StoriesIG is not ideal if you want to download your content to create an Instagram backup. It is possible to enlarge Instagram profile photographs with other StoriesIG alternatives. Other StoriesIG alternatives let you enlarge Instagram profile pictures. The article discusses these alternatives. storiesig

The best Storiesig alternatives are:

  • InstaStories.
  • IG StoriesIG.

StoriesIG net is an excellent tool for reading Instagram stories, but it has several drawbacks. You can only view articles a profile has just uploaded, which is the most noticeable change. Additionally, it frequently generates error warnings, making you look for a substitute. Read below to learn about the StoriesIG alternative. Now you can Download Facebook Stories with some simple steps. Check out the complete guide here!

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7 Best StoriesIG Alternative

Here is the list of StoriesIG alternatives.


Ingramer is a great StoriesIG substitute because it lets you view and download posts and stories. If a profile blocks you or you don’t have an Instagram account, you can access a specific shape using the profile viewer tool. ingramerInstagram videos and photos may now be downloaded easily using Inflact. You must copy and paste the URL into the program to download a video.

, Has this great function, but StoriesIG does not. Every time you visit the website, StoriesIG will ask you to enter the profile you wish to spy on manually. That may be boring.


The user interface for Instadp is simple and similar to StoriesIG. After seeing it, you can recheck an account because it remembers the search suggestion. The report will remain in the search suggestions until you clear your cookies. instadpOn Instagram, you may read recent tales that have been posted, as well as story highlights, by selecting the Stories tab. Each story’s highlight covers and categories will be the same as those on the profile page. But StoriesIG does not show Instagram highlights.

But unlike Instagram, you won’t have to keep swiping left to view one story after another when you click on one of the highlights. Instead, a description of every significant plot point is presented after the cover you click if you want to see it.

One negative aspect of Instadp is the absence of Instagram posts. Choose the highlighted cover for a different story by pressing the back button to return to the Stories page. You can still see how many posts and Instagram followers each account has even though it only provides a link to their Instagram profile.

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You may quickly download your Instagram stories on your Android smartphone using Chrome, the most dependable online browser, by going to Just perform the necessary steps to easily store the tales you want to save to your device.

The story saver and tale downloads function well. They can download the story’s high-definition pictures. You may swiftly download pictures and movies with the app.

Without initially downloading the images to your phone, you can utilize their service to upload photos to Instagram. You can repost the images from your tales by adding hashtags and descriptions to those postings.


Instalker is a great StoriesIG alternative, offering many features that StoriesIG needs. You can view recent posts and stories thanks to it. But it also extends beyond that. If you register for a free account, you can purchase “tracking packages.” instalkerWhen you follow an account, you can see the most current updates and any posts that have since been deleted. You will also see information like:

  • This account’s favorite Instagram action.
  • The posts on which they are commenting, including any that have since been deleted.
  • The accounts that followed and unfollowed.
  • Other accounts that enjoy the posts on this account
  • Comments from different accounts on postings from this account


Dumpor is one of the apps like StoriesIG since it allows account-free searches of Instagram for posts containing specific hashtags or locations and anonymous reading of posts and stories. That option might be helpful if you want to research an account but need help figuring out the username. dumporYou may see the posts based on your choice, the date each post was written, and the number of likes and comments earned. These analytics are not sent to you by StoriesIG.


InstaStories is an excellent alternative to StoriesIG. By clicking on it, you can download any article or post. The website opens quickly, has few obtrusive advertisements or pop-up windows, and has an excellent user interface while only allowing you to view news and posts. instastoriesIt also doesn’t have annoying captchas, making it a great option if you only want to scan over someone’s stories or postings quickly.


Bigbangram is an excellent alternative to the StoriesIG app because it lets you download more stuff, like highlights and complete profiles. EBoth alternatives allow you to use Bigbangram for free and without creating an account. Enter your login information into the relevant tool to download a complete profile. You will then see the entire profile, and you may choose whatever images, movies, stories, and highlights you want to download. bigbangramA complete profile may take some time to download, but there are no annoying captchas to solve, and downloading is straightforward.

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Is StoriesIG anonymous?

You can view every user's Instagram story with the help of the fantastic software StoriesIG. StoriesIG is completely secure and anonymous because no login information is needed. Enter the username you want to follow into the search field to start watching.

Can people see if you use StoriesIG?

It is safe to watch Instagram stories anonymously on StoriesIG. The website employs SSL encryption to safeguard your information and ensure your browsing is confidential. You don't need to enter personal data when logging in to StoriesIG or creating an account.

Are Instagram stories preferable to posts?

Stories, as opposed to feeds, offer a variety of interactive features, making them perfect for capturing users' attention. On the one side, feed content is excellent for expanding brand exposure, reaching new audiences, and gaining followers. On the other hand, stories only exist for 24 hours before disappearing.

Can people see if you use StoriesIG?

It is safe to watch Instagram stories anonymously on StoriesIG. The website employs SSL encryption to safeguard your information and ensure your browsing is confidential. You don't need to enter personal data when logging in to StoriesIG or creating an account.

What does StoriesIG do?

StoriesIG is an anonymous Instagram story viewer that allows you to see online Instagram profile stories, posts, and IGTV of any user from both a computer and a mobile device without registering or signing into your Instagram account.


It is all about the StoriesIG alternative. An InstagramStory Viewer service can give you access to Instagram profiles. It implies that you can browse the stories and posts published by an Instagram profile using these applications without logging into your account. It offers the anonymity that many Instagram users seek.

So you can try out these alternatives.

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