular in a variety of entertainment industries these days, and EA is following suit by rebranding its EA Access & Origin Access services efficiently as EA Play. That’s why most people ask, ‘Is EA access the same as origin access?’ There are no economic changes for consumers, nor does the rebranding necessitate extra effort for individuals to play games under one’s current subscription. 

Is EA access the same as origin access? The answer is yes; the company describes the rebrand as “an important step in streamlining the services to ensure that being a member of EA Play seems to be the best way to play” in a new blog post. 

EA most likely used different names in the past to help customers distinguish between the platforms. The brand identity should improve as long as EA Play gives a console per subscription. We have made this detailed guide about your queries. Are origin access and ea access the same? And is EA access the same as origin access? Continue reading to know more about it.

What’s the point?

The customers will continue to receive the same benefits whenever the name is altered to EA Play. This means you’ll get the same library gameplay, discounts, & preview benefits as before. However, EA intends to spice things up in the future. 

There will eventually be new features such as exclusive challenges, rewards, & content. Customers can expect Early Access challenges, prizes, and cosmetics, which will vary depending on the title.

It’s also worth noting that the more costly Origin Access Premier would then remain available after the rebrand. For the time being, the perks & benefits remain unchanged


From now on, customers will recognize it as EA Play Pro. It’s also worth noting that EA Play is an annual event. The company is rebranding that as EA Play Live; however, it is likely to add to the confusion at this point. You can find the complete announcement about the rebranding on the company’s news blog. The service’s fundamentals will not change. 

Subscribers will also have access to the library for games & pre-release trial versions currently available via EA and Origin, as well as a ten percent discount on purchases. Origin Access Premier provides unlimited access to a broader selection of EA games, including new releases, and is available for more devoted fans.

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Is origin access the same as ea access?

EA has announced plans to rebrand its subscription services. It will eventually rename both services as EA Play. However, you should only expect a change in naming conventions. The features will remain the same for now, and remember that EA Access & Origin Access are separately paid services.

ea play

The rebranding of EA Play is likely in anticipation of the upcoming edition of EA Access to Steam. There are some issues with this rebranding, but it also makes sense. Though now the two in question are primarily the same services, Origin is only available on PC while the other is only available on consoles.

Origin access vs ea access

The blog post states, “EA Access & Origin Access Basic will be rebranded as EA Play, and Origin Access Premier will be rebranded as EA Play Pro.” Furthermore, it is added that EA is “adding even more in the coming months, beginning with exclusive in-game challenges & monthly reward starts dropping for members on select titles.”

ea access orign access

Exclusives will include “early access challenges and rewards such as Ultimate Team Packs, unique vanity items, cosmetics, and more,” but will differ depending on the title. As part of the transition, EA’s annual EA Play event at E3 will be renamed EA Play Live.

What exactly is the distinction between EA Play & Origin Access?

The rebranding is described as “a key phase in streamlining our services to make sure that becoming an EA Play participant is the best way to play” in a new blog post. EA Access currently costs $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

games in origin access

Origin Access is the same price as Origin Access Premier, which costs $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Hope now you got the answer to your question is EA access the same as origin access?

What is Origin Access

What Exactly Is Origin Access? Electronic Arts’ Origin game store is available for PCs and Macs. It primarily, but not exclusively sells EA games. Origin Access is a subscription service that comes with Origin.

electronic arts origin access

You do not need to pay for Origin Access to use Origin; you can purchase games through Origin and play them. For more insight on the amount list to purchase, check out this news article by Electronic Arts.

And when will the changes to EA Access and Origin Access Premier go into effect? The EA Access and Origin Access Premier changes will take effect on August 18th. A prior version of this story stated that the cost of Origin Access Premier was in Canadian dollars instead of US dollars.

The price of EA Access

EA Access currently costs $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

ea and origin access

Origin Access is the same price as Origin Access Premier, which costs $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year.


An Origin Access identity is what?

An origin access identity is a unique CloudFront user that you may link to Amazon S3 sources to secure all of your Amazon S3 content or just a portion of it. For more details, go to the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide section titled Restricting Accessibility to Amazon S3 Content using an Origin Access Identity.

Origin Access Premier: What is it?

Packed with features, this is a brand-new membership level that lets you first play our upcoming PC titles. We're not talking about trials here; we're talking about the entire game, which, as long as you're a Premier member, is yours to play anytime you like.

How does Origin Access Control function? What is it?

Using resource-based policies, customers can design granular policy configurations with Origin Access Control, which offers superior defense against confused deputy assaults. Customers in regions that want SigV4 can retrieve and upload data into S3 origins using Origin Access Control.

Is Origin Access a good value?

If you have a lot of free time to play games and want to plough through the library, Origin Access is a fantastic deal. However, there are better options if you only play a few games per year or have limited free time. To try it, Origin Access provides a free trial that lasts a week.

Last Words

We have made this detailed guide on Is ea access the same as origin access. Hope you like it. EA clarified that despite unifying the name, the service remains separate for each platform. You need to purchase a separate subscription for each platform you want to use EA Play on. Rest assured, the yearly EA Play presentations at E3 will also undergo a name change to EA Play Live, but there is no need to worry about any mistakes regarding EA Play subscription services.