Fantage, also known as Fantastic Age, is a multiplayer online game for young people (ages 6 to 14) that offers adorable, customizable avatars in a fantasy setting with many minigames. The game world is full of both single-player and multiplayer minigames, as well as stores that offer a variety of content designed to help players express their unique personalities through their avatars, profile, and home. The article discusses the Fantage game and the virtual world you will enjoy.

The Fantage game places a strong emphasis on its social components. Parents of young children will appreciate the kid-safe permissions, chat room filters, and game moderators who watch for questionable conduct. Fantage offers a monthly membership to access parts of its features, such as premium cash and exclusive clothes.

In addition, Fantage gives users a taste of social networking without the danger of disclosing private information and gives parents access to various permission locks and barriers to protect their children. Read below to learn more about the Fantage Game.

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What Is A Fantage Game?

Fantage, often known as Fantastic Age, is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG for kids with more than 30 million players worldwide situated in a secure online virtual environment. Kids from all over the world may create an avatar on the Fantage register and explore this welcoming virtual environment where they can meet new people, play the best games, and participate in interesting events. fantage

With your personalized virtual avatar, explore the neighborhood, meet new people, shop for new outfits, and have a blast attending parties, participating in various activities and events with your friends, or just exploring! Enjoy this Wonderful Age!

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Features In Fantage Game

Here are the various features you will get in Fantage Game.


In Fantage, users can have fun and play games. All over Fantage, there are games to be found. Top Models Inc. Fashion Show, its beach equivalent, and Q-Blast are a few of the most well-known games currently located Downtown. When the Fantage chats involving minigames take place, users can also play select games for a brief period.fantage games

Some games are easy to play, while others need the practice to improve your score. With each game, a leaderboard is available. The Uptown Hall of Fame is home to the highest-scoring game leaderboards.

Shopping & Gathering Things

Users can purchase products from stores across Fantage virtual world login with their hard-earned Stars, eCoins, or Gold. Le Shop sells clothing and accessories, while Stellar Salon sells hair, makeup, and head accessories. Jester’s Costumes sells costumes, Loco Boardz sells boards, Ottoman’s Furniture sells furniture, Creature Shop sells creatures, and Castle Realtors sells houses. Users can decorate their homes in their Home Inventories and wear their things in their On-Hand Inventories.fantage shop

Specialized shop designs have been built over time. A store called the IDfone Shop sells merchandise and stickers that can be customized with an IDfone. Fantagians had more time and items to buy thanks to additional stores like this one. 


Users of homes each have a home of their own to live in. If a person has a Premium Membership on Castle Realtors, they can purchase as many homes as they want. When they sign up for free, they receive a simple, one-story, orange-roofed home, but they can purchase other types to change that. Some houses are heavily reduced using eCoin, with a 50% reduction in Stars.fantage homeOttoman furniture can be used to furnish homes in a variety of ways. Anyone can choose how to decorate their property. Users can lock their homes to either themselves or their friends or open them to everyone with the Fantage login. Check out this article to get some free Growtopia accounts!


Pet enthusiasts can amass pets and keep them in their pet barns. Pets can be brought inside or outside of their owner’s residence. When carried outside, pets follow their owners and can be fed inside their homes. The first set, the Pebbles family, is available to all users, but all pets are only available to Premium Members.fantage pets

Users can purchase an egg from the Pet Shop in the Pet Town to collect a Pet. Users must set the egg’s nest in their Critter Barns to various temperatures and lighting after purchasing an egg to collect each family pet. Using eCoins to purchase a Magic Code from the Pet Shop will simplify the process.

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How To Get Free Membership On Fantage?

You can easily get free membership on Fantage. Simply register for PrizeRebel and complete the offers on their website to activate your free Fantage Account Membership. Once you have completed enough offers, you can use your free Ultimate Game Card to purchase a Fantage membership or a premium membership in one of the numerous games comparable to Fantage Game.prizerebel

On PrizeRebel, there are offers for surveys, game downloads, movies, and other easy tasks. All of the perks of a Fantage membership can be unlocked with only a little free time.

Since it launched in 2007, PrizeRebel has been ranked as the top rewards website for gamers to satisfy with the services they provide. PrizeRebel’s finest feature is its wide selection of game cards, which you may spend for other premium memberships. If you wish to generate a free virtual credit card without any deposit, click here.

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What is Fantage, and how does it work?

On Fantage, children may play, interact, and learn in a fun and secure online environment, a free-to-play browser-based virtual gaming world for PCs. Players may build their own personal avatars by selecting unique traits, haircuts, and clothing and using them to explore the globe.

What age range do Fantage players fall into?

Many people have found this game useful for establishing connections with others. This game's creators are Aapo Kyrölä and Sampo Karjalainen, and Sulake Corporation is the game's owner. Fans of this game range in age from 5 to 16, comparable to that Fantage players.

How do you fly in Fantage?

Fantage is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), which Inc. released in April 2008. Double-click the area you want to move in the Fantage game. Click twice in the Fantage game on, initially after zooming out and then once again after zooming in. You can fly from one place to other thanks to this.

What is the price of playing Fantage?

Due to its intended audience, security precautions, and membership possibilities, the game is sometimes likened to Club Penguin. The premium membership starts with a thousand stars and costs $5.99 monthly. Free with the choice to pay for features.

Can kids play Fantage safely?

Children can enjoy entertaining and secure online games and activities in the virtual world and MMORPG Fantage. Fantage offers fun educational content and has a three-tiered safety system. It supports a variety of social and educational activities as well as avatar customization.

What can you do with Fantage?

Create that Fantage music video you've always wanted with the chat bubbles, access some of the original Fantage games at the arcade, or customize your avatar with a useful inventory. It seems as though you are inside a barren server! You may now play even on a mobile device, and it loads quicker and lags less.

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In conclusion, playing Fantage Game is fantastic and secure for kids and teenagers. In this entertaining virtual environment, go on an adventure with your friends or play minigames to make new ones. There are countless things to do and opportunities to open up when combined with the creative flexibility and social components it offers gamers. So you can use this game and avail all the features.

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