This blog is about ways and means of how to donate robux. Gaming is such a satisfaction, right? It is that virtual world which very quickly becomes a part of our lives. We often visit this virtual world and forget about reality for some time and enjoy the satisfaction of being the best here. We forget all our worries and tensions and feel the thrill of the games that we play. It keeps us entertained and becomes our get-away. After slogging at work the entire day, we deserve some me-time for ourselves. But, don’t you ever wonder who the masterminds that create these mind-blowing games are? These people are just like you and me. Ordinary. The only difference is that these people channel their smartness and creativity towards the direction of gaming. Guess what? You can create a game too!

Fundamentals Of Roblox

How to donate robux is a later question but first lets get to know about roblox. Roblox is a platform for adventurous enthusiasts who come together for creating games and enjoying and appreciating the work of other game creators. This platform hosts user customed games of different genres. These games are coded using the language Lua. It is a spectacular platform for anyone who is a coding maniac and a gamer. Amazing, isn’t it?

If you are a hard-core gamer, you know the importance of different items that need to be bought in a game. Purchasing these items like shirts, hats, outfits, etc. provides you exclusive privileges that enhance your ranking in the game. To buy these items, you need to spend the game currency. In Roblox, the in-game currency is called robux. You need to invest money to buy robux—some games in Roblox charge robux for even starting to play the game. Hence, robux is very necessary if you desire to reap the maximum benefits of Roblox.

 You have the option of creating and joining groups for creating and playing games with your buddies. Sometimes, your friends or even you face a shortage of robux and desperately need some. No worries, you have the facility of donating robux in Roblox. How to give robux? We’ve got you covered. Here, We have a complete guide explaining how to donate robux. So, shall we start? 

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How To Donate Robux? Here Are Some Simple Ways

We will be covering two ways to donate robux, depending on the type of platform that you are using.

Donating Robux From PC To PC:

The first method that we will discuss is how to donate robux when you and your friend both are on PC. So, giving robux from PC to PC is more accessible and easier than PC to mobile. You just have to ask your friend to upload a random item for sale, and you have to buy that item. That’s it! You will successfully donate robux to your friend. Let’s go through the process step-by-step:

How To Put A Random Item For Sale:
  1. Login into your account
  2. On the main screen, click the create option.
  3. Next, click on manage games.
  4. When you create a Roblox account, a default game will be created for you. The default game will be visible on your screen. Click on the settings icon.
  5. Now, click on, create a game pass.
  6. Next, on the window that will appear, choose an appropriate image file to upload on Roblox.
    pc to pc
    pc to pc

NOTE: Our suggestion would be to use an image from the avatar section of Roblox. The reason behind this is that any item from the catalog is appropriate for Roblox, and you won’t get any moderated action taken on your account for uploading a Roblox image. If the image is deemed inappropriate by Roblox will get your account in trouble and even possibly banned.Lets get back to the ways of how to donate robux.

  1. Now, give an appropriate name for your item and click on preview.
  2. The image will be loaded. Click verify upload. Now, your item will be available in your inventory.
  3. Next, in the options, click on configure.
  4. Go to the sales section.
  5. Enter the desired price for the item. Now, in roblox, from the total amount paid for an item, 30% goes to Roblox in the form of taxes. The item owner earns only 70% of the robux. So, enter the price 30% more than what you desire to get.
  6. Now, put the item for sale and click on save.
  7. Lastly, copy the URL of the item and share it with your friend.This is one of the many ways of how to donate robux.

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How To Purchase The Item For Donating Robux:
  1. Paste the URL shared by your friend in the browser.
  2. Now, click on the buy now.
  3. You will get an alert saying purchase completed.

To check whether your friend has received the robux, go to the trade tab in your friend’s account. Go to the summary and check the pending robux. You will find the robux donated over here. It takes the robux some days to get transferred to your friend’s account. Roblox has made this set for security purposes.

Donating Robux From PC To mobile:

The second method that we will see is how to donate robux from PC to mobile. It is a bit expensive to transfer robux from PC to mobile. For this, you need to have a group in Roblox. If you don’t have one, then you need to spend around 100 robux to create one. After creating a group, follow the steps below:

pc to mobile
pc to mobile
  1. Go to the create tab.
  2. Click on group creations and select the group you want robux to go into.
  3. Now, click on, create a new game.
  4. Choose any template that you like and click on create games.
  5. Once the game is created, click on the game settings icon.
  6. Select create a game pass.
  7. Follow steps 6 to 12 from the 1st method.
  8. Next, click on view details.
  9. Now, click on the buy option. You will get an alert box saying the purchase is completed.
  10. Next, go back to the group and click on the three dots.
  11. Click on the configure group.
  12. Go to revenue and then click on the summary.
  13. Here you will see the pending robux that you just spent.
  14. Once the robux is transferred successfully to your group, go to revenue, and click on payouts.
  15. Next, click on one-time payouts.
  16. Click on add payout receipt.
  17. Enter the friend’s ID to whom you want to donate the robux. The friend needs to be a member of the group. Click ok.
  18. Now, add the number of robux you want to send in front of your friend’s name and click.
  19. The robux will be successfully transferred to your friend’s account without any delay. This is one of the easiest ways and means of how to donate robux

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Viola! Now you are well aware of the ways of how to donate robux  to your friend. We hope this manuscript was useful for you, and you were successful in giving robux. Do let us know if you have any other ways to donate robux. Also, do provide your feedback. It keeps us motivated to write more such content for you. Thank you, and enjoy playing and creating games. Adios until next time!