We know that there is no comparison of any photo editing app with the iPhone’s real-time camera. It clicks the vibrant and high-definition image. No matter how many improvements and adjustments Android brings, it is hard to beat the power of the iPhone camera. Here are some free photo editing apps for iPhone for this year. And some of them even have a great background remover feature that most users look for!

Some of the most popular free photo editing apps for iPhone include VSCO, Adobe, Canva etc. iPhone’s camera on its own is excellent. However, some photos require color grading, adjustments, and enhancements, and these photo editing apps do that.

To know more about free photo editing apps for iPhone, follow the next bit.

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Photo Editing Apps | What are they?

Essentially, a software application made for photo design, enhancement, and manipulation. You can edit, adjust and add changes to your photos from the comfort of your phone. This is also software in its true meaning, but much more compact. It eliminates the bulkier medium usually used for finer-tuned details – your laptop and photo editing software.

best photo editing appsPhoto editing apps are great and needed for many purposes. They are used not just to better your images or selfies. But small-time content creators use these apps to create visual images and brand promotions for their work and collaborations.

Apps like these have varied features such as cropping, adding filters, changing hue, and more. Look at some of the free photo editing apps for iPhone.

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Top Free Photo Editing Apps For iPhone

Some free photo editing apps for iPhone have limited features, so there might be payments to be made. This allows advanced feature access to you. On the other hand, some apps have great presets and technology that come for absolutely free. 


This editing app is free and is can be found on Play Store. But it is also available on Apple Store. Created By Google and from the same branch that packed google’s advanced Google camera. The app has a multi-layer of presets and filters. Now here is the catch, they are customizable. You can play around and add your variation to the existing bunch to make your unique filter. Apart from the standard editing tools, it has a special masking feature. This allows you to bring depth to any picture.

snapseedYou can also use this Background Remover app if you want a clean plain background to your pictures.

Snapseed also has a cool feature. As the name suggests, it allows you to precisely or specifically edit or change the contrast, brightness, etc., in pictures. It is called a selective adjustment.

Download Snapseed

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VSCO is a unique approach to editing apps. It is free for most of the part. However, some features come with a small fee. But VSCO aims to create an online community of photo lovers. In short, it is a similar take on Instagram but with better editing features.

vscoThe app became famous for its unique-looking filters. They are soft and subtle and give a clean look to photos during postwork. The app covers the standard requirement of editing photos – cropping, cutting, scaling, etc.

Download VSCO

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Adobe Photoshop Express

The Photoshop Express app from Adobe. Have you always wanted a photo editing app that is just like Photoshop? Well, Adobe now has its own photoshop on your phone. If you have a previously connected Creative Cloud account on your laptop, you could use the same credentials for this one.

adobe photoshop expressIt will take some time initially for the app to process all your cloud data from the laptop. But it covers all the features that Photoshop has to offer. Just more compact and a touch away. They also have a smart filter option that fixes errors in your picture. In just one go.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express

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Prisma Photo Editor

We know what you’re thinking. Most photo editing apps suck when it comes to transforming them into art or paintings. It is different with Prisma Photo Editor. The AI game is strong with this one.

prismaEach of your photos looks like an actual painting based on the filter you choose. Imagine being pained by Monet or Dali. That is what Prisma Editor gives you. 

Yes, it is not the traditional use of a photo editing app. But it definitely gives you some unique and interesting pictures from its infinite library of filters. Its unique approach to photo editing is what makes us include it in the list of the best free photo editing apps for iPhone.

Download Prisma

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Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom has been a fan favorite among professionals. And even amateurs who have just entered the photography field. It gives you crisp and elegant pictures with features such as color grading, white balance, etc.

lightroomNow Lightroom has been made into a compact mobile version. It has the same features as Lightroom at the ease of your phone. 

Download Adobe Lightroom

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You get it from the name. This one is for all the food influencers. Maybe you just like food and that is okay too. And love taking pictures of it because this app was made with food photography in mind. 

foodieThe app has a similar UI to Instagram. But this app is built for food while thinking of food. The presets and filters in the app were created keeping food in mind. An image of your food shot and edited on this app makes the meal look extra scrumptious. Making the color pop of all the items in the image makes the image foodlicious!

Download Foodie


This app was created by Lightricks. It allows you to layer images, add effects to them, and also graphic elements. 

photoleapIt is almost similar to Photoshop, but the interface is easier for people to understand and use. The almost perfect app has only one drawback it doesn’t allow you o create more than two layers. To create unlimited layers, one needs to buy or subscribe to its premium.

Download Photoleap


This is a more business-oriented app for your small business promotion. The app is great for creating flyers, posters, social media posts, presentations, and more, Anything you need to establish your business.

canvaIt has a lot of free templates and categories and is topic-specific. You can even filter them out using a color of your choice. There are infinite elements to elevate your posts or work as well. Some of the features and templates are, however, premium. An upgrade allows access to some locked items and features. It is the best free photo editing app for iPhone in the business and creators genre.

Download Canva

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What are the top free editing apps for iPhone?

Some of the top free editing apps for iPhone are VSCO, Adobe Photoshop Express, Lightroom, and more.

I don’t have Photoshop on my laptop. What can I do?

Photoshop is now on your phone. Photoshop has an app version. It is called Adobe Photoshop express. It is one of the finest free photo editing apps for iPhone.

Which is the best app to edit my food pictures?

Foodie is the choice of the app when taking pictures of your food.

Which app should I use to create graphics for my business?

Canva is an app with infinite resources and temples to create all your necessary professional and business graphics.


That concludes some of the top and free photo editing apps for iPhone. These are iOS friendly and packed with tons of features. Some apps have better filters or unique features. Some apps are created with a niche in mind. In short, all of these apps are great for elevating your picture-taking experience. The results from this app won’t disappoint.

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