You currently plan on Choosing a streaming service like Hulu live tv vs Fubotv but need clarification about which to choose. We have made your task easier and compared both streaming services to determine the best. Hence, You are looking for a Hulu Live TV vs FuboTV comparison.

introduction hulu live tv vs. fubotv

Hulu + Live TV and FuboTV provide month-to-month plans with accessibility to a wide range of live TV streaming stations. Major regional and national channels that cover news, sports, and entertainment are available on both streaming platforms. Even with their commonalities, Hulu + Live TV and FuboTV have some key differences that might appeal to you based on your preferences. In Fubo vs Hulu, for instance, Hulu + Live TV subscriptions prioritize movies and TV shows, unique on-demand content, and Hulu Originals. In contrast, FuboTV prioritizes more sports and Spanish-language programming.

Moving further, let’s compare Hulu Live TV vs FuboTV according to a few categories to understand better which suits your needs best. 

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Hulu Live TV vs FuboTV

Both Hulu and FuboTV are streaming services that provide live TV and entertainment on request. Both provide ad-free, short-term, month-to-month memberships.

features hulu live tv vs. fubotv

But you must know some significant variations between Fubo and Hulu Live.

User encounter

It takes time to use the Hulu + Live TV user interface. For instance, the homepage’s categories are frequently updated. However, the site features two tabs: “My Stuff” and “Hubs,” which organize movies and TV series into sections for “Entertainment,” “News,” “Kids,” and a few other perennial categories. Browse standard Hulu titles using the “Browse” option, and check the “Live TV” page to see what’s currently airing.

Using the free Hulu app, you may log into the same account on many devices to keep tabs on your viewing history and progress.hulu on mobile

Users of fuboTV have a wide range of choices for streaming devices that work with the service. You may watch it on a multitude of gadgets. You could even stream shows you’ve taped to your DVR on your gadgets using the free fuboTV application.

 On the fuboTV interface, titles are classified as “Sport,” “Movie,” “Series,” and “Channel.” You can find particular genres by using the subcategories within the first three categories.


In Hulu Live TV vs FuboTV, pricing is among the most crucial considerations for many consumers when choosing a streaming platform. 

Pro and Elite are the two primary tiers of FuboTV. Pro offers over 100 channels and other essential services, including 1,000 hours of DVR storage for $69.99 a month, while Elite costs $79.99 per month and offers more channels. One can also customize your plan by adding numerous add-ons.

hulutv vs fubotv pricing

There are also two primary plans available for Hulu + Live TV. The normal Hulu + Live TV with Disney+ and ESPN+ subscription costs just $69.99 per month, and for $75.99 per month, the same plan is available with no commercials on any of the Hulu content. Hulu + Live TV offers a variety of add-ons like HBO, Starz, and more, similar to fuboTV.

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You can quickly and easily customize your experience with Hulu + Live TV. Up to six user accounts can be made to tailor your viewing to the kinds of shows you enjoy. Let the service know what kinds of entertainment you like and don’t like using the Tastepicker tool, which helps it decide what TV shows and movies to suggest.

Every profile has a unique hub called “My Stuff,” where you may add Television programs, seasons, and films you want to keep a record of and have quick access to. From this hub, you can administer your cloud DVR as well. Using the Tastepicker tool, Hulu + Live TV can better understand your preferences and hone the TV shows and movies recommended.

fubotv personalization

FuboTV, a streaming service, likewise permits up to six user profiles. You can set your preferred channels, followed series, and record management options for each profile. This enables you to personalize each profile’s browsing experience.

FuboTV does not offer parental controls, making it challenging to keep an eye on or limit what your children are watching.

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Free Trial

Since you may evaluate the platform without spending money or taking a chance, a free trial is an excellent method to test potential alternatives to satellite TV.

FuboTV offers a seven-day trial. The service may occasionally extend to a 14-day trial.hulu

Sadly, there is no longer a free trial available for Hulu Live. To utilize the program, you must deposit an initial cost of $69.99 + tax.


For an extra $10 per month, Hulu + Live TV offers free home streaming, which benefits big families. Hulu offers free 4K streaming for a limited number of shows, provided you have compatible equipment.

The Disney package gives you access to a huge selection of Disney original content on Disney+ and a tonne of live sports programming on ESPN+. It is automatically included with Hulu + Live TV.

extras hulutv

Several fuboTV options enable consumers to expand their channel selection. Its Ultimate package costs $100 monthly and has 230 channels, while its Elite plan has 193 channels. The Adventure Plus Add-on on fuboTV includes extreme sports and outdoor activities, which may appeal to those who enjoy exploration.

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With few drawbacks, Hulu + Live TV is a well-rounded service. The major disadvantage, though, is the cost. It is among the most costly streaming platforms accessible at $70 per month. Additionally, compared to its competitors, the service delivers fewer channels for that fee.


Television programs broadcasted in the format cannot be taped because the streaming service FuboTV only offers a small selection of content in 4K/HDR (High Dynamic Range) and is only available in beta. Additionally, CNN, TBS, and TNT from Turner are not available. Although numerous international channels exist on fuboTV, only U.S. residents can subscribe to the service.

Which One Should You Pick: Hulu vs Fubo

Most of all, it relies on your preferences and what you want.

It’s simple to decide that Hulu’s on-demand service is the ideal choice if you’re seeking an economical on-demand service.

What if you prefer live TV, though? FuboTV is the undisputed victor if your main priority has more sports alternatives overall or sports in Spanish and other international languages. The FuboTV Latino package is an excellent choice if you want Spanish-language content. While making your choice, examine fuboTV’s add-ons, but remember that their different prices might quickly add up.

which one to pick

If you like premium cable channels, Hulu + Live TV will satisfy your craving. Hulu’s on-demand library is also highly appealing if you want something other than the most recent shows and movies. Additionally, pay attention to their original programs.

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Which is better, Hulu or Fubo?

Your tastes and the benefits you hope to derive from the streaming service will determine this. Because it offers a large selection of regional, national, and international sports channels, FuboTV is typically considered preferable for sports addicts. For movie buffs, though, Hulu + Live TV is preferable. Both providers provide a wide range of live TV options for a comparable cost.

Is FuboTV a good investment?

For those looking for a streaming service with broad live TV access and a special emphasis on sports and Spanish-language content, FuboTV is a fantastic choice. Individuals who already have memberships to other on-demand services might be fine with the lack of a sizable on-demand library.

Does Hulu Plus Live TV merit a purchase?

For those who desire comprehensive live TV coverage, high-quality, premium content, such as Hulu's on-demand selection, and access to Disney Plus and ESPN Plus, Hulu + Live TV is a fantastic choice. The subscription service offered by Hulu + Live TV should benefit fans of drama films and television shows.

Compare Hulu vs Fubo?

When you compare Fubo and Hulu, although it is more costly than Hulu, Fubo provides a complete sports bundle. Fubo offers more channels than Hulu, although Hulu's live TV selection is more extensive. In comparison to Fubo, Hulu has a larger collection of on-demand media.


Who wins between Hulu Live TV vs FuboTV? Hulu + Live TV will appeal to viewers who seek original content and live television, while fuboTV may be their favorite option if they want many channels and heaps of sports content. Ultimately, Hulu’s on-demand library is the greatest, and fuboTV shines with its selection of live TV stations.

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