“Procreate” in digital artistry is a beacon of creative potential and innovation. Initially designed exclusively for iOS and iPad users, Procreate has long been hailed as one of the most influential and user-friendly painting applications. However, there’s a catch – Procreate has been out of reach for Windows users. But fear not, for there’s a way to bring this creative powerhouse to your Windows PC, and in this article, we’ll walk you through the process, so that you can Download procreate for Windows with ease.

You can easily download Procreate for Windows free from the Windows Store. Once downloaded and installed, launching the application lets you immediately immerse yourself in your creative pursuits. The user interface is incredibly intuitive, offering a seamless experience and providing you with a full suite of innovative tools to craft stunning artwork.

As we dive deeper, you’ll have a clear manual to download Procreate for your device. So, buckle up as we embark on this journey to demystify and answer the enigmatic “Download procreate for Windows” query.

The Allure of Procreate: Why Windows Users Crave It

An artist’s versatility across various mediums is essential for creating diverse art. Procreate is an excellent app for beginners and professional artists seeking to expand their digital canvas. What’s great is that you can unleash your creativity anytime, anywhere. This app functions as a comprehensive art studio, offering numerous features and a limitless palette of colors.

Produce Complex Art

Procreate has gained immense popularity for a multitude of reasons. Its vast canvas sizes, advanced brush capabilities, and creative tools empower artists to transform their visions into stunning digital art. procreate brush library

It offers innovative tools for layering colors in patterns and illustrations.  

Perfect Structures

One of the standout features of Procreate is its QuickShape tool, which enables artists to create perfect shapes effortlessly. Procreate’s responsive smudging also ensures smooth lines and seamless color blending, eliminating harsh edges and enhancing your artwork’s aesthetics.  procreate download

Powered by the lightning-fast Valkyrie painting engine, it provides a fluid and lag-free experience.


Procreate also caters to efficiency enthusiasts. By connecting a keyboard to your device, you can utilize shortcuts to expedite your workflow. With up to 250 undo and redo levels, you can refine your creations with precision. wireless keyboard for procreate

And thanks to the continuous automatic save feature, your work is always safeguarded.

Professional Tools with Sophisticated Coloring Styles

The application boasts a remarkable selection of professional-grade brushes, each capable of crafting intricate details for painting, sketching, and drawing.  procreate pc

With hundreds of meetings, you can customize them to suit your artistic needs. Procreate allows you to design your brushes and provides easy import and export options.

Layering System 

When it comes to composition, Procreate’s layering system offers unparalleled control. Artists can meticulously layer their creations, ensuring every detail comes to life.procreate layers feature

Non-destructive editing is possible, and organizing your work with multiple layers and groups is a breeze. The software offers over 25 blend modes and industry-grade composition tools, making it a versatile choice for creative minds.

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Download Procreate for Windows

Let’s answer the flaming question: How can users access Procreate Windows? Procreate, a fantastic painting application initially designed for the iPad, is now accessible for Windows users!  procreate app

The solution lies in the usage of an Android emulator. Since Procreate was initially designed for iOS and iPad, an emulator acts as a bridge, allowing you to run Procreate on your Windows PC.

Below is a step-by-step manual to download Procreate for Windows and run it on your PC:

Step 1: Install an Emulator

Begin by selecting and installing an Android emulator by your preference. Popular alternatives comprise NoxPlayer, Bluestacks, and LDPlayer.  android emulator noxplayer

You can find these emulators easily online and download them for free.

Step 2: Set Up the Emulator

Open the emulator and go through the initial setup, which involves logging in using your Google account.emulator initial setup

Step 3: Get the Play Store

Within the emulator, discover and unlock the ‘Google Play Store.’ google play store

Step 4: Search for Procreate

Using the search tab in the Play Store, look for “Procreate.” search procreate

Step 5: Download and Install Procreate

Once you find the Procreate app in the search results, click on it. Then, hit the “Install” option to initiate downloading and installing. download and install procreate

Step 6: Launch Procreate

After installation, Procreate is ready to launch directly from within the emulator. You are now prepared to plunge into the world of digital artistry on your Windows PC.launch procreate

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ProCreate PC Download 

To download ProCreate for PC on Windows, you’ll need to use an emulator, as ProCreate is primarily designed for iOS and iPad and is not directly available in the Chrome Webstore. Here’s a thorough manual on how to download ProCreate on Windows for free:

1. Install an Emulator:

To run ProCreate on your Windows, you must get an Android emulator first. One of the popular choices is “Bluestacks,” which you can easily find online.emulator bluestacks

Get the emulator of your preference.

2. Emulator Configuration:  

Open the emulator and go through the initial setup, which involves logging in using your Google account. emulator configuration

3. Access Google Play Store:

 Once the emulator is set up, open the Google Play Store within it.  google play store in windows

4. Download ProCreate:

Once you find the Procreate app in the search results, click on it. Then, hit the “Install” option to download and install on your Windows PC.download and install procreate app

6. Launch ProCreate:

After installation, Procreate is ready to launch directly from within the emulator.

While this method allows you to run ProCreate on a Windows computer, it may offer different performance and features than iOS devices. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent way to experience ProCreate’s capabilities on your PC.


Can you download Procreate for Windows?

No, Procreate download is not available for Windows. It's exclusively designed for iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. However, you can indirectly install it via Android Emulators.

How do you get procreate for free?

Procreate free download legally can be challenging, as it's a paid app. One way to access it is through the Apple App Store by purchasing and downloading it. Avoid illegal methods, such as downloading cracked versions, as they are against copyright laws and can lead to legal consequences.

What is the Procreate alternative for Windows?

For Windows users seeking a Procreate alternative, consider software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Autodesk SketchBook, or Krita. These programs offer robust drawing and painting features, making them excellent options for digital art creation on the Windows platform.

Is Krita similar to Procreate?

Krita and Procreate share similarities in digital art software but differ in platform availability. Krita is primarily designed for Windows and Linux, offering features for painting and illustration. Procreate, on the other hand, is exclusively available on iOS devices, focusing on creating art on iPads and iPhones.


With Procreate at your fingertips, your creative endeavors are virtually no limits. Whether you’re a budding artist exploring your talents or a seasoned professional seeking a versatile digital canvas, Procreate for Windows brings the power of this exceptional application right to your PC.

Though this method allows you to run Procreate on a Windows computer, remember that it may not offer the same performance and features as using it on an iOS device. Nonetheless, it provides a valuable opportunity for Windows users to tap into Procreate’s incredible potential and unleash their creativity.

In conclusion, keep your Windows operating system from holding back your artistic aspirations. Embrace the world of digital artistry with Procreate, and watch your creativity flourish like never before. Download Procreate for Windows today and embark on an exciting visual storytelling and artistic expression journey. Your canvas awaits!

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