Millions of people worldwide use Plenty of Fish (POF), a free dating site. POF account allows you to message other single persons simultaneously and have numerous conversations. You may want to reactivate your Plenty of Fish account for various reasons. The article discusses how to reactivate POF account.

You can easily reactivate the POF account after its deactivation by using customer email services, troubleshooting, registering a sign-up page, and creating a short but distinctive username. You must then click the Continue button to confirm that you accept the terms of service and privacy statement to reactivate the Plenty Of Fish account.

People from various locations open accounts, utilize them briefly, and then delete them. When they want to use their POF accounts again, many searches for ways to recover them. After a certain amount of time, the account becomes inactive. Read below to learn how to reactivate POF account.

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Can you reactivate the Plenty Of Fish account?

You must receive your full premium account back. When ‘inactive,’ many people opt to ‘hide’ their profiles so that they may easily ‘unhide’ them later if a relationship breaks or they want to resume dating. Follow these steps to recover deleted account of POF.

  1. Make contact with Plenty of Fish’s customer service department.
    customer service
  2. Fill out a register’s sign-up page is similar to a form with a few columns.
    filling up form
  3. The username, password, confirm password, email address, confirmation email, gender, birth date, nation, and ethnicity are all listed in those columns.pof form
  4. Especially the username and password; please fill out those areas completely. sign up
  5. Create a username that is straightforward but distinctive. In some instances, individuals are drawn to unique usernames.pof usernames
  6. Please give the password some thought before you choose one. Additionally, the password needs to be memorable and distinct.pof password

It is preferable to be basic so that it is easy to remember and distinctive, so it is difficult to hack. Type the letters shown beneath the circles to recover a deleted POF account. The letter and number combinations would function. Please fill it out and ensure no one is left behind. Click the Continue button to confirm that you agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

Please remember that you must consider everything when planning to remove your Plenty of Fish account login in the future. You can always make another account if that is too much work. Here are some steps to consider to reactivate POF account.

  1. Clear your browser of all cookies.clear cookies
  2. Change your IP address. If you use a conventional internet connection, such as Xfinity, etc., and need help, wait a few days before signing up again.change ip address
  3. Use a new email address when you sign up.log in new email
  4. As you create your account, abide by all POF terms of service.follow rules No inappropriate links or images include your profile. So start up your camera and take some fresh photos!

Email Customer Service for Plenty of Fish

A customer care team is available at Plenty of Fish every day of the week and around the clock. The Plenty of Fish customer service email swiftly addresses Users’ issues. Phone Number for Plenty of Fish Customer Support The toll-free number for POF is accessible 24 hours a day. It is the most practical technique to find solutions to the dating website issue.
customer care

It delivers happy customer service and a user-friendly design. The toll-free days are only available on weekdays, considered business days. But if you still require assistance later, you may always contact customer service via email, which gets a prompt response if POF

Plenty of Fish Customer Care for Troubleshooting

POF Customer Service has resolved all your issues with the website and the dating process. You can contact the customer support representatives via phone or email. How you wish to contact them is entirely up to your convenience. If you phone the customer support service, there can be a brief wait period due to the high volume of calls at once.

How to disable POF account? To do that, send a quick email with your login and your issue. Send a quick email to [email protected] with your username and the problem you’re having, and we’ll respond as soon as possible. You can first check the helpdesk and FAQs for simple issues. There are most of the required solutions to the problems offered. Contact them via your preferred method if you’re still unsatisfied and need additional assistance, and they’ll provide a satisfying resolution.

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How To Recover Deleted POF Account?

You cannot recover a deleted POF account. And the reason for it is that if you opt to deactivate your account, it is permanently erased. Unlike some apps, it’s impossible to erase your POF account unintentionally; instead, you must follow a step-by-step procedure to reactivate your POF account.

recover account

If you can not recover a Plenty of Fish account, is there anything you can do to revive your POF account? Yes, you can deactivate your POF account rather than completely erase it. Therefore, you are free to deactivate the account whenever you’d want rather than remove it or temporarily deactivate POF.


How to get the POF account back?

Your login details won't be available for retrieval. You could not get the account back if it was permanently removed. You may make an account appeal. If so, kindly contact POF customer care, and POF will assist you in re-signing up. As a result, you can get your POF login details.

Can you restore an account that has been deleted?

Yes, there are a couple of ways to get your account back. You can reinstate a user account up to 20 days after deleting it. This includes administrator accounts. The data is lost after 20 days and cannot be recovered. The user will appear as a suspended user if they have already been suspended or had their data transferred.

What occurs if you delete your POF account?

All your communications and your profile information will be destroyed when you delete your account. But your communications will still be around if you've gotten in touch with other users, and they still need for deleting POF profile.

Why am I unable to access my POF account?

There is no need to worry if you can still access your account. Your account is currently disabled temporarily due to suspicious behavior, which is the most likely source of the problem. If you cannot log in, spam or questionable behavior may have caused your account to be disabled.

How to avoid the POF phone verification?

You can still verify your POF account by emailing POF customer service staff, and they will be available to create your POF account if you don't have a mobile phone number or don't want to give one when you join POF.

What does it mean when a person's POF profile disappears?

If someone doesn't reply to your message, they may have blocked you on their account. If you can't access your exchanges or view the person's profile, it's also likely that you've been blocked.


It is all about how to reactivate POF account. If you delete your POF account, you will not be able to access it again. To use Plenty of Fish services, you must create a new profile. If your profile is hidden, you can restore your account; but if you have it permanently erased, you cannot. 

Now you can easily reactivate the POF account using the steps given in the article. You can also check out Tinder to find the right match.