Runescape is a role-playing game developed by Jagex set in the fantasy world of Gielinor, which is organized into Kingdoms, Regions, and Cities. To trek around Gielinor, players can utilize the teleport charm and other devices acquired with Runescape gold. To complete the journey, fighting enemies will earn you game currency. Runescape is available on Steam. The article discusses transferring RS3 account Gold to OSRS. 

Yes, it is possible to transfer gold between two distinct accounts. You can easily transfer RS3 account Gold to OSRS with,, CrazyGold, and Use these methods to securely exchange OSRS or RS3 gold and enjoy a wonderful, safe swapping experience in Runescape.

Runescape gold is important and valuable for achieving the role’s goals and ambitions. With Runescape gold, you can travel and barter with other players for things they need to upgrade their equipment or other game demands. Read below to learn to transfer RS3 account Gold to OSRS.

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4 Ways To Transfer RS3 Account Gold To OSRS

Here are the different methods to transfer RS3 account Gold to OSRS.


It is’s responsibility to ensure that you exchange at the best rates because they are completely aware of the effort required to get gold. Use the live chat to get the most current rates, as the Swapping calculator is currently down for repairs but will be back soon. To transfer rs3 account gold to OSRS, follow these instructions.

  1. Visit the Swapping section, where the live chat is located. You can find the live chat panel in the lower right corner of your screen, which can be used to switch between different chats.oakdice
  2. Decide if you want to send RS3 gold or OSRS gold. Select whether you want to transfer RS3 gold or Oldschool gold. The calculator will display predicted rates, which confirms via live chat.oakdice rs swapping
  3. Schedule a meeting with the agent abroad. To help the team quickly sort you out, please include your proper Runescape name (Rsn). One of the agents engages in a Runescape Gold swap on the live chat.oakdice live chat


The exchange of gold between RS3 and OSRS is known as an RS3 to OSRS gold swap. Since most players need help trusting random clans or other players while exchanging, they provide this service at highly competitive swap prices to ensure you get the max out of the time and credit check on the previous server.

  1. Contact them through the live chat feature to move on to the next step to complete the process.zed rs

2. Trust trades between the two users are necessary for the OSRS Gold Swap. Therefore, they will only advise you to check out unproven clans or users once being certain of their reliability. Such swappers occasionally use astonishing RS3 to OSRS gold swap or OSRS to RS3 gold exchange rates to entice unsuspecting players and ultimately flee with their wealth.zed rs gold swap

The switching agents are available online 24/7, 365 days a year, to serve you in the best way possible. Contact them whenever you want to exchange gold from RS3 to OSRS or vice versa. Through the chat, you can reach them.

With CrazyGold

It is possible to transfer gold across two accounts. Whether playing OSRS on a mobile device or Runescape, you need one system to transfer gold. Following instructions, you may transfer Runescape money or OSRS gold without problems.

  1. Open two accounts, each with an identical username.crazy gold

2. To sign in, enter your username and password.crazy gold login

3. While simultaneously clicking enter on the keyboard to log in as the first client, use the mouse to log in as the second client to transfer RS3 accounts Gold to OSRS.

Now, you can switch Runescape money or OSRS gold between accounts as often as you like.

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At the start of the page, select the trade gold section.

  1. You can go there by selecting the third option, Swap Gold, located at the top of the page on the left side of the screen. Select whether you want to swap OSRS gold for RS3 gold or RS3 gold for OSRS gold.ezrsgold
  2. Use the first switch box on your left to convert your OSRS gold to RS3 currency. If you want to transfer RS3 money to OSRS, use the second one. Choose the amount of gold you wish to exchange.ezrsgold swap rs gold
  3. If you swap RS07 gold for RS3 gold, you may swap up to 40 million or any quantity above that. If you are switching from RS3 to RS07, you can also swap 400M or more. To determine how much gold you will receive, enter the millions. The switching rates depend on the cost of RS3 and OSRS gold. Since the launch of OSRS, RS3 gold has been less expensive than OSRS gold.ezrsgold switching rates
  4. Select “Swap Gold Now” from the menu. Email is sent as a message describing your order to customer service after you click this button. The live customer service team will get in touch with you.ezrsgold secure checkout

You are welcome to ask them questions about the swap of Runescape gold, and they will try to respond. After confirming they have enough gold for the exchange, customer service will inform you if the trade is possible. They’ll inform you where you are in the world. Give the gold you want to exchange there.

The world and place in the game you want to switch to will be present. They will give you a planet and location where you must meet them in OSRS when they have acquired the gold in RS3. Congratulations! You were able to exchange RS gold successfully.

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Is RS3 preferable to OSRS?

Compared to Old School RuneScape, Player versus. Monsters are handled significantly better in Runescape 3. More substance and variety exist, and better fighting is a major factor. There is much to learn and experience. It's less tedious and, in general, more fun.

Do RS3 and OSRS share the same membership?

Even if only RS3 and OSRS are utilized on two different accounts, memberships cannot be transferred between them. Furthermore, accounts can neither be divided nor combined with other accounts. With each login, you can access both game versions, allowing you to run two RS3 and two OSRS games simultaneously on the two accounts.

Can you convert the RS3 bond to OSRS?

If you pay with a membership bond, the playing time is split between the two games. Bonds, however, are not transferable between games. Therefore, you cannot obtain the Bond on OSRS if you have one on RS3 Just be certain it's the same person and use the same login credentials. Just be certain it's the same person, and use the same login credentials.

Does OSRS function with RS3 bonds?

You can exchange this bond for membership. A player can use an old school bond, also called a bond, to fund their account's membership in both Old School Runescape and Runescape 3.

Is Runescape still pay to win?

Without a doubt, the F2P version is more of a demo. The game's content can be unlocked by purchasing a subscription, which costs only $10 per month, or you can use the in-game currency.


It is all about transferring RS3 account Gold to OSRS. Runescape has vacillated on the issue of many accounts and unequal trading. Trading between two accounts that you own has been possible for a while. You can easily transfer RS3 Account Gold To OSRS by following the methods in the article.

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