Whenever a player experiences a microphone issue, they should check their audio settings first to ensure the voice chat option turns on. The article discusses how to fix the Warzone mic not working.

The first step is to check the input and output settings and ensure everything is adjusted correctly. You can easily fix the Warzone mic not working on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Furthermore, remember that you will communicate with the input device while listening to the game’s sounds on the output device. 

Navigating to the Audio settings via the in-game Options Tab and verifying the Voice Chat area is the simplest way to fix a mic mistake in Warzone. Read below to learn about how to fix the Warzone mic not working.

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What Is Warzone?

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free game for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows that Infinity Ward and Raven Software created. Battle Royale, Plunder, and Resurgence are the three main game types. Resurgence was added with the release of Season One of Black Ops Cold War. Information from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Vanguard is incorporated into the Warzone portion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. cod warzoneOn November 16, 2022, the release date of the prequel Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, the Call of Duty mobile accounts servers went momentarily unavailable. They rereleased the game as Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera with only the Caldera map and Battle Royale Solos and Quads playlists.

How To Fix Warzone Mic Not Working?

In Call of Duty: Warzone, communication is crucial, especially in the heat of combat. But the in-game Voice Chat stopped working due to a mic problem. Players are often forced to type in text chat or use visual Pings, which can be unpleasant.warzone micOf course, many gamers might feel totally at ease even when playing with teammates without requiring Voice Chat or a functional mic. There are numerous possible solutions. Here is how to fix the Warzone mic not working.

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A smart approach to ensure you have the most up-to-date information is to read the Warzone Patch notes regularly. Follow these steps to fix the if you can’t play Warzone.

  1. When you right-click the volume icon on your taskbar, select “Recording devices” from the context menu.
  2. Right-click on a space to select “Show Disconnected Devices” and “Show Disabled Devices.”microphine
  3. Ensure the microphone turns on by selecting “Microphone,” choosing “Properties,” and clicking. You may also see if the default setting for the microphone you’re using is active.

On PlayStation

By clicking PS, select Mic from the Control Center. Choose one of the settings below on Warzone not working PS4 to change input devices, mute and unmute your microphone, and tune your microphone.palystation

  • Choose your audio input device configuration from a list of various microphone-equipped devices.
  • You can alter the loudness of your voice inPlayStation plus accounts by adjusting the microphone level, making it easier or harder for others to hear you.
  • The microphone will switch on after logging in, allowing you to use voice input immediately. 

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On Xbox

Go to Xbox Live privacy under System > Settings > Account > Privacy & online security. Make sure Xbox can recognize your microphone in this menu. Modify the game’s settings. If you are experiencing problems, restart your console.

Why isn’t Warzone working? Try the following fixes here if your microphone functions as intended in other applications but not in Warzone:

  1. Turn on Call of Duty’s Warzone or Modern Warfare. Activate the Options window.modern warfare options
  2. Go to Account. After ensuring they are off, turn the Crossplay communication settings back on.crossplay
  3. Choose Audio. If the option is presently disabled, enable it. If it is activated, turn it back on and off.audio
  4. Minimize Open best Mic Recording Threshold. Specify the desired quantity for the Voice Chat and Microphone Volume if the Call of Duty Warzone is not working.


Why isn't my Warzone proximity chat working?

Voice chat and proximity chat should turn on for gamers. Players can choose Audio from the Main Menu's Audio Menu. Players should examine the Audio Menu's Voice Chat section to see what is active and what is not.

Does Warzone support voice mods?

In addition to using a modulator in the CoD Warzone vocal proximity chat, you may also play noises for everyone to hear using the soundboard that comes with Voicemod.

Is Warzone a good fit for mono Audio?

It would help to choose a volume that will allow you to hear well without damaging your eardrums because Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 can be extremely loud. It should be clear that mono Audio needs to be turned off. Selecting this setting will balance the Audio between your left and right headphones.

Why isn't my voice chat in COD working?

Check the Audio settings in the game. Ensuring the Voice Chat option is enabled is a good place to start. Then, from the drop-down box for the Voice Chat Equipment category, select either Headset or Microphone. You can use the Microphone Test option to test your device.

Is midnight mode good for Warzone?

Increase high-frequency sound because footsteps have a higher frequency than distant explosions and gunshots. But if you ever want the game to be quieter without losing details while playing, check out Midnight Mode, another excellent audio mix.

What makes you faster in Warzone?

One perk that can increase your speed in warzone games is Double Time. This perk complements the Tactical Sprint in three ways rather than acting independently. The duration of the Tactical Sprint doubles if this perk is equipped while it is active.

What aspect of Warzone is most crucial?

Money is essential. Hence, before going to a buy station, knowing what to prioritize is a good idea. As previously stated, killstreaks can be helpful, but arming yourself with primary weapons should be your squad's foremost goal. These are your personalized weapons, which you can purchase only once.


It is all about how to fix the Warzone mic not working. In Call of Duty, having trouble with your microphone or voice chat might mean the difference between winning and losing an entire match. As basic as it may seem, ensure Warzone’s voice chat turns on. Using the steps in the article, you can easily fix the Warzone mic not working issue.