Today, one can use a lot of devices. Thus it’s critical to do all tasks across all of them to save time and costs. Receiving SMS on a PC has also become indispensable in modern life. Here is how to receive SMS on PC without a cell phone.

One can quickly receive an SMS on a PC without a cell phone. It is possible through Pushbullet, ApowerManager, and Google Messages. You can receive SMS messages online without giving up your phone number with different platforms like SMS4You, ensuring anonymity.

How to receive SMS on PC without a cell phone? Using a cell phone can make it tough to receive many texts. You could complete this time-consuming task on a computer instead. Keep reading to know more.

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Receiving SMS On A PC Without A Cell Phone

How to receive SMS on PC without a cell phone? One can use these tools to receive an SMS on a PC.


Pushbullet is an excellent tool for SMS reception on a PC. You must download and install the applications on both devices using the same Google or Facebook account to sync data between your PC and smartphone. Your PC will display any new SMS that arrives on your smartphone. How to receive SMS on PC without a cell phone? Let’s examine the procedure for installing and utilizing Pushbullet on your devices. Follow the instructions closely:

  1. Enter “Pushbullet” into the search box on your computer. You can access the webpage by clicking it once you discover it.
  2. Sign up using the current account. Provide all the details.
  3. After a perfect sign-up, you can enter the Pushbullet interface. The ‘Setup‘ option includes “Set up your phone.” Click it.sign up
  4. How to receive SMS on PC without a cell phone? The next step is to download the Android app.
  5. If you use iOS, install the program’s iOS version instead.
  6. Return to the Pushbullet main interface now to finish configuring your PC. 
  7. The software for your PC can be downloaded by clicking the Windows icon.
  8. Press the OK button to begin downloading Pushbullet for Windows after choosing the download folder and, if necessary, renaming it. Install the execution file next as you would other programs and apps.
  9. A link for Pushbullet will be generated on the desktop following a successful installation. To start the application right away, double-click it.
  10. Any text messages on your smartphone will be accessible on the PC as well because the PC and smartphone are successfully linked.sms tab
  11. To read the messages you’ve received, select the “SMS” tab. From this app, you may also reply to SMS messages.

You can modify a few of the settings and alerts so that you are immediately informed of any incoming SMS.

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One of the best phone management programs for receiving messages in the market is ApowerManager. It is well known for its ability to allow computer users to receive notifications. Its versatility allows it to back up, restore, remove, and transfer mobile files. A computer includes features like call logs, music, videos, photos, contacts, programs, bookmarks, and backdrops. 

How to receive SMS on PC without a cell phone? If you connect with your family, friends, or coworkers by text message frequently, finding a sound system to organize your notes is imperative. You must exercise control over your texting. This phone manager will perfectly satisfy you. Follow these instructions to receive text messages on your PC.

  1. Install this phone manager on your PC by downloading it from the manager
  2. Link the device via a USB after putting it in USB debug mode. WiFi is another option for connecting to Android. Before joining, download the Phone Manager software to your phone. The next step is communicating by inputting a verification code.verification code
  3. After successfully linking your smartphone and computer, the phone manager will display a dialog box as long as the phone receives an SMS on the computer.
  4. How to receive SMS on PC without a cell phone? By selecting the “Disconnect” button, you can disconnect your mobile device from your computer.

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Google Messages

How to receive SMS on PC without a cell phone? Another great software for getting SMS on your PC is Google Messages. Downloading the Windows app is unnecessary because you may view it directly from the website. Use the QR codes to sync devices. Consequently, it is user-friendly in every manner. To use Google messages on your computer, proceed by doing the following.

  1. You can install the ‘Messages‘ application for Android. Select the authentication option to find the QR code your Android smartphone needs to scan.
  2. Open the Android app, then select “Messages for web” from the More menu by touching the dot. messages app
  3. Click the “QR code scanner” button on your computer to scan the QR code for the website. The two gadgets are synchronized in this manner. scan qr code
  4. You may use your PC to examine every SMS on your mobile device now that the web is accessible. You may also place phone calls and send SMS to know how to receive SMS on PC without a cell phone.


Is it possible to receive SMS without a mobile connection?

Yes, you can receive SMS without a mobile connection. Text messages are in your data use but are not tracked. When you allow chat features, your data usage is also uncharged. Even without cell service, you can send messages over Wi-Fi.

Can I get an SMS using WiFi?

Yes. Modern smartphones do not rely on cell signals to send SMS. Therefore, there are no delays or messages that are not delivered. Instead, they can use fixed networks. If you send and receive SMS and MMS messages through WiFi, your chats are also removed from the cell network.

Does SMS require Wi-Fi or data?

Unlike MMS, which depends on a data connection for media transmission, SMS does not require an internet connection. Generally speaking, MMS communications cost more to transmit than SMS texts.

How do I obtain an OTP without a SIM?

You can ask your mobile service provider to send the OTP to another number or email address by contacting them. As an option to get the OTP, make a voice call. On any phone, even one that is not your own, you can receive voice calls from certain services that allow you to get OTPs via voice call.

Where is the Phone Link app on the computer?

Type 'Phone Link' into the search box. Hence, then click the resulting list to choose the Phone Link app. Your Android device has to have the Link to Windows mobile app installed or open.

Can I text while using a laptop?

You can send text messages from laptops and desktops using web applications like iMessage, Messages by Google, and Google Voice. However, business texting software makes scheduling and automating SMS text messages easier.


It was all about how to receive SMS on PC without a cell phone. Whether you use your computer exclusively or have an active phone subscription, there are numerous ways to receive text messages from your PC. You may receive SMS fast and effectively without a phone using one of the software mentioned above.