To join a Valorant team for competitive play, you must network, show off your skills, and work well in a group. Considering its complex gaming mechanics and key objectives, it’s expected to need more to rely essentially upon ability in Valorant. Understanding how to find a valorant team is crucial.

You can find a Valorant team by using online gaming and esports platforms. You can connect with other players who are looking for teams or players who are looking for teams on websites like GamerLink, DreamTeam, and Tournament. Participate in Valorant communities on gaming forums, such as Reddit and Discord. Play positioned coordinates and draw in with players who show great collaboration and correspondence. Participate in online tournaments or local LAN events.

Remember that finding the right team might take some time, so be patient and focus on getting better at what you do. Now that we know how important it is to have a Valorant Team, let’s learn how to find a Valorant Team.

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3 Ways to Find a Valorant Team

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These are the ways to find valorant teammates-

  • Connect on Discord Servers

   – Valorant Discord Servers: Join Valorant-specific Discord servers where players actively discuss the game, share helpful hints, and seek teammates. A considerable lot of these servers have committed channels for group enlistment. 

  • Post Your Team in Gankster

   – Gankster Stage: Use stages like Gankster, intended for group building and enrollment in the local gaming area. Be specific about the qualities you’re looking for in teammates.

  • Share Your Team on Social Media

   – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: Influence your web-based entertainment accounts or make committed ones for your group. Utilize significant hashtags to contact a more extensive crowd and draw in players who might be keen on joining your Valorant team.

Way 1: Connect on Discord Servers

Here is a point-by-point guide on the most proficient method on how to find a valorant team:

  1. Join the Discord Servers of Valorant: Search for well-known Discord servers devoted to Valorant. Team recruitment channels are frequently present on these servers. valorant discord
  2. Finish Up Your Profile: Add useful information to your Discord profile. Incorporate your Valorant rank, favored jobs, playstyle, and prominent accomplishments or encounters.discord account customization
  3. Take part in Discussions: Engage in server-wide discussions actively. Drawing in with the local area not only assists you with getting comfortable with different players but also makes you more apparent to those searching for partners.

discord discussions

Many Discord servers have devoted channels explicitly for group enlistment. Regularly check these channels to see if any teams are looking for players or if other players are looking for a team.

You can create a concise and convincing “Looking For Group” message.  Remember to include important details like your rank, preferred roles, and team preferences. Remember to specify your accessibility for training meetings or games.

You can also participate in occasions coordinated by the Discord server, such as competitions or local area game evenings. This is a magnificent way to exhibit your abilities, make associations, and your answer for how to find a valorant team.

Way 2: Post your team in Gankster

Here is a step-by-step guide to using this method as valorant teammate finder:

  1. Make a Gankster Record: If you don’t have an account on Gankster, make one. Ensure that the information you provide about yourself and your team is accurate during registration.gankster
  2. Complete Your Group Profile: After making your record, complete your group profile. Incorporate pertinent subtleties, such as group name, favored jobs, ability levels, and particular prerequisites for possible partners.gankster valorant
  3. Feature Accomplishments and Objectives: Frame your group’s accomplishments, if any, and your objectives for what’s in store. This can draw in players who share comparative desires and are keen on being essential for a group with a characterized heading.share team achievements on gankster
  4. Determine Jobs and Prerequisites: Say the jobs you hope to fill inside your group. Whether you want a gifted duelist, an essential regulator player, or a dependable help, being explicit draws in players with the right abilities.gankster valorant team search
  5. Share Practice Timetable and Responsibilities: Inform them of any other commitments and the practice schedule for your team. This assists expected colleagues with understanding the time venture required and guarantees that those intrigued are accessible during your group’s training hours.share gankster team on social media
  6. Use the Search and Filter Options: Use Gankster’s inquiry and channel highlights to find players who meet your models. This can smooth out the most common way of distinguishing potential partners who align with your group’s objectives and playstyle.

team specifications

Way 3: Share Your Team on Social Media

Here’s a guide on how to make the most of this method to find valorant teammates:

  1. Make Committed Group Virtual Entertainment Records: Give your Valorant team its own dedicated social media accounts. This could remember stages like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. characters in valorantYou can concentrate on your team’s activities and recruitment efforts by having separate accounts.
  2. Create an Effective Team Profile: Complete your group’s profile with fundamental data. Incorporate subtleties, such as group name, favored jobs, ability levels, and eminent accomplishments. Utilize top-notch designs, logos, or flags that address your group.rex team profile
  3. Consistently Post Updates and Features: Keep your electronic diversion accounts dynamic by regularly posting updates, highlights, and material substance.valorant highlights
  4. Use Hashtags With Care: To make your posts more noticeable, utilize applicable hashtags. social mediaTo contact a bigger crowd, use famous hashtags connected with the Valorant team and group enrollment hashtags. This can help your posts get tracked down by reasonable partners.
  5. Join the group of Valorant People: Connect with other Valorant players, groups, and local accounts to follow and join. Participate in discussion, remark on posts, and communicate with their substance. This not only aids in developing relationships but also increases the likelihood that individuals will notice you while looking for Valorant team.valorant leaderboard
  6. Report Gathering Openings: Pronounce your virtual diversion accounts when your gathering is successfully looking for new people. Include specific details about the positions you want to fill and any requirements or preferences you have for potential coworkers when trying to find a Valorant team.valorant gameplay

Following these methods, you can learn how to find a valorant team.

Valorant is available on both Windows and Mac. If you plan to play it on a Mac, follow this guide on downloading Valorant On Mac so that gaming doesn’t stop!


How to find a valorant team?

You can find colleagues through different stages, for example, gaming gatherings, Discord servers, virtual entertainment gatherings, and committed sites intended for valiant team finders.

Is there a particular age requirement for looking for a valorant team?

Age necessities can differ. Moreover, many groups are available to players, everything being equal. A few groups may have explicit age standards, so look at the group's enrollment data.

How would I keep away from harmful partners?

While selecting or joining a group, focus on the local area's standing and values. Speak with potential partners beforehand and notice their conduct in several games. Moreover, poisonousness is frequently obvious right off the bat.

Can I find teammates for tournaments and competitive play?

Many players seek teammates, especially for competitive play and tournaments. Moreover, determine your objectives while searching for partners to guarantee arrangements regarding seriousness and responsibility.


In the article, we discussed how to find valorant teammates. Finding a Valorant bunch for serious competition incorporates a mind-boggling philosophy that joins online stages, neighborhood, and virtual diversion outreach.

Attend local competitions and events to gain valuable systems administration connections. Make sure that your Valorant group is represented by dedicated virtual entertainment. You can also set valorant to a high priority for a better gaming experience, but for that, you should know How To Set Valorant To High Priority.

Regularly post updates, elements, and announcements to keep your group secured. This is how you can learn how to find a valorant team.