Preserving genetic diversity with regular cannabis seeds is crucial for ensuring a healthy and sustainable cannabis industry. With the rise of industrial cultivation, maintaining a diverse gene pool has become increasingly important. In this article, we will explore the significance of preserving genetic diversity with regular cannabis seeds and how they can help to ensure the long-term health of the cannabis plant.

Preserving Genetic Diversity with Regular Cannabis Seeds

Today everyone is talking about how feminized seeds will be the future of all marijuana cultivation. Indeed, some reasons make growing cannabis a little easier. However, is it all so easy? Regular cannabis seeds offer several benefits, such as genetic diversity, affordability, and the potential for higher yields. cannabisAdditionally, they can provide a wider range of phenotypes and genetic traits. While feminized seeds have gained popularity, regular seeds should not be completely dismissed as they offer unique advantages for cannabis growers. Let’s check regular cannabis seeds for now.

Features and Benefits of Regular Marijuana Varieties

Regular marijuana seeds are capable of growing into both male and female plants. In the natural world, all seeds are such because cannabis is a double-headed plant with a stamen and pistillate flower on two separate plants. To obtain the seeds of such varieties, breeders or growers only need to pollinate the female inflorescences with pollen. This does not apply to regular auto-flower seeds that flower independently and require much less time to do.features and benfits

Growers have found many problems with regular marijuana seeds. However, as is well known, for growers, only female cannabis plants are of value. Because of this, many dislike regular weed seeds as a relic of the past. Why waste time and money on a plant that will grow unwanted sex when you can buy the best-feminized seeds and get the bush you want in peace? There used to be only traditional varieties on the market, and growers had no choice. But today, there is.

The Pros of Regular Varieties of Cannabis

Despite all the adversity, regular cannabis seeds still have fans, albeit in much smaller numbers. Still, regular seeds have some advantages that feminized seeds do not have.pros

The pros of regular cannabis seeds include the following features:

  1. Regular cannabis seeds cost less. The cost of “making” them is much cheaper. The feminization process takes a lot of effort, experience, and time. That is why feminized seeds are always much more expensive. It’s probably not a big deal if you only have a few marijuana plants, but spending on feminized seeds can be too expensive when you’re planting in bulk;  
  2. With plants grown from regulars, you can get new seeds on your own for the next season, thereby saving a lot of money;
  3. Almost all regulars produce an abundant harvest;
  4. We are preserving genetic diversity when choosing regular seeds.

Some Generic Information About Cannabis

As you know, cannabis plants can be male or female. Growers usually only take care of female bushes, as they are the ones that produce the sticky sensimilla buds with high levels of THC. However, male cannabis plants are essential to reproduction because they produce the pollen needed to pollinate the female ones.

The breeder’s goal is to create the perfect plant. They choose parent plants with qualities closer to the ideal. Once they have chosen parental plants with the desired traits, they crosse them to produce the first generation of plants, F1.

They then evaluate the result of the F1 generation plants, choosing the most promising plants. Then another cross is made on the F1 plants, either inbred (crosses between them) or backward (crosses between the parents).

The breeder studies and evaluates the plants from the first F1 generation and the second F2. They select the best plants with the desired characteristics for the third F3 generation. It is the third generation that is usually stable.

The problem is that you can only get a new strain you can breed in your garden with a male and a female plant. Feminized plants carry the same characteristics; you can’t create a new hybrid with female plants.

It is only good if you want to avoid experimenting and settle on the same strain every time for a long time. However, the desire to create something new for yourself can cause you to look again and again for regular plants.

Some Tips for Choosing Regular Cannabis Strains

  • Selecting cannabis strains with high yields can offset the potential losses from male plants, making them a worthwhile choice for growers.
  • Regular marijuana seeds with a stable and proven genetic component are sure to pass on all their positive qualities to their offspring.


  • Opting for regular seeds can be cost-effective for growers who plan to cultivate a significant number of plants, or take a commercial approach, as they are often cheaper than their feminized or auto flowering counterparts.
  • The shorter the vegetative stage of the regulars, the quicker it will be possible to know the sex of the plant.


Regular seeds have now become a conscious choice that the buyer makes. If you’re looking for regular seeds, you’ll probably want to cross them and get a different plant. It’s also worth considering that growing conditions greatly affect terpenes and cannabinoid content, so your hybrid may be unique.