Valorant has amazed every gamer worldwide and taken them by storm. The game’s charm allows the players to personalize their weapons. Among them is the most famous skin- Spectrum Phantom. But there is a question on every gamer’s mind-” How much is Spectrum Phantom in Valorant?

The Spectrum Phantom skin in Valorant is around 2,175 Valorant Points (VP). Although, the cost may be different during certain promotions or bundles. Its popularity comes from good designs, the sleek look, and how it can upgrade the Phantom’s rifle in the game.

Understanding the price and details of the Spectrum Phantom skin will help the players understand their gaming decisions while adding them to their gaming inventory. Let’s explore how much is spectrum phantom Valorant and everything there is to know about the Valorant Spectrum Phantom.

What is the Spectrum Phantom?

Regarding skins and guns in valorant, the Spectrum Phantom skin stands out as one of the most aesthetically pleasing and coveted cosmetic enhancements for the Phantom rifle—a cornerstone in the game’s arsenal.

Its design is distinguished by vivid, holographic colors that flow throughout the weapon, giving it an exciting, futuristic look.

Players who use the gun will find it more visually appealing thanks to the skin, which turns the regular Phantom into a work of art.snowfall wand

Importantly, the Spectrum Phantom is valuable strategically in Valorant, even if its visual appeal is secondary. Skins have a noticeable psychological influence even when they don’t change gaming mechanics.

Eye-catching skin like the Spectrum Phantom might help players feel more confident and upbeat in a game where quick judgments and reflexes are crucial. To personalize your gaming experience further, consider exploring options like Free Shell Shockers accounts to access exceptional IO games with multiplayer first-player shooter interaction.

It also affects how opponents see you, which causes them to lose concentration or play more defensively against a player showing off such amazing skin.

Furthermore, the skin might be a unifying symbol in a team-based tactical shooter like Valorant, where cooperation and communication are essential. Gamers who wear the Spectrum Phantom frequently become the center of attention, attracting other players’ attention and inspiring them to improve their performance or take the lead.

History of the Spectrum Phantom

Introduced on September 8, 2021, the Spectrum Phantom first appeared in Valorant during one of the game’s early skin collections.

The Spectrum collection was first introduced as a part of a bright and futuristic weapon skins collection to provide players with an aesthetically pleasing and cutting-edge selection of cosmetic alternatives.spectrum phantom skin

The Spectrum Phantom has remained a favorite with brave players since its release. Its design, distinguished by dynamic holographic colors and elegant patterns, has been mostly constant, demonstrating Riot Games’ dedication to producing visually stunning and superior skins.

Over time, at particular occasions or promotions, the Spectrum collection has seen sporadic reintroductions and appearances in Valorant’s in-game store.

But the fundamental qualities and allure of the Spectrum Phantom have persisted, drawing in new players and keeping its reputation as one of the most sought-after skins in the Valorant community.

Though there can be differences in availability or packaging inside bundles, the skin’s appearance and importance in the game have stayed the same since it was first released.

Features of the Spectrum Phantom

Players find the Spectrum Phantom rifle in Valorant to have several interesting features. Below are some:

Visual Aesthetics

The whole Phantom weapon is covered in an amazing holographic pattern, making the Spectrum Phantom a visual wonder. Its distinguishing characteristic is the striking and dynamic holographic colors that flow across the weapon, producing an enthralling phantom skin

The holographic appearance gives the impression of movement and depth as it appears to dance and change over the gun’s surface. The sleek, modern, and eye-catching skin style makes it a standout addition to any player’s collection.

Sound Effects

The Spectrum Phantom offers unique, cutting-edge audio effects and an eye-catching aesthetic. When activated, the Phantom’s distinctive sound experience accentuates its sleek design.zedd x valorant spectrum skin

The sound of the fire has a unique tone that gives gamers an audio experience that complements the futuristic design of the skin. This audio upgrade deepens the Phantom’s entire gaming experience when used with the Spectrum skin on, drawing gamers even more into the action.

Special Animations and Characteristics

The Spectrum Phantom has unique animations that enhance its usability, look, and sound effects. Reload animations are noteworthy for their elegant and detailed motions, strengthening the skin’s pattern.danny phantom

Players see whirling or shifting to colorful holographic patterns during reloads, highlighting the skin’s futuristic and technologically delicate features. These animations take the Spectrum Phantom’s visual spectacle to a new level, elevating it above just aesthetic enhancements to become an engaging feature that dynamizes the action.

How much is the spectrum phantom?

In September 2021, Riot Games and DJ Zedd collaborated to produce the Spectrum Bundle for Valorant. This bundle has two gun friends, a card, a spray, and five weapon skins that may be updated. How much is spectrum phantom Valorant?

The total cost of the package was 10,700 Valorant Points or around $112 in actual currency. Except for the unique Waveform melee, valued at 5,350 Valorant Points, every single skin in the Spectrum Bundle costs around 2,675 Valorant Points.phantom skin price

This bundle is notable for being the priciest skin set offered in Valorant. But according to rumors, the Spectrum Bundle may soon be surpassed in price by an impending bundle named the Valorant Radiant Entertainment System, setting a new record for the most expensive skin collection.

What does the Spectrum Bundle include? The package has five weapon skins: a unique Waveform melee, Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, and Phantom. In addition to this, you also get a card, a spray, and two gun friends, providing gamers with a wide range of cosmetic choices to customize their gaming experience.

