Privacy concerns have been a significant issue in recent years. Hackers and crackers are always on the prowl for collecting and selling the private information of many users for each their gain. Many are unaware how much of their data is being leaked online for malicious purposes. When the cloud platforms were introduced, many resorted to storing their personal and confidential files, pictures, and other documents to take advantage of the extra storage space they received. Thus you must know how to get Zenmate Premium Code.

But they didn’t realize how much it could compromise if they did not take their privacy seriously. The most common step to prevent this is to have a strong password distinct for every website you register. Using the same password for all your membership websites is one of the main reasons for getting easily hacked.

You can even use a free whitepages account to find out if anyone you feel is suspicious. Other ways include having a solid antivirus with internet security or a more straightforward program like Zenmate dedicated to this sole purpose – VPN.

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You can generate Free Zenmate Premium Account and passwords with the generator given below. Just click the “Generate” button and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Your email ID and password will display. Now, all you have to do is enter these details inside the login panel on its side, and you are good to go.

Free Zenmate Premium Login Accounts

Zenmate Premium Account Login Username & Password

Email : 0%
Password : 0%



Note: We have limited accounts; some might not work if they are already in use. If that is the case with you, rerun the generator for new details.

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How to get Free Zenmate Premium Code?

Zenmate is free but has some limited functions to its premium counterpart. It limits in terms of the location you can choose, its speed, and the platform it would work on. If you wish to opt for a premium plan using Zenmate Premium Code, you can use a 7-day free trial by signing up with your email account.

Method 1: Free Zenmate Premium Account Login and Passwords

  • Username: Password
  • senga000 : 0053411070
  • calwk: calwkgod
  • Carldeosupnet : justdoit09z
  • BIrdt3n : b12345678
  • amirgui20 : especial600

Method 2: Zen Surveys

Who does not want a complimentary premium account? But not everyone knows to get it. Here comes Zen Surveys to help you out with this. Just open this link!

Follow these steps to get your free Zenmate Premium Code account:

  • First of all, sign up with your email ID on the page link provided below.
  • You will get one confirmation link on the same mail ID. Click on that link.
  • Done? Now choose amongst the various tasks displayed and do the job selected by you.

Zen Surveys

  • On completing this task, you will ultimately get access to your free premium account.

Do these steps as often as possible to get multiple free premium accounts.

Sign Up for Zen Surveys!

Method 3: Zenmate Premium Code Free Trial

However, there is a way to use the premium account for free. When you opt for a 7-day free trial, it will generally send you an activation link in your mail which requires you to click on it to complete the activation and change the default password. But you can choose not to do that because once you sign up with your email, you can choose your password in the next window.zenmate trial

You can create random email ids like “[email protected]” or “[email protected]” instead of creating new emails each time. This makes the Zenmate Premium Code activation link pretty useless. You can also make your random email ids to sign up each time the 7-day free trial ends. Since there is no need to click an activation link and the password can be changed in the next window, you can make up an email if you want, as long as it is in the form of a proper email id with an ‘@’ and ‘.com’ or other suffixes.

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What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks, an internet security feature that masks the IP address of a user and encrypts the traffic so that you remain hidden from any possible hacker and your privacy is safe. With the help of a VPN, no one can track your web surfing habits. vpn

Using a VPN with a free FuboTV account to stream content is the safest! Or be able to access any of your online information, making you safe from privacy breaches. Many VPN services are available online, and each differs in many ways. Some may be free, and some may be paid for, but Zenmate is one such VPN service that rules them all.

What is Zenmate?

Zenmate is one of the most specific VPN services that requires no prior knowledge about using a VPN and can be easily used by any user with just a click of a button. What’s more, it doesn’t require downloading any additional software but works as an extension in your browsers.zenmate

Zenmate Premium Code is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Zenmate was developed in Germany under stringent privacy protection laws.

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Features of Free Zenmate Premium Code

Some of the best features that you can avail with a Zenmate premium account are –

Smart Price    

This premium feature works hand in hand with the Zenmate Premium Code VPN add-on. It helps to search for the lowest price for any item you wish to buy from online stores.

zen price

Unrestricted Access

Several websites and applications restrict or are not allowed in certain countries due to their laws.

zen access

Zenmate Premium Code helps bypass such restrictions and masks your IP address, granting you anonymity while browsing online.

Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

Sometimes, the creator of a website or some content chooses to restrict their content to certain countries so that it is viewable only to people from the allowed countries and not anywhere else.

zen smart

Zenmate Premium Code helps to view such content by virtually changing your location, bypassing those restrictions. This is most commonly used to browse streaming services such as Netflix and watch specific videos on YouTube.

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Faster Speed and Multiple Locations

This is one of the main differences between free and premium accounts. With the help of a Zenmate Premium Code account, you can enjoy a much faster browsing speed and multiple virtual locations.

zen speed

Smart Place

This is an exciting feature by Zenmate Premium Code, where you can select which website should browse from what location.

zenmate img

Once you set this, it will automatically choose that location whenever you browse that particular website.


Is there a limit on the number of ZenMate users?

One can share a ZenMate account with up to four individuals. The account IDs get in use to share this subscription.

Is ZenMate Premium worth the money?

ZenMate is a decent VPN service that performs a few things well. Its OpenVPN TCP version is well-optimized, its kill switch is reliable, it enables torrenting and P2P connections and its pricing makes it one of the most cost-effective VPNs.

Does ZenMate's IP address change?

You can change your location by left-clicking on the green ZenMate icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser. When the menu appears, click 'Change location' and pick the nation location to which you want to connect.

How many devices can I connect to the VPN at the same time?

You may connect five devices to ExpressVPN simultaneously with a single subscription, regardless of platform (including virtual machines). ExpressVPN can install on unlimited devices, but only five can be connected to the VPN simultaneously.

What happens if the VPN is turned off?

Turning down your VPN exposes your IP address, identity, and data to potential snoopers and cyber crooks. You'll also lose secure access to your favorite content on some networks.

How long does a VPN connection last?

VPN software establishes a secure 'tunnel' between your device and a distant VPN server. To ensure a continuous connection, your device will send a message to the VPN server every 10 seconds. If the server does not answer within 120 seconds, the VPN tunnel shuts, and your client disconnects.

Why is ZenMate so sluggish?

The physical distance between your current location, the ZenMate server, and the server of the Website you're browsing have a significant impact on the speed you'll experience. Choose a ZenMate location near your actual location for the greatest potential speed.

Why isn't my ZenMate VPN working?

Anything from a defective VPN program to a broken TAP adapter setup to DNS issues might cause your ZenMate VPN to malfunction. If you do not use the most recent version of the program, some features, particularly new ones, may not operate properly.

Is it possible to track VPN data?

It is impossible to trace live, encrypted VPN communication. As a result, if police or government organizations want information about websites you visited, they must first contact your internet service provider (ISP), and only then your VPN provider.

Does ZenMate gather information?

To collect information about how the Website is used, a technology called 'Google Analytics' is used. Google Analytics gathers information such as how frequently visitors visit this Website, what pages they view when they do, and what other websites they visit before visiting.

ZenMate, is it safe?

ZenMate is one of the few VPNs on the market that has encryption on its browser extensions – ZenMate's support personnel verified that the browser extensions employ 128-bit AES encryption, which is ideal for security. CyberGhost VPN and ExpressVPN are the only other VPNs that provide this feature.

What exactly is ZenMate VPN?

ZenMate is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) application. When you start ZenMate VPN, it connects to a secure server in a faraway place and encrypts all your data using military-grade technology. In this manner, you may conceal your IP address and remain secure and anonymous while accessing the web.

ZenMate has how many servers?

Through its Premium network of over 3000 IPs and a worldwide network of 4500 servers, ZenMate promises lightning-fast speeds with no bandwidth limitation.


Zenmate is very easy to install and is far simpler to use than other VPN services. It provides better browsing speed due to its feature of compressing data. There are over 30 countries to pick from, and it works on strict privacy policies. Its free program is still usable and does what it intends to do.

Zenmate is one of the better VPN services due to its simplicity and its strict privacy policy. However, you can enjoy its premium services using Zenmate Premium Code and dummy email accounts without paying for them. If you buy the premium account, you can pay for it monthly, half-yearly, or yearly. The price differs, and you pay less if you opt for a yearly plan.

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