Do you need clarification about why it isn’t HBO go working? Then you are in the right place because we’ve got you the exact and accurate information about the same.

You typically have an app issue that is simple to fix if your HBO Go app is crashing or not working on your iPhone, iPad, Android, XBox One, Apple TV, or Playstation. The possible motives for hbo go not working consist of down HBO GO servers, slow web speed, an ancient model of the app, corrupt setup files, cache issues, and more. Checking for updates in the app store on your smartphone should be your first line of action.

We’ve explored ways to fix most of these issues without waiting for assistance from your HBO, cable, or satellite provider; whether you’re experiencing HBO Go not working, buffering, or sign-in difficulty during a popular show, continue to discover what can be done right now!

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Why doesn’t HBO function properly?

After receiving several consumer reports that hbo goes player is not working, we looked into this problem. We wrote together a tutorial that helped most of them, and now you will know why it isn’t hbo go working. Also, we have compiled a list of the causes of the issue, which is given as follows:

Update your application or operating system

If you continue to use outdated applications and operating system versions, you’ll frequently be stuck at the startup screen or with a playback problem. updateUpdating your device and the HBO GO app on your Android TV and the smartphone will fix the problem.

Browser Plugins

Those who use HBO GO through a browser will see this problem because browser extensions and plugins prevent them from accessing the website or player.browser plugins

Servers Down

Always verify the server’s status when you cannot log in or play any videos since nothing will function correctly if servers are down until they are fixed.server down

Check the HBO GO servers on “DownDetector” to ensure they are not down before attempting the techniques below. We will move on to the solutions for the issue of why it isn’t hbo go working now that you know the potential causes of HBO GO problems. 

To know how to watch HBO GO offline, here.

Methods to fix issues 

Now that we know the cause of our problem of why it isn’t hbo go working properly, we will look into the solution to this problem, which is listed below:

Upgrading a smart TV

Outdated TV software frequently results in issues, such as a stuck HBO GO application screen or hbo go startup error. You need to access the settings on your smart TV and update the software as described below to remedy this.

  1. Close the Smart Hub and the HBO GO go app
  2. Open the Settings menu, then select “Support Now” and “Software Update.” Choosing “Update Now”.software update
  3. Return to the smart hub and launch HBO GO to view the outcome.

Examining the PCs’ browser plugins and extensions

Due to several plugins and extensions restricting the site or video player, most browser users cannot play any HBO GO videos. Certain extensions, such as AdBlock, can block a few websites because of ads, while the Flash player plugin provides a feature for blocking websites. By performing the actions listed below, we will examine the Flash player plugin and disable any extensions:

  1. Double-click the shortcut to launch Chrome. Verify that the website is not
  2. Enter the following in the address bar for extensions: at chrome:/extensions.
  3. Disable any extensions preventing the video from playing, such as AdBlock, then switch all of the extensions off. Refresh your browser now, then check HBO GO.disable extentions
  4. To determine which extension is the source of the issue, you can turn each one on individually.

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The HBO GO application’s data clearing (Android)

In new upgrades, the developers address most program flaws and problems. But, occasionally, the HBO GO application’s failure to function may be related to data kept on your phone which might show you hbo go not loading. The application saves user data into the device, which could become damaged or corrupt. The following steps were taken:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” on your phone and choose “Application Manager/Apps.”apps
  2. Find the “HBO GO” app and choose it. Then, click “Clear Cache” or “Clear Data.”clear cache
  3. Check the application after it’s finished.

Resolve HBO Go Login Problems

To sign in, you must use your cable company’s login, and HBO will then need to confirm this with your subscription. This is so that HBO Go can confirm your subscription by connecting to your cable or satellite account. Signing in is among the most frequent HBO GO issues, along with hbo go troubleshooting problems.login problems

Restart the app or your device to sign in if the issues persist.

Correct the HBO GO Subscription Problems

Problems with HBO Go subscriptions are quite common and typically simple to resolve.

The most irritating HBO Go problem is that even if you can sign in, the app can’t locate your membership information.

First, log into your account to see if the company you acquired your TV subscription from is listed on HBO. You’ll need to restart your device, look for an app update, and then attempt logging in again if it appears go subscription

Contact HBO after checking with your TV service support if it doesn’t resolve the issue. If you have DirecTV, avoid AT&T Twitter support and call instead if you need assistance.

Fix HBO Go Service Trouble Problems

You can resolve an HBO Go service error by performing the necessary steps without contacting HBO. hbo go problems

  • Restart the computer. Check your device for app updates. Follow the following :
  • Play a different movie or TV show. Change your device.
  • Try the HBO troubleshooting for devices. Switch on your modem and router.
  • Although it is a laborious process, it can assist you in fixing this HBO problem that is aggravating. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan.

Fix the HBO Go audio issues.

If you use HBO Go, is your sound missing? If it’s a mobile device, the first step is to see if it works with the headset or to deactivate the mute button. This has numerous potential solutions.

Restarting the device and checking the connections to a soundbar are the next things you can do while watching TV. Restarting your TV, smart device, and soundbar can sometimes solve these isuues

If you’re trying to watch it on a PC, you can also see if your device or drivers need to be updated.

Eliminate HBO GO outage issues

Although the HBO Go Not in Service Area problem is highly aggravating, it is also very simple to fix. This occurs when HBO believes you are utilizing the service outside the US and US regions. If you’re travelling, you might need more time, but if you’re in one of these places, you can quickly repair the issue.

  1. Could you turn off your gadget and open it again? Please wait for your modem to connect after plugging it into power. Wait while you plug your router’s power go
  2. Open HBO GO after turning on your device. Attempt to launch an HBO Go video.

Exchange for a new IP address should resolve the issue. You are capable of here to check your IP address.


What's wrong with my HBO GO?

You can either force-quit the HBO GO app on Android and restart it or log out of your current HBO account and sign back in.

Why does HBO GO frequently crash? Why won't HBO Go load or keeps buffering?

There are several potential causes, such as unavailable HBO Max servers, slow internet, outdated software, damaged installation files, cache problems, etc.

What takes the place of HBO GO?

HBO Max is a more or less natural alternative for HBO Now and HBO Go. Due to the inclusion of WarnerMedia products, it provides a central platform via which HBO customers may access material with a broader selection of programs and films.

Is HBO GO comparable to Netflix?

Netflix is regarded as a pioneer in the sector for having challenged the rent-a-movie business model and taking on the streaming format before channels switched to streaming.


We know users’ passion and love for the platform, so we have created this guide on what to do if HBO GO is down. We hope we have eased your concerns and assisted you in identifying the causes of why HBO Go isn’t working properly.