How to Get A Free Course Hero Account | Unblur Course Hero (2021)


The world is fast evolving in terms of use, with an increasing number of technical applications being released every day that aid in communication and information sharing. So far, online learning platforms have transformed the way people share and acquire knowledge. Today, various programs are available to give educational assistance online, and Course Hero is one of them. Here, we would be discussing how to get a free Course Hero account. 

If you are a frequent Course Hero user, you may know the unlocking. Course Hero is an education technology website based in Redwood City, California, if you don’t already know. It maintains an online course portal where all students may access course-specific research. On Course Hero, you must purchase a subscription to view everything. However, a few things on the Course Hero are hazy. These questions are hazy since there is no documented answer to them.

Course Hero assists students in obtaining free and subscription study-related materials and tutors in earning money in helping students in their educational courses. A free account will give access to the documents in the library; a premium account will provide you with access to endless information. Today, we’ll offer several free reports and teach you about various ways to acquire them for free.

There is a searchable collection of over 20 million study papers on the Course Hero website. All of these materials will aid you in your college studies. Students and instructors contribute the resources on the website to assist you in learning new topics and preparing for tests.

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Free Course Hero account:

How to get Course Hero Free Account? Here’s how.

Using Course Hero to Upload Study Documents

You can submit documents to access study materials or a course library.

upload docs
upload docs

When you upload a file/document, you get a credit that will help you to unblur a document of your choosing for free.

Using Plugins to Remove Blur from Documents

Using plugins such as Unblur StudyBlue, you may readily view the documents of your choosing that are obscured on Course Hero, to get free Course Hero account. Also do checkout How to Unblur Course Hero | Complete Guideline

unblur docs
unblur docs

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Course Hero Content Ratings

If you do not wish to contribute any documents or utilize any plugins, you can go to your account and rate the content that instructors have already published in the Course hero.

rate and review content
rate and review content

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Recommending a Friend

If you don’t want to undertake any of the aforementioned tasks, you can recommend a friend to Course Hero to get $25 in tutor access.

refer a friend
refer a friend

When a buddy signs up for it, you both get a free Course Hero account trial.


There are various plugins and extensions available that provide a free course hero account password. Over time, people have exploited the chance to obtain free course hero unlocks, and the plugins have been permanently disabled. As a result, you should avoid falling for any of these scams in the future since they will not work. It’s best if you can purchase a course hero premium subscription.



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