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The entertainment industry has evolved over a large period of time. Nowadays, new movies and TV shows are constantly introduce and made every day. From a wide range of genre and interesting story-lines, these movies have changed the face of entertainment as we know it. Thus, you must know how to get free Netflix cookies. Earlier, movies were mostly with minor special effects and real-life models. But with the invention of CGI, movies are reaching new heights of creativity and awe that we could’ve previously imagined.

Now we can watch a movie based on a whole new planet (Avatar) or watch our favorite video games come true in a motion picture (Assassin’s Creed). Though the movies primarily release in theatres and are then later broadcast on cable TV. Many people may not have the necessary time or the money to enjoy it as it is introduced. This is where streaming services come into play and who would be the best example than the streaming giant – Netflix.

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What is Netflix?

Netflix is an American streaming service that was started out in the year 1997 (just a year before Google!). It has a wide range of TV series, movies, documentaries and a lot of diverse collection of shows to choose from. They have so many genres, languages and even original series produced by Netflix themselves that you’ll never move out of shows or movies to watch. Netflix has only become more popular ever since the internet coined the term ‘Netflix and Chill’ and it got viral successfully. New shows and movies always increment, and you can enjoy all this on multiple platforms.


It can now be streamed in smart TVs, smartphones, laptops, desktops, and even gaming consoles if they have the Netflix application on it. And all of this does come at a great cost. There are different plans and prices based on the variety of features each plan has to provide. The number of screens a user can share is also limited with the type of plan the user wishes to buy.

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However, Netflix does provide a 30-day free trial after which you will bill when the trial period ends. This way, you can enjoy a month of free premium membership and cancel it at any time before you get bill for it. If you’re not looking onward to paying for this membership, then there are many ways you can enjoy a premium Netflix account for free.

How to Get Free Netflix Premium Accounts?

Since Netflix provides the option to its users to share their id with a handful of other users, you can easily find Free Netflix Premium logins on the internet by the people who are willing to share such info. With the help of a free Netflix Premium login, you can easily avail all the features of a premium account at no cost at all. You can start surfing and watching new shows and movies right away by easily logging in with the login info.

But, since the numbers of users limits to one login info, there comes the problem of first come first serve basis. Where the logins will work only if the numbers of screens aren’t already full. Or it hasn’t been in use by other internet users. However, there is one other way you can access a Netflix Premium account. And is the most commonly in use method to do so. That is, with the help of free Netflix Cookies.

What are free Netflix Cookies?

A cookie is a piece of information that stores in the computer of the user whenever he/she visits a website. This piece of information contains a number of information regarding session id, credentials and other data to help websites morph their content on the basis of the user’s requirement. The best example of this is when you’ll be shopping online. When you search for a product online and later close it, the information gets save in these cookies. And the next time you load a website, you’ll notice ads showcasing the products you were searching for.

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Similarly, free Netflix Cookies are those cookies that contain the login info of premium users through which you can easily use to get access to a premium account without entering any login info at all.

How to get Free Netflix Premium Cookies?

Free Netflix Cookies can be easily be available on the internet. Where it gets shares by many users and other parties. However, that is not all that you need to make it work. A cookie in itself is just a piece of information and is in itself, a means. But it won’t work just like that. There are many stream websites within which you can download free Netflix  cookies. Which will grant you access to a premium account, but there are certain steps that need to follow.

How do free Netflix Cookies work?

These free Netflix cookies can only be in use with modern web browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. The steps needed for these free Netflix cookies to work are:

Edit This Cookie
Edit This Cookie
  1. Download and install the extension EditThisCookie from the Google Web Store for use in Google Chrome or Cookie Editor from the Firefox App Store for Firefox web browsers.
  2. After you have searched and downloaded the Netflix cookies from the internet, go to the official site of Netflix on your favored browser.
  3. Now, from the extension click on Edit cookie -> Import and then direct to the folder where the cookie has been downloaded.
  4. Finally, the site will reload, and you’ll now have access to a Netflix Premium Account for free.

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There are a abundance of streaming services that are there in the market as of today. What makes Netflix so cool is that it was the first of its kind. And has a huge library of TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc. as compared to its competitors. There are only a handful of shows that you won’t find in Netflix. As they may have copyright by other streaming services. But, with a diverse collection of shows and movies.

Netflix still dominates the market to be the favorite of many. A Netflix membership may seem like a heavy weight on your pocket. But you can easily avail its free one-month premium subscription and cancel before you’re due to the bill. You can also easily log in to a free Netflix Premium Account. With the help of shared login info of the premium users or with the help of free Netflix Cookies.

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