14In the adrenaline-filled arena of Valorant, many advanced players use “lineups” to pave a path to victory. A beginner at Valorant is left scratching their heads and thinking, “What are lineups in Valorant?” 

Lineups mean key arrangements of specialist capacities for maximum impact. These arrangements include planning capacities to control regions, deny adversary development, or secure goals. Dominating setups upgrade strategic play, giving a competitive edge critical to progress in the speedy universe of Valorant.

This article will unveil the answers to all the critical questions about Valorant lineups. This will also include a thorough assessment of the necessity of lineups in Valorant and some assured match-winning tips. Also, check out this step-by-step guide on downloading Valorant on your Mac.

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Valorant Classic Gameplay

The classic Valorant gameplay includes a 5v5 tactical scenario where a team aims to plant a spike (similar to the bomb in Counter-Strike), and the other team races against time to defuse the spike.

The players can team up and strategically decide which agents they’ll require as per the needs of the map. Agent selection is a salient deciding factor that will govern the gameplay scenario.

valorant riot games

After each player has selected their agents, the teams will be divided into attackers and defenders. The role of each group is evident from their names.

The players are also given a decent number of firearms and unique abilities, which they can buy during the pre-round phase.

Deciding who wins the round is simple: either one team eliminates the other, or the spike gets detonated or defused.

The maximum duration of each round is 100 seconds. Planting the spike adds another 45 seconds to the match if it isn’t defused.

What are Lineups in Valorant?

Now you’re aware of Valorant’s gaming scenario. The popular first-person shooter game involves many strategies to successfully eliminate the rival team or detonate/defuse the spike.

While the task at hand seems relatively straightforward, and one may even think that the game is a carbon copy of the well-acclaimed Counter-Strike, or other multiplayer shooting games like Shell Shockers, the game takes a turn towards difficulty when we talk about what are lineups in Valorant.

Valorant provides a wide array of agents to choose from, and each agent has their unique abilities.

lineups in valorant

The agents are divided into four classes, namely “Initiators,” “Controllers,” “Sentinals,” and “Duelists.” Each class has its own answer to the question, “What is a lineup in Valorant?”

Each class has its own role to play in the game. And how the player uses their agent’s ability decides whether they’ll clutch the game or not.

Strategically and carefully placing Sova’s shock dart, dealing heavy damage to the enemy by Brimestone’s Molly, or obliterating the rivals with Raze’s showstopper comes under the tactical gameplay called Valorant lineups. 

Lineups in Valorant require launching an attack or using an ability from a specified place, aiming in a particular direction, and with correctly gauged power to land the blow in a highly specific area.

Executing Valorant lineups requires immense skill, absolute correctness of timeframe, and unmatched memory of the exact location on a particular map.

Necessity of Valorant Lineups

Valorant lineups are not a requirement to play the game but a method to increase the game’s intensity and make it more exciting. Using lineups puts you above the average casual gamer, so winning becomes a habit for you.

The game certainly doesn’t banish you for not using Valorant Agent Lineups. Using Lineups simply makes the game more competitive and produces awe-striking clutches at the end of the round. Using Valorant Lineups can sometimes guarantee you a win. 

lineup necessity

Lineups can ensure that your rival won’t be able to defuse the spike. They’ll just watch the spike detonate as the area around it is engulfed by flames from the tactically placed Molly. They’ll just have to wait for the timer to run out and taste defeat.

If you want to eliminate the entire team at once or deal damage to all of them at the same time, you can use lineups to use throwable explosives at a particular time when you think the entire team will be at the specified location. 

Valorant Lineups also work great defensively while holding a particular site. You can boobytrap the site with explosives, traps, and recon devices to get information about the enemy’s whereabouts and quickly take them out.

For recon purposes, abilities like Sova’s recon bolt, when used efficiently, can reveal a lot about how the opposition is holding the site before barging in recklessly. And while holding the site, Cypher’s Spycam is unmatched.

Practicing Valorant Lineups 

Just knowing what are lineups in valorant will not assure victory for you.

At the intermediate level, you need to understand how to Valorant lineups to get to the advanced level and make you closer to the radiant rank.

In this section, we will thoroughly discuss the steps involved while practicing Valorant lineups.

Understanding the Map

Making yourself aware of the map you’re playing on is crucial to practicing Valorant lineups. You must familiarize yourself with different locations on the map from where the enemy may attack.

Knowing about hideouts and taking cover from a vantage point also gives you an edge over your rivals.

understanding maps

You must study the map beforehand and have ample knowledge of the arena before pushing into any area. Be aware of the places from where the enemy may open fire, and don’t forget to block their path with a wall or smoke.

You should recognize the callouts that are present in the game. Your teammates will try to tell you their position or the enemy’s stance and wait for your action.

But if you don’t understand what they mean by phrases like “A long” or “B window,” then you won’t be helpful.

Memorizing hotspots.

After familiarising yourself with the map, you must understand and learn where the hotspots are on any particular map.

These include areas where the majority of the combat takes place. You can take out multiple enemies at a time by focusing your ability attacks on these hotspots.


