Runescape is a free game that immerses you in the fantasy and mystery of a virtual realm. You have complete influence over the characters’ actions and outcomes when you play this game. Runescape is available on Steam. You can easily remove your Runescape account if you no longer wish to play the game. The article discusses how to delete a Runescape account.

You can easily delete your Runescape account by visiting the Account Management page and clicking the Delete Account option. You will verify the choice. It is a well-known massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that takes you to the fantastical world of Gielinor and is completely free to play.

When you delete your RuneScape account, the reason for doing so can influence how you proceed. For instance, you can create a new account and disregard the previous one if you only want to use another account. Your old account can also be deleted or closed, either temporarily or permanently. Read below to learn how to delete your Runescape account.

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How To Delete Runescape Account?

Now, some players decide to remove their Runescape accounts because they no longer wish to play the game or remain connected to it. Others don’t want to use their old email address when they want to play again because they want to use a different one, as the old Runescape account has gone. The decisions made by your characters are entirely up to you, the player.

Some people prefer to only temporarily delete an account rather than completely deactivate it, leaving open the possibility of returning to it in the future.

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Disable the Account

Here are the procedures to permanently delete a Runescape account:

  1. Connecting to Jagex, the company behind the Runescape video game, should be your initial step.

2. To contact the creators, click Customer Support for Jagex. Then, select the page link that says you can submit an access request for a subject by clicking on it.

runescpe account login

3. After doing this, it will take you to a new page, where you must log in with your Runescape account information.

jagex customer support

4. Make sure to log in using the credentials for the account you want to remove.

runescape login

5. After that, you must complete the support form and adhere to the step-by-step on-screen instructions. While doing this, you must let Jagex’s customer care team know that you intend to permanently disable the Runescape premium account and remove all personal data.

report bug

6. All you have to do now is wait for the team to process the data once you’ve finished. Depending on the complexity of the scenario, the team will often respond to your account cancellation request within a month or longer.

delete account

7. Following the account’s complete deactivation by the Jagex team, you will receive an email as confirmation.

Open a New Runescape Account

How to delete your Runescape account to register a new one without altering your email address? To do this, you don’t have to delete the account. It’s real; you can only do this if you have a Gmail account

  1. Given how Gmail works, you may insert a period (.) or another character anywhere in the email address to act as a new ID. 

change email

2. You would assume that doing this would create a new email address, but once the registration process is complete, all your information will be sent to the main email address.

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Transfer the Usernames

Do you wish to create a new account while keeping your previous username? You may do so, and you don’t need to disable the user account to do so. You must first make an in-game purchase on your new and existing user accounts.

Can you delete a Runescape account? You can alter or delete the name on your new account using this bond. It is only possible when the old name has been dormant. Follow the steps outlined in the first way to accomplish this for the Runescape delete account.

change name

Because most people try to claim the unique usernames as their own, be careful with the same. Remember that no username can be sent in a completely safe manner. Jagex still needs to implement reliable or tested procedures to guarantee that this occurs securely. Additionally, the firm that makes the games does not support third-party services. You have no control over who might use your username if it is taken.

Remember that deleting your Runescape account cannot be done with only one click. The greatest thing you can do is disable the account.

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How can you AFK in Runescape?

Depending on your playing style, Runescape offers a few different AFK options. You can always log out and come back later if you want to take a break and not worry about the game. You can pass the time by using the numerous chat channels, or if a particular event interests you, you can attend it.

Can you add multiple Runescape accounts per email?

The Runescape website states that each email address is limited to one account. If you use two email addresses, you can only have two accounts—one for each of your two email addresses. It could be interesting to open more accounts solely for the game if you're a Runescape lover with various email addresses.

How do I reactivate my Runescape account on Steam?

Please follow these instructions to reset your Runescape account on Steam: Get the Steam client going. Choose 'Account' from the main menu by going there. Select 'Games' from the menu. Choose 'RuneScape' from the available games. Click 'Reset Password' under 'Account Details.' Type in your brand-new password and select 'Reset.'

Can you permanently delete a Runescape account?

Complete the form to request the deletion of your data and permanently deactivate your account. Most requests should be answered within 30 days of receipt, but in rare cases that are more complicated, this may take up to 90 days.

Can I reset my character Runescape?

Jagex does not delete game progress and characters on Runescape how to delete a character. Open a new account. You can go through the entire account cancellation process if you are willing to wait for one to three months.

Can you reset the Runescape account?

If you're wondering how to remove your OSRS account, you can't. There is no way to reset the account; perhaps you have had enough of the game or intend to make a new one using the same mailing address. If you want to avoid utilizing your previous Runescape account, you will regrettably need to establish a new one with a new email address.

Does Jagex delete inactive accounts?

According to Jagex, this is done to give long-time players an advantage over newcomers. The developer emphasized that this does not imply that Jagex is erasing old accounts. Instead, it merely involves making character names accessible once more by deleting them from inactive accounts.


It is all about how to delete a Runescape account. You can now delete your Runescape account with ease. If you quit playing the game, you can use the email address to make a new account. Runescape’s features are significantly different. Players are more likely to play Runescape when choosing. So you can easily delete the account following the different methods given in the article.