One of the most well-known battle royale video games is Garena Free Fire. Moreover, Fire has a premium membership option. You can acquire a monthly membership in your own country for the same amount of money. The article discusses how to get monthly membership in Free Fire.
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You can immediately sign up for a monthly membership with Free Fire. Power up your Free Fire and launch the game app. Merely click the icon in the form of a card. Select your desired Free Fire membership tier after that. Choose the preferred payment method. Popular Battle Royale video game for mobile devices is Garena Free Fire. At the moment, the game has a sizable fan base.

Any useful item is available to Garena players from Free Fire. It routinely provides discounts and freebies to its customers. A monthly membership at Free Fire grants users access to a number of services. Read below to learn more about how to get monthly membership in Free Fire.

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What Is Garena Free Fire?

For both desktop computers and mobile devices, Garena Free Fire is a survival shooting game comparable to PUBG. Several versions of the Free Fire game are available, such as “10 minutes (50 participants), four-man squad.” In the 10-minute gameplay mode, you must outlast 49 other players on an island. There Are No Boundaries Gamers can choose wherever on the map to launch their parachutes as they attempt to spend as much time as possible in the safe zone.
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Garena released the Battle Royale game Free Fire, sometimes known as Garena Free Fire, for iOS and Android.

What Is The Monthly Membership In Free Fire?

There is also a paid monthly subscription option for Fire. Also, you can use the same funds to buy it in your own country. The cost of a Free Fire monthly membership price is $10 in US dollars. There are 2600 diamonds overall in this.

If you buy a monthly subscription, you get 500 diamonds immediately, but if you check in daily, you get 2100 gems. As a result, you get 70 diamonds per day. The Monthly Membership symbol, various retail discounts, five universal EP badges inside, and access to firearms are just a few of the additional benefits of monthly membership.

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How To Acquire Monthly Membership In Free Fire?

Every shooter game, such as Garena Free Fire, depends on skins. Because they improve consumers’ visual experiences, some skin guns do, however, boost statistics. In addition, there are a lot of intriguing costume packs, fantastic characters, and much more available in the free membership of the Free Fire.
membership in free fireDiamonds are required to purchase these in-game items. However, joining Free Fire is considerably less expensive than adding more in-game money.

These in-game subscriptions cost money and give users access to a wide range of goods and diamonds.

  1. Accept 100 diamonds coated in AK-Gold right away (30 days).
    ak gold membership ff
  2. Immediately following purchase, you can claim 60 diamonds daily for a month (a total of 1900 diamonds, or 238% more than a regular free fire membership top up).
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  3. Restart at 0300 each day. Obtain a VIP monthly card to receive the icon. (Note: Users that sign up for both subscriptions will get an S-VIP badge and daily access to 120 diamonds.) svip badge
  4. Open Garena Free Account in Free Fire and select the subscription icon from the main menu. garena free fire menu
  5. A list of membership options will show up on the screen; they must click the button to complete the purchase. free fire membershipSee Also: How To Get Free Animal Jam Accounts In 2023 | 7 Tested Ways

How to use the Free membership app?

Using the free membership app is really simple. This is how the app’s home screen’s user interface will look. You must launch the software using the given URL after downloading it. You will then have the chance to do your coins after that. Underneath the area where your money is displayed, there are options to play a mind game, watch a movie, and get a reward.

You may be curious about how to get a free Free Fire monthly membership after examining the app’s whole user interface (UI). The solution is to select “my coin,” for which you will be paid in weekly and monthly members. To spend your coins, you must watch videos and complete a variety of Roblox game fire

More coins can be added. You will as soon as possible receive a weekly and monthly membership. You must select your prize once you have 1600 coins. A weekly or monthly membership is an option. Select from the options for Weekly Membership or Monthly Membership here. To put it another way, your currency’s total has been added. By making wise choices, you can get a reward.

You can enter in your ID after making your choice from one of the two options. Your weekly or monthly membership may be obtained by entering your ID here. By clicking on it, you can obtain the reward.

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What is weekly membership in Free Fire?

Weekly memberships to Free Fire allow mobile gamers to collect diamonds and bonus incentives for a nominal fee. Players that need diamonds for a short period or for a single tournament might consider weekly subscriptions. It is available to players in Free Fire MAX for INR 159. Users will also get 100 gems for the first time if they enable the subscription.

How to acquire the Free Fire v badge?

The player's channel must have at least 100,000 subscribers in order to qualify for the program. 80% of the content should be about Free Fire, which has received 3 lakh views in the last 30 days.

How to earn the FF-free bundle?

Players must log in once, play BR matches with friends, headshot an enemy once, and fulfill several daily goals to collect Light Tokens in order to take part in the event. For much older Free Fire MAX emotes and outfit bundles, use these tokens.

What size is Free Fire in GB?

This type of output requires more RAM because the Free Fire max runs with richer images. The game also requires a more potent GPU and processor to run. To ensure smooth functioning and no FPS latency, the game needs a minimum of 4GB of memory.

How can you improve the aim in Free Fire?

Aiming down sight is a good method for improving aim and increasing headshots. Shooting down sights is the greatest method for striking targets in the head, though most novices find it challenging. Once players start to push rank, hip fire will often not work.

Which firing button in Free Fire is best?

It all boils down to how you drag the fire button when aiming for a headshot. The further it is moved, the greater the chance of hitting a headshot. The fire button should therefore be smaller—between 30 and 50—and slightly lower.


It is all about how to get monthly membership in Free Fire. Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular Google Play Store downloads for online battlefield games, and it is expanding its Free Fire server into new countries to attract more players. Check this out if you want to get pubg free account.

A member receives the advantages of Super VIP Membership if they purchase Monthly Membership. You can easily get monthly membership using the steps given above.

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