IPVanish Free Account | Top 4 Ways to Get in 2020


Getting access to a good VPN(Virtual Private Network) is so crucial these days. However, it is often overlooked by people. To update you on what a VPN is, it basically ensures your privacy by producing one private network from that of a public connection. In short, it secures your privacy by hiding your identity and safeguarding your data. Thus, you must know how to get a IPVanish Free Account. VPNs also help you in accessing content that may be blocked within your country.

All in all, a good VPN is ideal for improving your overall browsing experience. Now, there exist several companies out there that offer VPN. One such is IPVanish, which is one of the oldest running commercial VPNs accessible. This VPN has been claimed to work the best with Kodi and Firestick. It promises zero logs, i.e. it never saves your data and ensures no IP address leaks too. Additionally, you get up to 10 simultaneous connections with it. Finally, it offers an unlimited data cap and 40,000 plus IP addresses.

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About IPVanish Free Account

Now, IPVanish isn’t the cheapest VPN out there. However, considering the number of apps and features it offers, it is of a somewhat average price. Plus, you get 250 GB of storage with IPVanish’s SugarSync Cloud Storage which gets added into any package that you may decide to purchase. Now, if you wish to create IPVanish account for free, that is also possible. Since the company doesn’t believe in the concept of free VPN, it doesn’t offer an IPVanish free account. This is because free VPN doesn’t offer half of the services that a paid one does.

Additionally, to generate revenue off of a free VPN service, companies often resort to selling your data. They also tend to run several advertisements and can manipulate traffic in favour of affiliate websites. Now, there are ways through which you can benefit from a free IPVanish account. The procedure for the same will be listed down below.

Features of IPVanish Free Account

Now an IPVanish free account will come with all the features that a normal free VPN wouldn’t offer. These are as follows-

Access Censored Content

Governments and also, employers tend to apply online censorship. This restricts the amount of content that you can actually get your hands on. With the VPN, you get to access 1500 plus anonymous servers that give complete internet access.

Protection From Hackers

Since the VPN has been designed to mask your identity and safeguard your data, it provides you with complete protection from hackers. It also protects you from the prying eyes of the government. So, all in all, you get to surf the web without leaving behind a trace.

Backup Files

Each IPVanish free account also gets you SugarSync secure cloud storage of up to 250 GB. SugarSync allows fast and also secure file management as well as encrypted data backup for your computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It may also safeguard data in case you lose your device, or it gets stolen.

Multi-Device Usage

Since you get up to 10 simultaneous connections with one account, you will never need to sacrifice the safety of any device. Additionally, it is free for download on all major operating systems and streaming devices.

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0 Traffic Logs

The best feature of IPVanish free account is the fact that IPVanish never stores your data. Therefore, your information has no exposure to third parties.

4 Ways to Get IPVanish Free Account

So if you’ve been traversing the internet trying to figure out how you can get an IPVanish free account login, read on.

IPVanish Free Usernames and Passwords

Besides the two methods above, you can also find IPVanish free username and passwords. Some of them could potentially work out. Following are a list of some usernames and passkeys for a premium IPVanish free account.

Do keep in mind that if the afore-listed logins and passkeys haven’t worked for you, you can surely find more on the internet.

Free Trial

Signing up for their VPN is a sure way to get an IPVanish free account. Ipvanish offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked if you no longer wish to continue their service. All you need to do is go to their website and pick a package that suits your requirement most. You will need to give your card details here. Once done, you may use the VPN for a whole month and benefit from all the features.

Finally, once the month is up and you no longer wish to continue, you can cancel your subscription. You may cancel the subscription from their website itself. Once you’ve cancelled the subscription, you will get your money back within ten working days.

Lifetime IPVanish Account Access

Now if you’re looking to get lifetime access, follow the next set of steps.

  1. On your mobile device, ensure that your WiFi and data mode is on. Also, make sure you aren’t using low power mode.
  2. Now, go into your device’s web browser(Safari for iOS) and type in “tweak store. cc” and click search. Vanish. Then click, ‘Start Injection.’
  3. After it is complete, the page will ask you to complete any 2 of the listed offers.
  4. Please ensure that at this stage, you follow the instructions correctly.
  5. Once done, IPVanish will appear on your phone, and you will not require a password to access it. You could also download the application before performing the .steps above

This method has seemed to work for several people, so do try it out to get benefited from an IPVanish free account.

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Using Different Emails

  1. Go to IPVanish’s website.
  2. Next, select any plan; it doesn’t matter which.
  3. Now, enter a random email ID. The email need not have to exist.
  4. Next, input the password and make sure you don’t forget it.
  5. From the payment options, select Bitcoin.
  6. Next, click on the ‘join now’ option and from here you’ll get redirected to the payment site. Now, shut this tab.
  7. Go back to the official website.
  8. Enter the credentials you had used previously.
  9. Finally, select “start a free trial.”

After the free trial is complete, you can create a new account with another email.


So here is how you can access IPvanish VPN for free. VPN is essential in this day and age, which is why if you don’t have it, you should highly consider getting one now.


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