The latest title from the division, Call of Duty: Warzone, is a reimagining of popular battle royales games like PUBG and Fortnite. Even though the game is free, the download instructions may need to be clarified initially. The article discusses how to get Call Of Duty for a Macbook Pro.

Warzone is playable on a Mac. You can play it in a fairly simple manner. It is possible to get Call Of Duty for Macbook Pro using ApowerMirror, BlueStacks, MEmu, Intel Chip, and AirDroid Cast. You must adhere to the instructions for playing Warzone on a Mac.

Players travel to fictional and real locales throughout the game and participate in the recreation of events, some based on real-world incidents referenced in the plot. Read below to learn more about getting Call Of Duty for Macbook Pro.

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5 Best Methods To Get Call Of Duty For Macbook Pro

Here are the best methods to get Call Of Duty for Macbook Pro.


ApowerMirror is one method to play Call of Duty: Mobile on a Mac. One of its many advantages is the ability to mirror mobile games so you can play them using your computer’s mouse and keyboard. It can also take pictures and screen recordings, which are crucial if you want to replay a game or share it on social media. Most gadgets, including mobile phones, smart TVs, Windows computers, and Macs, are compatible. You can use the instructions below to utilize this application.

  1. On your Mac, download and install ApowerMirror.apower website
  2. Choose the name of your Mac keyboard layout by tapping the blue button on your phone. Choose Screen Mirroring, then select the Mac name you want to mirror again to play Call Of Duty for MacBook. Go to Control Center on your Macbook Pro after selecting Mirror Phone.mac keyboard


How to play COD on Mac? Instead, you can use BlueStacks. With the help of this emulator, users may access and download all of their preferred Android games and applications on a Mac. It is now one of the fastest emulators available, providing the most cutting-edge mobile applications with the best visual quality possible without any frame dips. Below is comprehensive instruction on using BlueStacks to play Call of Duty: Mobile on a Mac for unfamiliar people.

  1. Visit the BlueStacks website to get the application. On your Mac, start BlueStacks and navigate to App Center.bluestacks website
  2. To play Call of Duty on your Mac, conduct a search and download the appropriate program with free Call Of Duty mobile accounts.cod on mac


MEmu is a different high-end emulator that provides a variety of apps. So, this application also includes COD software. It provides a great operating system making everything quick and easy. Here’s how to use MEmu to play Call of Duty cold war Mac.

  1. You must first download and set up MEmu on your Mac. Visit the app store after opening the program.memu
  2. Install COD by performing a simple search.playing cod

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Intel Chip

Have you got a Mac-based device? Whether it’s an iMac, MacBook Pro, or Mac Pro, here’s how to download and play Call Of Duty for Mac. Steps for Downloading and Playing Call of Duty Warzone for Mac OS, MacBook, and iMac are available. 

COD Installation

Intel-based Call of Duty Warzone Installing on a Mac:

  1. Download the form
  2. Install the entire setup after unzipping. Open a profile
  3. Use the search engine and look for COD cod

AirDroid Cast

Suppose you’re trying to figure out how to play COD on Mac. This effective solution can mirror your phone screen on several platforms. Using its features, AirDroid Cast goes beyond mere screen mirroring to deliver a richer gaming experience on your Mac. As a result, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following advantages.airdroid cast

  • High frame rate, accurate, and fluid gameplay.
  • The AirDroid Cast’s frame rate can reach 120Hz, allowing you to enjoy this fast-paced game without lagging.
  • In Call of Duty, hearing footsteps is an excellent strategy to lessen surprise attacks. With AirDroid Cast’s high-quality audio, you can hear these footsteps clearer and remove opponents trying to jump you.
  • Play on different screen sizes while keeping the video quality.
  • Using AirDroid Cast, you can adjust the video resolution up to 1080p (Full HD), allowing you to play the game on a big screen without the video quality degrading. Also, it enhances the whole gaming experience.

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Launch COD from your Mac

Follow these steps to Install AirDroid Cast on Mac.

  1. Visit the official download website using your mobile device to download AirDroid Cast for macOS. Install AirDroid Cast once the downloads are complete on both devices.airdroid
  2. Launch AirDroid Cast on your PC and mobile device. Choose your connection method in AirDroid Cast after opening it. Wireless, Airplay, and USB are the three options for connectivity.airdroid connection
  3. Your laptop should display your phone in mirror mode. Regardless of the connection method, your phone screen appears on your system. Click AirDroid Cast’s mouse control button to launch Call Of Duty for Macbook Pro. screen mirroring

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How to play Call of Duty: Warzone 2 on Mac M1?

To play Call of Duty: Warzone 2 on a Mac M1, you have two options: either utilize Boosteroid to stream the game and play it in your browser or use Parallels to set up a Windows virtual machine you can download and play the game.

Can MacBook Pro run Call of Duty?

You can still play COD on Mac even though it is not a compatible gaming platform with particular COD gameplay requirements. The only catch is that Windows 7 64-Bit (SP1) or Windows 10 64-Bit are COD's minimum operating system requirements.

Can I play games on my MacBook Pro?

Devices like the 13-inch MacBook Pro cannot play video games. Despite advancements, Apple still needs to give gaming on the Mac its full attention. That shouldn't be the primary factor for someone buying one of the best Macs.

Is it free to install Windows on a Mac?

Mac users can install Windows for free with Apple's built-in Boot Camp Assistance. It will help if you restart your Mac each time you wish to utilize the Windows feature, despite the first-party aid making installation straightforward.

How do I install Call of Duty Mobile on my Mac?

Visit the BlueStacks website to get the application. On your Mac, start BlueStacks and navigate to App Center. To play Call of Duty on your Mac, conduct a search and download the appropriate program.

Can I play PUBG on MacBook Pro M1?

If you have Intel Mac, you can still use Bootcamp to run PUBG. However, a streaming service is the only way to run PUBG on a newer M1 or M2 Mac.


It is all about getting Call Of Duty for Macbook Pro. Mac computers utilize the operating system called macOS, which is very different from Windows. Connecting to a remote server using these services lets you stream the game to your Mac. Hence, following the instructions in the article, you can easily download Call of Duty on a Macbook Pro.

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