You can also set traps where players often cross to get from one site to another. Boobytrapping the location where the spike usually gets planted also turns the odds toward you.

Another tip is to set traps at the spike before the plants so that if someone arrives to defuse it, they’ll take damage.

Before you enter a site to defuse the spike, you must also be familiar with the places the enemy may be camping so that you can be on the lookout for attacks from that direction. Using throwable weapons at hotspots before pushing is also a good practice.

How to Practice Lineups in Valorant

Now you have the information on the basic things you must remember while practicing lineups in Valorant. Let’s look at how you can watch lineups in action in real matches and get hands-on experience on valorant maps.

Follow some quality content creators on streaming platforms like YouTube. They showcase their advanced skills and teach you about appropriate lineups at the right time. Watch the Radiants play on YouTube and learn from them.

After watching how to execute a lineup, you can implement it in custom matches. Valorant offers the facility to create custom matches and modify the rules per your requirements. 

You can keep track of your records and practice with your friends in the custom lobbies. This will give you a basic understanding of how to use an ability, your target position, and where to land the blow at what time.

The key points to focus on are the trajectories of throwables, the timing of the launch, the location of the landing, and the location of enemy players at the time. Remember all this, and you should be ready to use lineups in gameplay.

Of course, you need real experience, too.

We suggest using lineups for the first time in unranked matches. Even if you fail, the stakes won’t be huge. You can always enter a ranked match after feeling confident about your skills.

Best Valorant Lineups 

Now, let’s unravel some of the most frequently used and most effective lineups in Valorant.

None of these are above or below the other. They all find their usefulness in their respective domains.


  • Viper lineup at A main
  • Raze lineup at A lobby
  • Killjoy hold at A site

ascent lineup

  • Sova recon at Mid Link and Mid Courtyard
  • Fade reveal at A Heaven
  • Brimstone Molly at spike
  • Pheonix Molly at B Market


  • Viper lineup at B Main
  • Raze lineup at A Site
  • Killjoy post-plant hold

split lineup

  • Sova recon at A Rafters, A Haven, and spike site
  • Fade reveal at B Tower and B Rafters
  • Brimstone Molly post-spike plant
  • Pheonix ult orb to counter B Main rush


  • Viper Toxic Screen at A site
  • Raze grenade at A site
  • Kay/o lineup at heaven

haven lineup

  • Killjoy site hold
  • Sova post-plant shock dart
  • Brimstone post-plant Molly
  • Pheonix Molly at A site


  • Viper smoke at Heaven
  • Raze boombot at Hookah
  • Kay/o flash to push A site

bind lineup

  • Killjoy hold at A site
  • Sova post-plant shock dart
  • Fade B site reveal
  • Brimstone post-plant Molly
  • Pheonix Molly to counter push from Hookah

Ice Box

  • Viper post-plant Molly
  • Raze lineup for 1v1 clutch
  • Killjoy B site hold

ice box lineup

  • Sova Mid reveal
  • Fade A site reveal
  • Brimstone post-plant Molly
  • Pheonix wall at B site


  • Viper post-plant Molly
  • Raze boombot at Elbow
  • Kay/o knife at A site

breeze lineup

  • Killjoy B site retake with the ultimate ability
  • Sova shock dart
  • Fade B site rush
  • Brimstone post-plant Molly


  • Viper smoke at A Main
  • Raze boombot at A Dish
  • Killjoy grenade lineup at A Site

fracture lineup

  • Sova recon at B Tower
  • Fade reveal at B Site
  • Brimstone post-plant Molly
  • Pheonix wall through Door at A Site

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Is there an App for Valorant Lineups?

An excellent example of an app that teaches you valorant agent lineups is Brimmy. The app is a community-driven project. This app is regularly updated with new lineups. It supports all agents currently available in the game.

How do I become a Valorant pro?

You need to take multiple steps before stepping into the realm of professional Valorant gamers. Mastering essential skills such as communication, aiming, agent abilities, reflexes, and response time is necessary to obtain high ranks. Be a team player rather than going for solo kills and practice daily.

What is an ideal Valorant Team?

An ideal Valorant team consists of one agent from each class and another from the class that suits your strategy. Selecting agents as per the skill level of the player is also essential. A team that communicates while playing and uses appropriate callouts bears success.

Who is the most popular agent in Valorant?

Killjoy leads in popularity as the agent offers a wide range of abilities when it comes to defensive play. The agent also excels in offensive play by strategically placing frag grenades and planting shooters.


Valorant remains one of the hottest releases in video games. The game rose to immense popularity the moment it was released. Many competitive players participate in the game to gauge their abilities and see where they stand globally. 

The difference between an advanced player and a beginner comes down to the skills. How many hours you put in the game also increases your skill set.

Practicing daily and using advanced techniques like valorant agent lineups distinguishes a pro from a beginner.

After reviewing this article and practicing your skills regularly, no one can stop you from rising the ranks in Valorant.

The answer to “What are lineups in Valorant?” isn’t a mystery to us anymore. This deep and thorough analysis will help you become good at gaming.

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