In businesses, lead generation is one of the most effective marketing tools. But from where to find these leads? Here we have for you the top Craigslist email address extractor.

Craigslist has a huge base of users and attracts new users every day. But Craigslist API only allows posting in bulk but does not allow the extraction of read-only data. Hence, various craigslist email address extractors are available that help extract emails from Craigslist. We compiled a list of the top extractors. Some of our preferred selections are the Phantombuster and Apify. You can also use Octoparse and Bright Data.

We have with us the top craigslist email extractors. Let’s take a look at our top extractors of email for craigslist.

List Of Craigslist Email Address Extractor Tools

Here are some of the top Craigslist email extractors in the year 2023.


One of the best craigslist email address extractor is Phamtombuster. It provides you with leads with your security intact and keeps you anonymous. Phantombuster understands that the client requires the leads to be bought efficiently, discreetly, and anonymously. phhantom buster

Phantombuster provides a 14-day trial period and tutorial videos to understand its features better and how they work. They also provide various packages for your needs after your trial period ends.

Visit: Phantom Buster


Apify is another scraper software that makes your life easier. It assists you in compiling a list of data you have been searching for. Apify offers various tools that notify you about the posts regarding your searches.apify

It offers a free 2-week trial run, after which it charges only $5 per month. It also offers various other packages according to the needs of the customers.

They have provided a lot of information regarding how their tools work, using which you can get in-depth the information you extract from craigslist.

Visit: Apify

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Octoparse is a great software for people with little to no tech experience. It has a very easy-to-use interface. And is very efficient and can quickly extract all the required data from Craigslist. Octoparse is definitely a craigslist email address extractor that one should be using.octoparse

Octoparse can extract the data from craigslist, and there is no need for you to know coding to use Octoparse.

They have a 14-day free trial period you can use to the best of your efforts. Which offer various other plans like standard, professional, and enterprise plans. They all provide differing features, and you can select the one that suits your needs.

Visit: Octoparse

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Bright Data

Bright Data has a specified craigslist scraper that extracts all the data according to your needs. It ensures that specific features are useful for extracting data from craigslist.bright data

Bright data is easy to use as it has various features that can use without coding. We can collect as much information as required from Craigslist in a very short time. Another benefit of Bright Data is its all-in-one platform which can easily interact with top proxy networks.

Bright data provides a free trial, after which they offer 3 plans. The plans are made in a way that is convenient for the users. There is the option to pay as per your use on a monthly or annual basis.

Visit: Bright Data

Cloud Crawler

Cloud Crawler, as suggested by the name, is a crawler that works like a spider within the cloud. This tool is of an advanced level and requires coding knowledge, which makes it hard to use. There isn’t much documentation for the same. cloud crawler

The benefit of Cloud Crawler is that it is a free and open-source project.

Visit: Cloud Crawler

Visual Web Ripper

Visual Web Ripper is a web page scraper. It is a point-click web scraper, meaning you have to point at the information that needs to be extracted, and the web ripper will do the remaining work. Comparatively speaking, it is simpler to use than a cloud crawler.visual web ripper

It is user-friendly and graphical. Various video demonstrations make it easier to use. It does have a free Trial for 15 days, but after that, it is quite costly and would require you to spend a lot of money.

Visit: Visual Web Ripper

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Python Craigslist Scraper

Python Craigslist Scraper is one of the easiest and most fun scrapers in the craigslist email extractor online market. It is comparatively easy to learn and is fun at the same time.web scraping using python

It is an open-source scraper. The language of python is easy to learn, and hence it is amongst the popular craigslist scrapers.

Visit: Python Craigslist Scraper


Scrapy is a multi-purpose web crawler that can use for more than just Craigslist. It is among the legitimate, robust, and useful scrapers.scrapy

And is easy to configure, and video tutorials are available to understand it better. It saves time and does not extract unnecessary data. It is also free to use, which is one of the plus points.

Looking at it for the first time can be overwhelming, but it is easy to understand, and you can use it efficiently in no time.

These were some of the best Craigslist emails extractor. 

Visit: Scrapy

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The Legality Of Scraping From Craigslist

We are mentioning this to remind you that it is not legal to scrape data from Craigslist. Craigslist forbids third-party users from getting data from their scrapping legal

 It is, therefore, your responsibility if anything is to happen. You will be liable for whatever happens after it, like your IP getting banned or your posts being removed.

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Questions that have been asked various times are answered to help you out.

What is an email address extractor?

You can extract Emails from a variety of sources using an email extractor. The function of the tool is to extract emails from websites, folders, and email accounts. It is possible to extract emails from both online and offline channels.

Can Craigslist take legal action for using Craigslist Scrapers?

Craigslist can sue you for using Craigslist Scrapers. It has been done before by craigslist. It does depend on the amount of data scraped and where it has been used.

How do you scrape Craigslist Data?

The approach depends on the Scraper you use, but the process is to pick a tool. Remember to use proxies since craigslist is always looking to sniff out scrapers. Run your Craigslist scraper with the proxy you decided to use and extract the data required.

Can we extract phone numbers from Craigslist?

Scapers collect data for leads. There are various Craigslist scrapers available, including Craigslist phone number extractor. These scrapers allow you to extract data from craigslist, like emails, phone numbers, etc. craigslist mailbox is used to extract data.


We all know how important marketing is. Marketing requires leads, and for these leads, people collect data from Craigslist using extractors. Craigslist is one of the finest places to find leads because of its huge user base. Hence, the top craigslist email address extractor we mentioned is the top one. They all vary. There is a section dedicated to questions. 

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