Do you ever feel like writing a journal or diary about your day or any specific topic? Blogging is the same as writing your thoughts on an online platform. The topic we will cover today is the best free blogging course for beginners.

Blogs can be of many types. They are even bifurcated into different kinds such as Affiliate, business, travel, music, food, and many more. If you want to write but don’t know where to start, then this is the correct place where you can learn how to start blogging. 

In the following write-up, you will be knowledgeable about the best free blogging courses and their alternatives if you are a beginner. Keep in mind that if you plan on starting a blog you will need to buy a domain name and hosting. To stay consistent with the theme of this article, we suggest you take a look at these free hosting providers. 

Benefits Of Blogging

Blogging is all about writing creatively and making the reader stick to your write-up so that the reader finds the topics interesting. There are many types, such as Food blogging, travel Blogging, political blogs, photography blogs, etc. Let’s get to know its benefits.

  • Improves approach towards the topic.
  • Way of thinking creatively increases.
  • Enhances link building.
  • Get exposure to a favorable environment.

Top 9 Free Blogging Course

Here are the best free blogging course which will help you to start blogging.

WordPress Free Blogging Course

Wonderful WordPress is one of the most promising courses. Moreover, it is a free blogging course. If you are a beginner in blogging and want to learn more about it, this is the course you must be looking for. As a blogger, you must know WordPress skills.

wordpressThis course will ensure you some benefits by which you can know how to:

  1. Make your settings in WordPress.
  2. Install the WordPress theme and customize the plugins.
  3. Securing the site.
  4. Installation of Google Analytics.

Visit: WordPress Blogging Course For Free

Graphic Designing Free Mini Course

Graphic designing is something that does not come to any writer magically. For blogging, making the interface attractive is a big task for bloggers.

graphic designing courseThis free blogging course will point out ten mistakes that people usually make, ensuring that you do not repeat the same mistakes. This graphic designing course allows you to create according to your imagination and make your visuals creative. 

Visit: Free Graphic Designs Course

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Affiliate Marketing Courses For Free

Affiliate Marketing comes into action when you want your website to grow and think about its sales. Basic affiliate marketing is gaining knowledge about sales and getting a commission with each sale made.

affiliate marketingYes, by this course, you can make your affiliate sale. This could be the Best Free Blogging Course For Beginners. 

Gaining profits via sales would be so helpful for bloggers and blog owners. 

Visit: Affiliate marketing Course For Free

Free SEO Course

SEO is used for gaining reach on the website or the blog views. Search Engine Optimisation is important because the users get more reads and site views, which is beneficial for the website. This will publicize your content, and more readers will read your blogs.

seo course

Suppose your write-up is SEO based with proper knowledge of the keywords, keywords density, and the bifurcaṭion of focus keyword. In that case, there are possibilities that more audiences will read your article. You must also keep a backup of all the content you learn and write. This SEO Course is the best if you are looking to learn a free blogging course. 

Visit: Free SEO Course

Pinterest Guide For Free

Pinterest has the best traffic these days because of the increasing number of teen users.  This Pinterest Guide is one of the best free blogging course available online.

pinterest bloggingThis free course will ensure that you are acknowledged on:

  • Making and setting up a new Pinterest account.
  • Setting up the Pinterest boards properly.
  • Process of enabling the rich pins.

Visit: Free Pinterest Guide Course

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Great Learning

Great Learning is an online platform for students to choose their favorite course and study for free. It’s great when it comes to a free blogging course. The Great Learning site also provides free certification courses for the learners to boost their motivation. You can look out for their free blogging courses. They have covered the proper approach to blogging and starting to blog basics. Now you can also get your free Course Hero Account.

blogging course

In addition, you will also know the prerequisites to become a good writer through this blogging course. Read this article to know how to write an error-free blog. Moreover, you will learn about the qualities of thinking effectively and creatively. From knowing where to start blogging to getting to know and growing your blog, you can also learn about SEO basics. 

Visit: Great Learning

Free SEO Emailing Course

A proper Search Engine Optimisation can boost your page from double-digit views to 4 digit views in a very short amount. Getting SEO knowledge while writing a blog is one of the most important factors boosting your blog profile reach. SEO can be useless if not done properly with good keyword research and keyword density.

free seo email

So, if you want knowledge about proper SEO-based skills, you should look at this free SEO Course.

Visit: Free SEO Emailing Course

Traffic And Monetization Free Course

This is a free five-day course where you will get to know about the traffic and monetization in blogs and blog sites. Each day is bifurcated according to the course to be taught.

traffic and monetization The following pointers lay out the aim for each of those five days respectively:

  • What is traffic strategy, and how to simplify it?
  • How to get more reach and increase the income by views?
  • Call to Action.
  • Find a proper keyword for your write-up to get more website traffic.
  • Winding up with the summary.

Visit: Traffic And Monetization Free Course

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Design Training Course For Free

While searching blogging for beginners courses free of cost, you should also know about Design Training. Apple Cart Lane provides this course, and by completing this course, you will know about the fundamentals of designing.

design course

This guide will tell you the importance of designing in the process of learning to blog to make the interface attractive.

Visit: Design Training Course For Free


What are the alternative tools related to blogging?

Some of the alternative apps include Canva and Pinterest Templates. Canva is one of the best apps for making design templates, and you can also get hundreds of readymade templates to use. This might help you while blogging.

What is an important factor in blogging?

One of the most important factors of blogging is finding an SEO-based keyword. SEO plays an important role in building the reach of your blogs.

Is there any process for starting a Blog?

There are some basic sets of rules that a blogger should follow. The other factors depend upon the content of the writer.

What kind of blogs has more reach these days?

As there are new trends rolling out more often, lifestyle blogs have a good amount of daily readers.


Blogging is the same as writing your thoughts on an online platform. Blogs are of many types depending upon the topics to write. An ideal blog should have some factors, such as good length. It should not be long and boring to read but reader-friendly. The write-up should be SEO-based, and keywords should be evenly distributed.

You can pick any of the best free blogging course for beginners mentioned above and start your journey.