Many Sling TV users encounter crashes, dark screens, etc., while watching their preferred programs. Sling TV occasionally crashes when a user tries to open the application; other times, it stops working in the middle of the stream. The article discusses troubleshooting the issues with Sling TV.

You can easily troubleshoot issues with Sling TV by restarting the Sling TV, verifying your Internet and Wi-Fi connections, deleting the Sling TV App’s Cache, reinstalling the Sling TV app, upgrading the TV firmware, and factory resetting your device.

Sling TV, not loading, is one problem that many consumers periodically experience. Users claim that Sling TV occasionally stops working on Roku, Firestick, free Fubo TV, Samsung smart TVs, and other streaming devices. Read below to learn more about troubleshooting the issues with Sling TV.

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Troubleshooting Issues With Sling TV

To fix loading problems with Sling TV, look for service disruptions. If there are no problems, clear the data and cache on the Sling TV app. slingHere are the different methods to troubleshoot issues with Sling TV.

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Restart the Sling TV

When Sling TV is not loading, you should identify the problematic components. It would help if you restarted Sling TV immediately after closing the app.

For Amazon Fire

Following the steps below, you can close and restart the Sling TV app for Amazon Fire.

  1. Choose Manage Installed Applications from the Settings > Apps menu.applications
  2. Choose Sling to end Sling TV Now after that. Then, start Sling TV on your Fire Stick.

For Smartphones

Following the steps below, you can close and restart the smartphone Sling TV app.

  1. Restart your smartphone after entirely leaving the Sling TV app.restart
  2. After restarting your phone, launch the Sling TV app.

For Roku

Following the steps below, you can close and restart the Sling TV app for Roku.

  1. Press the Home button to close the Sling TV app on the Roku device.home button
  2. Restart the Sling TV app.

Verify your Internet and Wi-Fi connections.

Checking your internet connection, particularly if you’re utilizing Wi-Fi, should be your second action. Hence, you must restart the router as a Sling TV login to resolve internet issues. Go to Settings > Network Connection on a Roku device to see if it obtains data from the Internet.internet and wifi connection

If Sling TV is still loading or buffering after connecting to the Internet, check the internet speed on your streaming device. For instance, go to Sling TV’s Settings > Connection to check stream speed on a Roku device. If the speed of your streaming is less than 1.0 Mbps, either your router needs to be faster, or there are Sling TV problems or an issue with the Wi-Fi connection on your device.

Changing Wi-Fi channels is another option if your router is dual-band and capable of both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi. Change the Wi-Fi band by adjusting the router’s settings.

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Delete the Sling TV App’s Cache

Caching enhances the user experience and performance of the Sling TV app. But Sling TV won’t load if the cache is corrupted. Use the Fire TV Stick as an illustration.

  1. Open the Fire TV Stick’s menu after closing the Sling TV app. Go to Settings > Applications after that. After selecting Manage Installed Apps, launch Sling TV as the Sling TV is not
  2. Choose Clear Cache.cache clear
  3. Launch the Sling TV app after that to see if everything works well. If not, repeat the steps and select Clear Data afterward. Get the Best Cable Services With No Credit Check Or Deposit.

Reinstall the Sling TV app. 

Removing Sling TV from your device and installing it again can help you fix your Sling TV on Roku TV issues. This method can help you reinstall Sling TV on your device as the Sling app is not working.

  1. Install Sling TV on your device and see if the Sling TV app can be launched to solve problems with Sling TV. Remove Sling TV from your computer or device.reinstall
  2. At this point, restart your streaming device.

Upgrade the TV firmware

Obsolete device firmware can cause problems such as Sling TV issues, app crashes, and latency. It might be beneficial to upgrade your device if you’ve been waiting a while for one. Take Roku TV as an example.

You can upgrade the Sling TV firmware using the procedures below if your TV can connect to the Internet:

  1. Click the Home button on your Sling remote. Go to Settings and System to upgrade your tv settings
  2. Choose Check Now to check for updates manually.

Your Sling device will automatically download and install any new software or updates if they are available for your channel, and after they are finished, you can reboot or cancel the Sling TV.

Factory Reset Your Device

You can resolve Sling TV difficulties, including crashes and device shutdowns, by carrying out a device reset. Moreover, remember that doing so will erase all downloaded media and your TV settings. After resetting and installing the Sling TV app, you won’t have any issues with your Sling device. Please contact Sling TV support and let them know about issues with Sling TV if your Sling TV is still not functioning on your device. factory resetThe Sling staff can assist you in resolving this if it is a problem with the account.

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Why am I getting an error on Sling?

There are several reasons why error messages appear (or codes). Most of the time, they result from a miscommunication between systems or between your device and internet access, and they typically resolve in a matter of steps.

How do I get to Sling settings?

The best place to modify account and streaming choices is the Settings screen. On a smartphone or tablet, tap on the three horizontal lines in the corner of the application window to reveal the Settings in the menu. Click the gear icon.

Why do streaming errors happen?

Your home Wi-Fi network is sluggish. The incoming data cannot be kept up. Your device must rapidly get the required data from the streaming service.

How can I watch Sling TV without the app?

Join and choose what you want to watch to start watching Sling TV on Chrome. No plugins, apps, or flash players are necessary to start watching as long as your browser is up to date.

Why does Sling cost so much less?

The single-stream limitation on the Sling Orange bundle is one of the main 'gotchas' with Sling TV and a factor in why it is less expensive than cable (the one that includes ESPN). Sling Blue, which includes Fox and NBC, does provide up to three simultaneous streams.

What is the total cost of Sling TV?

You can subscribe to either plan separately for $40 per month or get both for $55 per month, giving you access to all 47 channels. Genre-based add-ons for Sling start at $6 per month. Each add-on provides a small collection of similar channels.


It is all about how to troubleshoot the issues with Sling TV. Sling TV is a great option to reduce streaming expenses or clean the living room. To watch local stations, though, you would still need a receiver. So you can easily troubleshoot Sling TV issues using the steps in the article.

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