is an online learning platform. Founder Lynda Weinman founded in 1995. Whether you are a developer or a designer, staying updated with the super-fast growing technology has become a must for all the techies across the globe. Well, even after asking Google, finding everything about the topic you want to know under one roof is seldom. One way to overcome this issue is by subscribing to Thus, you must know how to get Free Lynda Account now!

To cancel your Lynda account, follow these steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on your account name at the top right of any page.
  3. Click My Profile.
  4. Click the Subscription Settings tab.
  5. Under Subscription Settings, click the Cancel link.
  6. Follow all remaining prompts to complete your cancellation.

You can generate free Lynda accounts and passwords with the generator given below. Just click the “Generate” button and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Your email ID and password will display. Now, all you have to do is enter these details inside the login panel on its side, and you are good to go.

Premium Lynda Free Access

Free Lynda Account Username & Password

Email: 0%
Password : 0%



Note: We have limited accounts; some might not work if they are already in use. If that is the case with you, rerun the generator for new details.

Keep reading this article to learn more about your Lynda account and ways to get a free Lynda account.

How to get Free Lynda Account (Premium)

Let’s discuss how to get this premium paid account on for free. Follow these simple steps, and you won’t have to pay!

Method 1: Free Lynda Account Usernames & Passwords

  • Username: Password
  • senga000 : 0053411070
  • calwk: calwkgod
  • Carldeosupnet : justdoit09z
  • BIrdt3n : b12345678
  • amirgui20 : especial600

Method 2: Get a Free Lynda Account DCLibrary

  1. As a first step to getting a Free Lynda Account, you have to sign up for an account at This will be a temporary email as you cannot use your official email id here.
  2. Go to You will find an application form. Fill in the details. Make sure you enter the following credentials:

State: DC
Zip: 98501
Email id: <the temporary email id you just signed up for in step 1>

Please do not enter the information which is not mandatory.

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  1. After submitting the email, you must have received the confirmation mail for Lynda’s free account on your temporary email ID.
  2. Upon confirming the account, you will get an email with your Library card and the associated PIN.
  3. Now, Click on this link ->
  4. Enter the details generated in STEP 3 for signing in. Make sure you log in as an organizational portal. For organization, use
  5. Log in.

And, Congratulations! Now you have access to the premium account of for free!

Method 3: With Library Card

This method will get you Free Lynda Account with a library card.

  1. Go to (New York Public Library) -> Click on the tab “Get a library card.”
    You will see an application for a library card. This is the first step to achieving a Free Lynda Account.
  2. Select the option “Researchers visiting the library from outside of New York State” to proceed. Click on “Apply.”
  3. Open a new tab and go to the link: It will generate a random name for you.
  4. Make sure you check the country. It should be America. Copy the address and paste it into the application for the library card.
  5. Apply.
  6. You will be forwarded to the “Confirmation page.”
  7. You will see the text with “Temporary Barcode.”
  8. Note down the Barcode and click on “Login to your account now and choose a PIN.”
  9. Enter credentials
  10. You will be requested to put in a new PIN.
  11. Submit the form, and you will see your account.
  12. Go to website and click on “sign in.”
  13. Click on “Sign in through the organizational portal.”
  14. When asked, enter the organizational URL as “”
  15. You must put in the library card number and the associated PIN.
  16. And it’s done as well! Thus, now you have got a Free Lynda Account.

Happy learning!

What is Lynda? is a subscription-based online learning platform. It offers many topics to learn to boost your skill set. If not for yourself, you can buy the subscription for your employee training program, your team, and your students. Subscriptions can be purchased either every month or for a year. In the days of its inception, would offer courses with subject revolving around Web technologies.

Free Trial on Lynda

But, over the years, has expanded its horizon by including courses from fields like 3D + Animation, Entrepreneurial and Business related skills, Digital printing, logo design, typography, DreamWeaver, Adobe Animate, Sketch, Photoshop, Game development, Mobile app development, Databases, Programming and programming frameworks, Educational Technology, Excel, Moodle, PowerPoint, Cloud computing, Business Intelligence, Big data, marketing, SEO, Photography, video, web, etc.

Professionals and experts design the content of all of these courses. Training delivery is simplified by sorting the content into short, sweet, simple-to-get-through videos.

How to Get a Certificate from Lynda?

So, you are up for the learning journey through Lynda. Once you complete a course successfully, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from offers lifetime access to the system if you have the premium plan. You will need to keep upgrading the submission. Since the learning platform is virtual, you can study at your pace. Are you a fast learner?

Then, you might complete the course in a couple of weeks. If you want to jot down some important points, seek bar is there to help you. Rewind, Pause, Play. Complete the assessment tests. Measure your success and understanding. Upon completing, you will have your Certificate of Completion ready to share with your friends, colleagues, and potential recruiters.

How to Share the Certificate from

You can share your Certificate of Completion through LinkedIn or manually add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile. As LinkedIn is everything about the “Professional you,” recruiters can see the certificates directly when they view your profile.


