If you’re an anime lover, you need a Funimation-free account. For those who do not have any idea what it is, Funimation is a famous platform for dubbing and distributing Japanese anime. Anime has existed for decades, and it is now gaining popularity.

To sign-up for a Free Funimation account: 
  1. On the Funimation homepage, click on Watch Now.’
  2. Go to the bottom of the page, beyond the available plan choices.
  3. To create a free account, click on the red text that says “Sign up for a free account” in a white box.
  4. Type your email address and password.
  5. Click on the ‘Continue‘ button.

If you’re a weeb struggling to find a free site for anime, your problem has finally been solved! Not only that, it is also possible to stream content on Netflix easily. What else do we need? To know the easiest ways to obtain a Funimation free account, hold on tight and read on!

3 Best Methods To Get A Funimation Free Account Easily

We have outlined the most accessible and user-friendly ways to claim your free account today! Note that all of the methods can be used at a time.

Method 1: Usernames And Passwords

One option you can adopt is by using the credentials we provide here. But first, you’ll have to install the Funimation application.

funimation free account

Note that these are not Funimation-free account generators. These are just a few credentials that will help you to access a Funimation free account. You could utilize these usernames and passwords whenever you desire to watch Japanese movies and series online. 

For your reference, here are some credentials to access a premium and premium plus Funimation free account. Most of these accounts will work for sure. Although, you must not get into practices that hinder others’ access to these credentials. In no circumstance should you alter the login credentials provided here.

Funimation Username Password Plan
[email protected] Blowas01! Premium Plus
[email protected] hamster1 Premium Plus
[email protected] cetan4928 Premium Plus
[email protected] Sampson6! Premium Plus
[email protected] bladegabbard Premium Plus
[email protected] Beyblade2@ Premium Plus
[email protected] Abcdefg100! Premium Plus
[email protected] Kingjames6. Premium Plus
[email protected] 1Martina! Premium Plus
[email protected] Ogbonna14! Premium
[email protected] Bball@2016 Premium
[email protected] K@meron1 Premium
[email protected] October_13 Premium
[email protected] Pepito14! Premium
[email protected] Alice218. Premium
[email protected] Losbous1! Premium
[email protected] Manda81! Premium
[email protected] Cookie12! Premium
[email protected] Transam79! Premium


Choose any of the combinations. You could get your own Funimation free account access! Something that you’ve been waiting for so long! Youtube is another popular place for streaming videos and anime.

Method 2: Using Mod APK

You can take advantage of some highly talented engineers. Yes, there is an app that shall allow you to stream unlimited anime shows online! Like downloading the Funimation application, you must install the Funimation Mod APK 3.1 App. In this app, you will not get any ads that will pop up when you are in the middle of an episode.funimation mod

You can also check ‘7 Tested Ways to Get a Free Spotify Premium Account & Passwords‘ or ‘Get Free Hulu Account.’

What else does one need?

This app is available on the Google Play Store. It’s one of the easiest ways to get your Funimation free account. You can utilize the same features that are in the Funimation app. The only difference you will experience here is that it is free of cost.

However, if you’re an iOS user, you may not benefit from a Funimation free account on this app.

Method 3: Trial For Funimation Free Account

The trial allows you to enjoy your Funimation free account for 14 days. The best part about this technique is it works both on the mobile phone and your laptop. So, anyone can watch their favorite anime anywhere! Also, you need not worry if you have an Android or iOS mobile phone. It is accessible to all.

funimation free account

When you open the app or the homepage of the Funimation website, you will see an option allowing you to sign up. All you must do is fill up your details – your name, email, and set a password for this site. After this, you will be required to link your credit card. Note that you will not be charged with any amount. It will notify you when you will be charged.


Can you get a free Funimation account?

Funimation provides a restricted free plan where selected content (but not the whole collection) can view with advertising.

How long is Funimation's free Account valid?

Sign up for a premium membership and receive two weeks free. Free trials are only offered to new and qualified returning subscribers.

Is Funimation accessible in India?

Funimation is only available in a few places, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and New Zealand. If you're an anime fan who lives in another country, you'll need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to watch the channel in India.

Does Funimation charge for the free trial?

Enjoy ad-free anime streaming from our massive collection of subs and dubs, which includes a vast repertoire of blockbuster hits, fan favorites, and all-time masterpieces, as well as the most recent episodes from Japan. All options include a free trial.

How many devices can watch Funimation at the same time?

You can have many streams running simultaneously with any Funimation account. The Funimation Premium account allows you to watch on two devices at once. Still, the Funimation Premium Plus and Funimation Premium Plus Ultra plans allow you to stream on up to five screens at once.

Can you cancel your free Funimation trial?

You can terminate your Funimation membership anytime, and your cancellation will take effect after your current subscription month. To cancel your membership, log in to your Account and select Manage membership from the sidebar, followed by Cancel Subscription.

How do I avoid the Funimation free trial?

Click the Skip Trial and Pay Now option to begin your premium membership. A confirmation dialog box displays. Confirm your decision to skip the trial. Your payment card will get charge, and your paid membership will start.

How can I watch Funimation in India?

Unlocator VPN allows you to access prohibited material and surf the web anonymously. You only need to join up for Unlocator. Then, install the app on Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows. Finally, connect to a US server and watch the finest Otaku show on Funimation from anywhere in the world.

How does Funimation operate?

Users may explore Funimation's enormous anime collection and filter it by genre, language, and age rating. You may also filter shows to see which are unedited and which are simulcast. It will also make suggestions for fresh stuff to watch.

Is Funimation available for free download?

Funimation will provide new subscribers with a 14-day free trial. Following that, the Account will get renew every month. After you confirm your membership, your iTunes Account will be charged automatically.

Can two individuals watch Funimation at the same time?

Funimation's Premium package offers two simultaneous streams, which may be increased to five by subscribing to Premium Plus or Premium Plus Ultra. The service, however, does not allow users to establish several profiles per Account.

How much Funimation do you get access to for free?

The free Account allows you to view one screen at a time, but if you pay for a monthly membership, you may stream on up to five displays simultaneously. Users who wish to view offline will require a Premium or Premium Plus membership.


You finally have a variety of procedures to get a Funimation-free account. It would be best to remember that these sites must be used cautiously. Obtaining a free Funimation account is very simple. However, if you’re using any of the usernames and passwords above, please do not change any of the credentials. That is highly unethical. There are other users as well who might be using this service.

It is also advised that you install powerful antivirus software on your phone. You can do this if you’re downloading an app to get the premium Funimation free account. This is so you can prevent your phone from getting infected by viruses.

So, you finally know how to get Funimation Premium free! So, what are you waiting for? Go and claim your free Funimation access now! You might also enjoy seeing talents on the free Vimeo and HBO accounts.