Your Freedom is a connection service that allows users to get beyond whatever connectivity limitations your network administrators, provider, or government have placed on you. It also offers some degree of anonymity and conceals your online activities from the administrators and other people near you. You can now access all these features with Your Freedom Account.

And accessing your freedom account is now simple. On the official website, you must register for an account. The login and password fields are underneath the link in the red portion of the page banner. On the signup screen, pick a username, preferably not already in use and type in a password.

You must use your local PC to run the client portion of the Your Freedom software. Since it was developed in Java, it should work without administrator privileges on almost every PC. And by following the instructions in the article below, you can log in to Your Freedom Account. Read on to learn more.

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What Is Your Freedom?

A connection service called Your Freedom allows you to get beyond any connectivity restrictions your nation, your service provider, or your network administrators may have set in place. It also provides anonymity and hides your online actions from administrators and other nosy relatives.

Your Freedom allows your programmes to use your local computer as a web proxy and a SOCKS proxy (web browser, games, whatever). 

your freedom account introduction

The client part of the Your Freedom software operating on your PC will forward these requests to the server part running on the communications servers through a connection protocol that is still available to you and through which the client portion can communicate with the server portion. Applications can use these “proxy servers” instead of connecting directly.

Thanks to an invisible mode that doesn’t require any software configuration, Your Freedom will work on Android phones and other devices without additional preparation.

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Using the Freedom App

The “Start my Free Trial Now” button takes you to a dashboard where you encourage Your Freedom Account to your devices. Next, choose whether to start blocking right away, later, or repeatedly.

The sites you want to avoid are then added. Blocking is an option for the usual list of “distracting websites” (Email for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Netflix); alternatively, create your list.


You won’t see a big red “prohibited” sign or an error message when you try to access a restricted website during your session; instead, you’ll see a nice message with the pretty butterfly Freedom app logo saying, “You’re free from this site.

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Working Of Freedom Account

Here is the working of Your Freedom Account

  • Restrictions imposed by the Protocol may be bypassed using Your Freedom. If you cannot utilize specific programs or services because they cannot connect to the Internet normally, Your Freedom can help. 
  • Try Your Freedom to play the online game. Games like Counterstrike, EVE Online, and World of Warcraft are renowned for running well.
  • It either links your local PC invisibly to the Internet Time limitations or transforms it into a public online proxy that grants access to all publicly available web pages. 

working of your freedom account

  • Your Freedom is a tool that users have mentioned using to get around time restrictions. 
  • Most of the time, these limits do not affect already-established connections, so all users need to do is launch the Your Freedom client before the restriction takes effect and keep it open. However, there is continuous communication between the client and server components (this depends on the connection protocol).
  • You can fully connect if there is Internet connectivity (via a hotspot or another such facility), but you require a login that you don’t have.

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Registering Procedure For Account

Follow this procedure to register for Your Freedom Account.

  1. You must register for an account at

register button

2. A link is below Your Freedom account login and password fields in the red section of the page banner. 

login your freedom account

3. Select a username on the registration screen, preferably one not likely to use already, and enter a password. 

user id password cf free account

4. Fill out your email address. The remaining fields are optional; if you want to avoid supplying the information, leave them empty rather than filling them in with unnecessary information. You may always come back and provide information later (for example, if you need a qualified invoice).

5. Lastly, select “Create account” from the menu. 

create account

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6. Selecting “Create account now,” you can validate your registration information.

7. Please verify that email sent via the “” domain (i.e., ending in ““) is allowed before clicking the “Create account now” link if anti-spam protections are in place for your email address

inbox cf free account

8. Click the link in the email to activate. Additionally, you can reply to the email directly from your email reader. 

click on link

9. If you have yet to receive the email or the link isn’t working for any other reason, send a message to the support team at [email protected] so they can set up or activate the account for you.

10. Enter your selected username alone; do not enter your password.

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How can I set up my freedom VPN connection?

Simply download and use the Your Freedom app for Android. The client software then uses a connection protocol that is still accessible to you to connect to one of our servers. Most of the time, this will likely be an HTTP connection made via a web proxy that you may be using, an ‘HTTPS’ connection, or an FTP connection.

How does your freedom app operate?

Local content banning on your devices is how Freedom operates. You can employ a ‘local VPN’ on our iOS client to filter material on the device. On the desktop, combine a local proxy with optional browser plugins to implement the block on your machine locally.

How can I install Freedom VPN on an Android device?

Download the Freedom app from Google Play to get started. Log in with your Freedom account username and password after you've installed it. Then, your account updates to include your Android device. The Freedom for Android app prevents access to websites and mobile applications of your choice.

Why doesn't the Freedom app function?

Make sure to enable permissions if you have a session open, but restrict neither apps nor websites. An option to block applications and websites should be available. To do this, open the Freedom app's Settings menu, then scroll down to the Rights section.

How do I link to my freedom server?

Simply download and use the Your Freedom app for Android. The client software then uses a connection protocol that is still accessible to you to connect to one of our servers. Most of the time, this will likely be an HTTP connection made via a web proxy that you may be using, an ‘HTTPS’ connection, or an FTP connection.


It is all about Your Freedom Account. The account transforms the computer into an uncensored, anonymous online proxy that the programmes can use, and if that isn’t enough, it can even connect you to the Internet. So you can now easily log in to your freedom account using the steps and procedure in the article.