How to Acquire the Spectrum Phantom

To get the Spectrum Phantom skin in Valorant, one must go to the in-game store and make a straight purchase. How much is Spectrum Phantom Valorant? The steps are simple:

  1. Open Valorant and go to the in-game store to access the in-game store. For a free Valorant account, Click Here. valorant
  2. The Spectrum Phantom skin might not always be accessible, so watch the store’s rotation.valorant skin bundle It may show up in the shop with other bundles and highlighted skins.
  3. When the Spectrum Phantom becomes available, find it in the store and choose to buy it using Valorant Points. valorant points costUse the in-game money, Valorant Points, to confirm the purchase.
  4. The Spectrum Phantom skin will be placed in your inventory and be used in bold matches once your purchase has been confirmed.spectrum phantom inventory

Regarding special challenges or events connected to earning the Spectrum Phantom, direct shop purchases are the main way to get this skin. Riot Games does, however, periodically launch specials or campaigns that may include the skin in a package or as a prize for doing tasks or participating in particular in-game activities.

The Spectrum Phantom was once part of bundles like the Spectrum Bundle, which came with extra material and several skins. Although this bundle cost more, it came with more cosmetics and the Spectrum Phantom.

The Spectrum Phantom can still only be gained through direct purchase. Keeping up with Valorant’s news, event announcements, and in-game store rotations can provide you insight into possible limited-time deals, events, or challenges.

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Player Reactions and Reviews 

In general, players in the Valorant community have been quite complimentary of the Spectrum Phantom, complimenting its immersive experience and aesthetically magnificent design. The holographic aesthetics of the skin are highly appreciated by users, who say it amplifies the thrill and flair of their games.

Players who value performance and aesthetics are drawn to the Spectrum Phantom because of its dynamic patterns and vivid colors, which are visually engaging and eye-catching.buying spectrum phantom

Pro players and well-known streamers have also helped the skin gain popularity by exhibiting it in their games. The Spectrum Phantom has been used by several broadcasters and influencers in the Valorant community for their live streams and competitive matches.

Their skin use has frequently generated favorable responses and conversations among spectators and other players, boosting the skin’s awareness and appeal in the community.

Pro gamers, renowned for their expertise and power in the game, have also been spotted using the Spectrum Phantom. Their affinity for this skin further solidifies its acceptance and appeal in the cutthroat Valorant arena. Prominent players’ decisions to utilize a certain skin frequently strike a chord with their fan base and have the power to sway the findings of other players.

Furthermore, community conversations and reviews on social media platforms, forums, and gaming communities have continuously highlighted the Spectrum Phantom’s attractiveness.

Many gamers comment on how happy they are that they bought this skin, praising its original artwork, impressive effects, and general improvement to their Valorant experience.

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Tips for Using the Spectrum Phantom

Take into account these pointers while utilizing the Spectrum Phantom in Valorant to maximize its visual attractiveness and smoothly incorporate it into your gameplay:

  • The Spectrum Phantom’s eye-catching design has the power to instill confidence. Remember that this psychological advantage is just for appearances; it provides no real gaming advantage. Use it to establish yourself in interactions.
  • Your opponents may notice you more readily because of the striking colors. Be aware that the eye-catching design may grab the attention of adversaries and make you a focal point.rgx vandal
  • Despite the skin’s striking appearance, try not to let it distract you from your task. Concentrate on your gaming and goals; don’t let the skin’s look distract you.
  • Make use of the skin to improve your gaming sessions. Your battles might become more realistic and enjoyable with its sound effects and animations.

Does the skin offer any tactical advantage, or is it purely cosmetic?

Spectrum bundle Valorant offers no tactical benefit. It is only decorative. It keeps the gaming mechanics, weapon performance, and accuracy the same.

However, interactions may be indirectly influenced by its psychological effect on opponents or the user’s increased confidence. spectrum skin animationPlayers may respond differently when confronted by someone wielding a visually striking skin like the Spectrum Phantom, impacting their decision-making during interactions.

Ultimately, the skin is a visually appealing feature that may enhance your overall enjoyment and sense of style in Valorant fights, even if it offers no tactical benefit.


How much is Spectrum Phantom Valorant?

This exclusive game skin will cost you 28,355$. You can easily find it in the Spectrum collection and get it for 2675 VP.

Which is the oldest Phantom Skin?

Oni Phantom is the most popular and oldest skin. It is a reference to a horned demonic ogre from Japanese folklore.

Is Phantom faster than Vandal?

Phantom is slightly quicker, with a fire rate of 11 rounds/second, while Vandal is 9.75 rounds/second.

Is Phantom good for headshots?

Yes. Phantom can instantly destroy the enemy with a single shot, but this might be effective from a longer distance. For these situations, you can use Vandal for a more efficient trial.


How much is Spectrum Phantom Valorant? Well, the Spectrum Phantom holds a special place for all the players. Its catchy design and special effects offer more than just a skin. All Phantom skins Valorant is more than a badge of honor. However, it does give any special powers, but it sure sounds and looks attractive.

If you wish to get it without any thought, go for it. It will only add a fun twist and give you confidence. But again, don’t just take our word. Go try it out yourself. Share your experiences with the Phantom Skin Valorant community.

Valorant is a vast community. All the players share stories about their gaming adventures, obstacles or technical difficulties, like accessing Valorant on Mac, from time to time. When you share your account, you inspire someone or give them a lot of confidence.

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