You can also share the certificate on other social platforms besides LinkedIn! has provided this facility to share the certificate on Facebook and Twitter.

Are Lynda and LinkedIn Learning the Same?

All of the courses on are there on LinkedIn Learning. So, we can say that they are the same. As the end-user, we cannot notice any difference between the two learning platforms, but that is what we see!

LinkedIn Learning with Lynda

In reality, the difference lies in building courses in the first place. LinkedIn Learning courses are made on the LinkedIn platform. This delivers additional valuable benefits to the learner. Recommendations that are custom to your profile, your professional network, the company you work for, etc., are some of the advantages. So, based on your LinkedIn profile, you can search for courses that are good for you!

Features of Free Lynda Account Usernames & Passwords Generator

Subscription instead of a Free Lynda Account to the courses offered by, which is now LinkedIn Learning, can be purchased for


Monthly subscription: offers a one-month free trial and then gives service for INR 1,400 per month.

Yearly subscription:

For yearly subscriptions as well, offers a free trial for the first month and later, which costs INR 1,150 per month. So, you get around an 18% discount if you purchase a yearly subscription plan.

Features of these plans as announced by :

  • Once subscribed to a project, you can access nearly 10,000 + courses delivered by industry experts.
  • You get frequent personalized suggestions and recommendations for the courses that might interest you.
  • The courses are accessible 24*7 from a desktop or mobile device.
  • When you complete the course successfully, you get a certificate from Lynda. This certificate of completion is beneficial to let employers and the industry acknowledge your knowledge and skill set.
  • You can use project files while learning.
  • You not only get to learn but also get to judge your understanding by taking quizzes.
  • offers this unique feature of Offline viewing. You can learn even when you are not near your Wi-Fi zone!
  • As has become LinkedIn learning, you get special access to LinkedIn’s

Premium Career Features

Apart from these features, a Free Lynda Account has this ‘Cancel anytime’ policy. This policy allows you to use the content for 2-3 months, then cancel the subscription. You can re-subscribe for a plan when you need it again, reactivate it, and start learning.


This is because Free Lynda Account offers both monthly and annual billing, and the subscription can be renewed at the end of every month in the case of monthly billing.

How do I Cancel Lynda?

Follow the given steps to cancel your subscription to the Premium account.

  1. Go to “My Profile.”
  2. You will see “Subscription Setting.” Click on that tab.
  3. Look for “cancel” under “Subscription Setting.” Click on “cancel.”cancel
  4. Now, you must follow the prompts to complete your cancellation.

Advantages of Lynda Account

Lynda provides access to a vast library of high-quality video tutorials taught by industry experts. There are several advantages to having a Lynda account, including the following:

  • Access to a vast library of high-quality video tutorials: Lynda offers a wide range of courses in software, creative, and business skills, all taught by industry experts.
  • Flexibility and convenience: You may study whenever you choose, from any location with an internet connection or with a Lynda account.
  • Downloadable course materials and practice files: Lynda members can download course materials, including videos, slides, and practice files, to learn offline or reference later.
  • Certificates of completion: Upon completing a course, Lynda members receive a certificate of completion, which can be added to their LinkedIn profile or shared on social media to showcase their new skills.

certificate of completion

  • Affordable: Lynda offers both a free version and a paid version of its service, making it an affordable option for anyone looking to learn new skills or improve existing ones.
  • Continuously updated library: Lynda regularly adds new courses, ensuring members can access the latest skills and techniques.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: Lynda offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its paid memberships, giving you peace of mind that you can try the service risk-free.
  • Quality content: Lynda is committed to providing high-quality, up-to-date content to its members, ensuring they learn the most relevant skills for their career or personal development.


How do I create a Lynda account?

Sign up for a Lynda account by visiting the Lynda website and clicking the 'Sign Up' button. You must give your id and passcode for the new Chegg account. You can register with your LinkedIn account as well.

Is there a cost associated with a Lynda account?

Lynda offers both a free and a paid version of its service. The subscription edition offers access to the Lynda catalog, whereas the free version lets you access a few courses. The cost of a paid Lynda membership varies depending on your chosen plan.

What features are there in a Lynda membership?

A Lynda membership gives you access to all courses in the Lynda library, including new courses after the launch. You can also download course materials and practice files and receive a certificate of completion for each course you complete.

Can I access Lynda on my mobile device?

Yes, Lynda is accessible on both iOS and Android mobile devices through the Lynda app. You can also access Lynda on a tablet or other mobile device by visiting the Lynda website in a web browser.

What if I have trouble accessing a course or my account?

If you have any issues with accessing a course or your Lynda account, you can contact Lynda's customer support for assistance. To go to customer service, click the 'Help' link on the Lynda website.


Congrats! Now you know all about Lynda and how to get a subscription to Free Lynda Account. I suggest you use these methods only when it is inevitable, as these are ultimately illegal options. Enjoy learning!

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