Paypal is the trusted transaction application approved by over 14 million registered users. It is used in money transactions, i.e., to send or receive money and to shop online. Though it has numerous benefits, users hate the app when bypassing Paypal Security Check. 


According to the data research, over 14 million people use Paypal, of which only 4 million are active. It is because of the Paypal Security Check. Users not active on Paypal for a specific period must bypass the phone verification process. This write-up will teach us how to avoid the Paypal security check. First, let’s see what the advantages of the Paypal application are. 

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Advantages of PayPal

Below listed are some of the benefits of Paypal.

User Friendly

Paypal is user-friendly and easy to use. paypal userThe app is not complex and becomes easy to use for transactions among friends and family.  

Highly Secured

Paypal is a highly secured and safe application for money transactions. paypal securedIt has multi-level encryptions that keep the information private.

Free To Use

Paypal does not charge money for transactions. You can create your free Paypal account very quickly. So that you can freely send and receive money from your family and friends. paypal  From the above section, you can see how beneficial Paypal is for users, But what are Paypal’s policies, and how does it work? Let’s see below.

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How Does PayPal Work?

Paypal is the platform for users to send or receive money, shop online, or make other online payments. Paypal does not charge for making money transactions with friends, family, or any contact numbers. Hence, It is free to use with friends and family. However, if you are making any online purchase that involves sending money to a user for the online purchase, then Paypal will take a small amount of processing fee from the sender.


Paypal has many security encryptions, which also involve Two-Factor Authentification for users, i.e., Paypal quick security check. The user has to go through the Paypal SMS verification bypass. It is just a two-factor authentication that comes to your phone when you use apps like WhatsApp. Let’s know how PayPal will confirm identity bypass in 2023.

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What Is PayPal Security Check?

PayPal is a highly secure application with two-factor authentication for users. The user’s phone may be robbed or lost. Then, the robber would take all the money from the linked bank account. In that case, the user will lose money. pp securedTo avoid this, a Paypal bypass through Security Check is essential. Also, It is necessary to know why Paypal requests System Verification Check. Let’s check it below.

Why does Paypal Request System Verification Check?

Below are some reasons that justify the need to bypass Paypal phone verification.

Logging-in After Inactivity

When users log in after a prolonged inactivity, they must bypass Paypal Security Check.

paypal secure login If you want to log in after a prolonged inactivity, answer a set of questions.

Logging in From Another Location

When you log in from another location, Paypal suspects a possible robbery and secures the account. paypal payment Thus, to prevent theft, the user must bypass Paypal Security Check.

Logging in From A New System/Device

Paypal needs to keep a track record for their users, which includes keeping their data synced with their accounts. For security purposes, your Paypal account is linked to your phone number. So you can access the Paypal account from a single device at a time.

paypal securityTry to keep a single device for money transactions of Paypal, as when you log in from new devices, Paypal will ask for a verification code sent to your registered phone number linked to your Paypal account. Also, keeping the transactions on a single machine makes the work less complicated.

This authentication generally annoys users, worrying about How To Bypass Paypal Security Check. But do not worry. We got you covered. However, let’s move to our essential part of bypassing Paypal phone verification. 

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Methods On How To Bypass Paypal Security Check

There are many ways to Bypass Paypal Security Check. Follow these Methods to get rid of the problem.

Method 1: Using The Incognito Browser

Use the incognito browser to bypass Paypal Security Check.


Incognito allows users to have different IP Addresses, which would result in Paypal thinking you are another user.

Method 2: Clear The Browsing History

You have to clear the browser history and device cache from your browser.

To Clear your Browsing History from the Google Chrome app, follow the below steps.

  1. Open your browser on your device and click on the three dots visible on your screen’s top right corner.
  2. After clicking on the three dots, select History and then click on Clear Browsing Data. Select “All the Time” to delete the all-time history.
  3. Now, you have to clear the system cache. To do that, click “Cookies and cache data” and “Clear data.” Now, you must remove the cache data.


By following these steps, you can re-login to your Paypal.

Hence, clearing the browsing data and device cache might help to Bypass Paypal Security Check.

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Method 3: Try Using A Different Device

If none of the above ideas work, try using a different device. Sometimes the problem is in device compatibility.


Thus, by logging in to a new phone, your issue of How To Bypass Paypal Security Check must have been resolved.

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What should you do if none of the above methods work?

If none of the above methods work, try contacting the Paypal helpline. And if that doesn’t help, try making a new account on Paypal.

How will Paypal assist you with your problem?

Click on the “Contact Us” option and write your query. The customer support team will reach your registered contact number or email id.

How can you log in to Paypal without OTP?

Try using the online shopping app provided by Paypal and sign in there.


Paypal is free to use and has many benefits regarding the convenience of sending or receiving money transactions, security, and privacy that it provides. However, users face the issue of bypassing the Paypal Security Check. Above all, in this write-up, we have covered the advantages of Paypal and the methods to resolve the issue of How To Bypass the Paypal Security Check. Hence, follow the procedures mentioned to solve the problem. Thus, we hope you find this article helpful.

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