How to Get a Dropbox Free Account?


Dropbox is a single and organized place for all your files. The application gives you the features like folder suggestions and calendar integration. The main motive of Dropbox is to make our files available anywhere and anytime accessible. Here, we would be discussing How to get a Dropbox free account.

With the help of Dropbox essential, it is easy to access your files from many different devices like computers, mobile phones, and tablets just for free. One can store up to 2GB of files with Dropbox basic, and they also offer paid plans of 2TB or more than that of storage.

How to access files on Dropbox?

  1. For Windows and Mac: One should install the application, and everything that is in your account will be shown in the Dropbox folder on your computer.
  2. For Web: One should sign in to to access everything you’ve saved in the account from any browser. In this, there is no requirement for the installation of any software.
  3. iOS and Android: One can access the files by installing the mobile app and previewing many types of files from anywhere, anytime.
access files
access files

Before opening a Dropbox free account and using the Dropbox application, let us know about it.

Backing up of files:

Let us find out why is Dropbox free account so necessary. Dropbox helps you keep all your essential files safe, just from photos, videos to presentations and tax paperwork.

  1. File sync: You can back up anything by sorting it in the Dropbox folder. And with the use of desktop and mobile apps, one can automatically upload photos and videos to Dropbox from your phone, camera, memory card, etc.
  2. File recovery: If you accidentally delete a file from your Dropbox, no need to worry because you can quickly restore any file you’ve deleted in the past 30das from
  3. Version history: If you want to change or roll back to any version or format of your file, you can do it easily in 30 days.

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Sharing and collaboration of files:

Sometimes you face a problem while sharing any large file to the pen drive or USB, saying it is too large to attach. But Dropbox makes it easy to send over large files to anyone. And also, easy collaboration is possible on the files you share.


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  1. Shared links: Dropbox has given an option for the users to create a link of your file so that it becomes easy for the user to share with anyone, or one can paste the link into an email, chat, or text. The one with whom you have shared the connection need not have a Dropbox account. He can access the file freely.
  2. File previews: Anyone accessing your shared links can preview the file up to 175 times and add comments. For this, no special software is required.
  3. Seamless collaborations: One finds it difficult to keep track of essential documents in the inbox. So, here Dropbox makes it easy to find and collaborate between the files.

Steps to sign up for a Dropbox free account:

For signing up to a Dropbox account:

  1. Open the site or mobile app, whichever is comfortable, and select create an account.
  2. Your name and email id will be asked. (Your username will be your email id used for opening the account)
sign up
sign up

3. Select and type a unique password that should not be shared with anyone for safety.

4. Click on the terms and conditions box, which confirms that you have read all the terms and conditions and have agreed to the same.

5. Click on create an account.

Yay! Your account has been created successfully.

If you already have an app installed, you can also sign up for that.

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Installation of Dropbox apps:

As told earlier, you can access your Dropbox files from or by installing the app. This app can be installed on computers, mobiles, tablets, etc.

To install on computer:

  1. Download the Dropbox desktop app on your computer.
  2. Then by going into the downloads, open the app and click on run the installer.
  3. Then sign up or sign in to your Dropbox account. You need only one version that can be used on multiple devices simultaneously.
install on pc
install on pc

To install the Dropbox app on mobiles or tablets:

install on mobile
install on mobile
  1. Download the Dropbox mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Sign up or sign in to your Dropbox account. You need only one version that can be used on multiple devices simultaneously.

Adding of files to the Dropbox Account:

Adding a file to Dropbox is also easy as it creates an account. Once you sign in, you can add any files to Dropbox.

To add files from

  1. First, sign up or sign in to your Dropbox account.
  2. Select upload and click on files or folders.
adding files
adding files
  • If you choose files, you can select as many files as and click open.
  • Select a folder as a single folder, and then click on upload.

To add files from the computer:

  1. Open the file explorer.
  2. Navigate to the Dropbox folder.
  3. Copy and paste or drag and drop the files into the Dropbox folder.
drag and drop
drag and drop

The system shows green check icons over the file icons after being uploaded to Dropbox successfully.

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To add files from mobile or tablet:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap the + (plus) icon.
  3. Select create or upload file option.
  4. Then tap on the upload file.


This was all about Dropbox, how to create a Dropbox free account, how to use it, and what features it provides. Now start and enjoy using it.!


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